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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Default Ireland's Blarney Castle!

    GrowID: PixelJr

    Introducing my submission for the St. Patrick's World Building Contest - IRELANDSBLARNEYCASTLE.

    The Blarney-inspired world includes the medieval stronghold located near Cork, Ireland, globally known as the Blarney Castle. This world includes:

    • An intermediately difficult parkour
    • Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and Ghost Charm
    • A Xenonite Crystal that removes all parkour-associated mods (double jump, high jump, speedy, etc.)

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Size:  520.9 KB
    IGN: PixelJr
    Guild: ANCIENTS
    Instagram: @iampixeljr
    Discord: PixelJr#2322
    Growtopia Discord:
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    GrowID: vKaguya

    In this world, Humans and Leprechauns are friend.
    One day, your friend, a Leprechaun went missing.
    You can't find him no matter what, so you decided to travel.

    World requires wings.

    Render:Attachment 233274

    World contains:
    -St. Patrick theme parkour (intermediate to hard)​ and a story
    -Punch and Zombie Jammers
    -St. Paddy Weather Machine
    -Ghost Charm
    -Various block mixing
    -Various block/items used for parkour
    -​A trickster
    -A lunar crater
    -​Deathtrap walls
    -​A cracked stone slab
    -​Golden Idol and Golden Idol pedestal
    -Doors lead to other Blarney worlds
    -Bulletin Boards for the story and special thanks
    IGN: Meramipop
    Touhou and anime is my lifeeeeee

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    Default Nominating DRAGOMOUNT for WOTD

    Growid: DEEPBENCH

    Name:  WOTD!!.png
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    Tempest, guardian of the dragons, has been cursed by a witch. He has been frozen and unable to move at all. We need the help of Growtopians take him to the Red Dragon to unfreeze him. Growtopians have to finish the parkour set by the witch to reach the Red Dragon. Can you help save Tempest??

    This world includes:
    - Medium/Hard parkour(6 different sections)

    1. Fire element parkour
    2. Earth element parkour
    3. Water element parkour
    4. Nature element parkour
    5. Air element parkour
    6. Technology element parkour
    - Snowy weather machine
    - PZ Jammer
    - A red dragon art(also serves VIP for parkour winners)
    - Prizes for winners
    - A storyline
    - Music(small part of Faded song)

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    Name:  applemaze (1).png
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    World name : APPLEMAZE
    Growid : Sethomes

    The World Does not Contain Any story,But It Has Signs,
    That Has Health Infos, What i mean Is, Instead of using A Story I Used The Benefits Of Fruits On Signs So Players Are More Aware On What These Fruits Can Do To Our Body, Yes We All know fruits Are nutisious But Fruits are Not just Nutrisious It Also Help Our Body,Heal or body and more

    The World,Looks Very Easy On Render, But It Has Weather
    A while Weather That Can confuse Players When they Are On World, Not Just That, The world Contains (DIMENSION BLOCKS) Which makes The Maze harder!,Whiteblocks With Whitewallpapers, Surely Will Make U Play Harder

    note : It Is Harder Than It Looks

    Why Did i Build The World?, Just Because Im Tired Of Old Style mazes (Darkcave mazes,Cave Mazes etc.)just did this make Different

    World Contains :
    PUNCH Jammer
    ZOMBIE Jammer

    ADVENTURE STUFFS, I Used Adventure Items, To Make Crossovers, For What? It is To Confuse Players

    Also Signs In The World Wont Help You Reach The Finish line,They are Placed Randomly,So players Really Have To Work, and find On Their Own, i Mean common Have Dont u want a thrill,

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    Name:  worldfinal.png
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    Welcome to the world FUCATUM, known as the Bull Clover this world will take you on one adventurous ride.

    Includes -
    - Multiple Path's "You decide your journey!"
    - 10 Different Level Option's
    - Trickster Vertical Run
    - Steam Maze "with a deadly twist"
    - Every adventure item you can think off plus we have gorillas!!!
    - Barrier Parkour
    - VIP and a winner section
    - Plus a lot more you have to see it to believe it

    Protected By:
    P-Z Jammer, Ghost Charm and Pineapple Guardian.

    Grow ID: Slayer7LvL
    Worldname: FUCATUM
    wow nice picture

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    Default PADDYPROBLEM by Pretested.

    The story is set where you suddenly lose your color vision because of your greed and you notice that the rainbow shine restores color to the area at the top of cliff. Will you restore your vision back?
    Note: This is my first time making a world that took that effort. Hope you enjoy.

    World has:
    Ghost Charm
    Punch and Zombie Jammers
    A Minecraft Inspired song! Sweden
    A kissing stone area.

    Attachment 233319

    World Render

    Attachment 233318

    Wishing everyone a goood luck!
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    Red face Nominating my world for WOTD!

