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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Default Wotd

    This is my first wotd try. I tried make personal world.
    Render world
    Name:  EE13B3C3-4E8B-4023-ACCE-A5DEA4CFAAAD.png
Views: 71
Size:  464.5 KB

    World countains:
    -basic jammers
    -Xenonite Crystal
    -Weather machine epoch
    -Self made music
    -Simple story
    -Parkour for everyone
    -Tons of glue used

    Good luck everyone
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    Last edited by Homomamma; 04-03-2020 at 06:29 AM. Reason: I edited because the renderworld picture was old. I built more things to my world.

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    Default RIPMJ ( a Growtopia biography world)

    Name:  ripmj.png
Views: 118
Size:  127.4 KB

    This world was made in memory of the deceased superstar, Michael Jackson. As you go on in the parkour, you learn more about his personal and public life. The parkour starts from when he was a young boy, part of the infamous "Jackson 5" music group with his siblings. The world is fairly hard but can be finished without wings or a parasol. The world has a realistic pixel art I made from a famous portrait of MJ, and the world also has the song "Heal the world" by Michael Jackson playing in the background.
    I believe this might be one of the first celebrity biography worlds in the game!

    - world has both Punch and a Zombie jammer
    -world is possible without wings
    - music by Michael Jackson

    Growid: GingerPirate

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    A world that was inspired by 9 blarney worlds, applying it for WOTD.
    A leprechaun assists you to run through the wacky and weird Blarney world, in search of the Blarney Stone. Rumored to give you prizes after kissing it

    This world includes:
    - Mazes, and hard parkour (Double jump banned)
    - Punch / Zombie Jammer, Firehouse
    - Noob friendly parkour
    - Makes use of Adventure Items
    - Stages inspired by previous 9 blarney worlds
    - Small Storyline
    - Xenonite, to block consumables and disables double jump

    Name:  blurpee10.png
Views: 136
Size:  641.5 KB
    Graphic Designer

    Discord: GENSEAF#1544
    Portfolio (Instagram): @seafxiv
    I can give tips for designing if you like, just contact me. (And when I have time)
    Software used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

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    Default Nominate TheHolyGorilla As The WOTD

    Growid : KucingZGT
    World : TheHolyGorilla

    Here's A Short Story About The World

    So You've Been Visiting The Holy Gorilla Kingdom! However The Leader Which is The Holy Gorilla is Hungry!
    And There's Only 1 Banana That Can Be Eaten by Him!And That's Call The Holy Banana! It Used To Be A Lot But Then The Evil Gorilla Come And Steal All! But He Hide 1 Of The Holy Banana...Well He Used To Said "You Could Never Find This Banana"...After We Try To Understand Why...
    We Finally Understand....We Normal Gorilla Can't Take It Because There Will Be A Lot Of Challanging Parkour!So We Need Your Help To Find And Feed The Holy Gorilla With The Holy Banana!
    Fun Fact : Holy Gorilla Can Live About 500 Years After Eating 1 Holy Banana

    I Hope You Like The Story

    I Put A BulletinBoard Above The White Door So You Can Read About