    Latest Render of the World:
    Name:  theacorntree.png
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Size:  668.4 KB

    GrowID: Darami

    There's a lovely day to adventure and you saw, a guy or a farmer was being pethetic because someone stole his big acorn, so he said that would you help me? And you said "Oh sure". So your journey will be starting and your goal is to find his GIANT ACORN.

    World contains
    -Weather machine (Autumn)
    -Punch jammer
    -Zombie jammer
    -Adventure items
    -Pixel art (Acorn)
    -VIP (Where people can hangout)

    I hope I will win my FIRST World of the Day Goodluck Everyone and also me!

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    A world that was inspired by 9 blarney worlds, applying it for wotd!

    This world includes:
    -Two Mazes
    -Adventure item Puzzles
    -Parkour that is very challenging and makes use of new clash block features
    -An obelisk challenge that you can finish alone
    -A small storyline
    and so many more!

    Name:  blurpee10.png
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    Graphic Designer

    Discord: GENSEAF#1544
    Portfolio (Instagram): @seafxiv
    I can give tips for designing if you like, just contact me. (And when I have time)
    Software used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

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    Red face Nominating my world for WOTD!

    Latest Render of the World:
    Name:  therainbowwaterfall.png
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    GROWID: Earljey

    Description of the World / Story

    There was this Leprechaun Tradition where they are baptised in the Rainbow Waterfall and be officially pronounced as Leprechaun. Because when they born, they are just grey elves. And because they are leprechauns, they need to be baptised and be rewarded with their very own pot. Since you are a new Lep. You need to baptise yourself in the Rainbow Waterfall together with the other new Leps. But becareful, the journey will be full of deadly plants. Goodluck!

    World Contains:

    ~Weather Machine (St. Paddy's Day)
    ~Zombie Jammer
    ~Punch Jammer
    ~A interesting Facts about St. Patrick's Day
    ~Mixing of Blocks
    ~Uses of St. Patrick's Day Blocks
    ~Adventure Items
    ~Interesting Story
    ~Creditory Board
    ~A cool VIP SPOT to Hangout

    Thats it! Hope you guys like my World! Goodluck Everyone! and Stay Safe!

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    World Planner


    Name:  199F08FC-6C9F-4FF9-8DF2-3006BB7820D6.png
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    This world was inspired by the coasts of Ireland as the name implies. It has an adventure type parkour with cave parkour, water parkour, and dimension block parkour. The world contains PZ jammers and a ghost charm.

    Name:  78E0B20B-06AC-4661-8B81-56E6425CD873.png
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    Story: Heartstown was created many years ago by Aphrodite. She gave our town a heart to serve as our life force. Recently the heart has failed which has caused our town to start wasting away. Many have tried to renew its life force but have not succeeded. We need a brave hero to save our town and restore the heart.

    -PZ Jammers
    -Adventure Items
    -Steam Mechanics

    UPDATE: I have fixed the issue that prevented players from completing the world. (locked ancient stone gate)

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    Lá maith do gach duine!

    I'd like to nominate my world, THEBLARNEYLIFE, for WOTD.
    GrowID: JonVince

    Ever wondered what it feels like to be a leprechaun? Well, your time has come. THEBLARNEYLIFE will be the world that will give you a tour and some knowledge about the life of a leprechaun in their hometown.

    Venture fun places such as a steam-powered shoe factory, a steampunk secured green beer cellar, and the mushroom leprechaun village. Bring a companion with you on your journey. What are you waiting for? Come now!

    Name:  theblarneylife.png
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Size:  824.7 KB

    World features:

    -> (Rarely-used mechanic) A 2-player steampunk gampelay
    -> Use of adventure items
    -> Use of seasonal clash blocks
    -> Use of HyperTech Antigravity Fields
    -> Parkour

    [Machines and Jammers]
    -> Zombie and Punch Jammers
    -> Fire House
    -> Ghost Charm
    -> Weather Machine - St. Paddy's Day

    [Other features/details]
    -> Creditory board at the start
    -> Cave entrances linking to BLARNEY1 to BLARNEY9
    -> A few hints are given to make the gameplay easier

    I am hoping for your visit.
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    Hello there, enjoy your day.

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    Buongiorno my friends,

    I'm RayCosmos and I'm nominating my world THEMASQUERADE for a World of The Day. This world focuses on the adventures of the creation of American singer-songwriter Mxmtoon’s debut album The Masquerade. A Growtopian adventure based on the creation of the album and the aftermath.

    It’s an open adventure, doors are open to each stage of the story near the entrance. Your goal for the day is to have a good night's rest after a hard sad day. But before that, she wants a Pineapple Juice by you guys collecting all 4 Pineapples throughout the world.


    Name:  themasquerade-1.png
Views: 158
Size:  505.9 KB

    Details about the world:

    - Sad Rainy Weather That Fits The Theme
    - A Masquerade Mask
    - A Prom Dress
    - Open World Doors
    - Word Searching & Parkour
    - Can be done without double jump
    - A Good Nights Rest At The End

    Thank you so much and I appreciate your work


    Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 9:24(GMT+7)



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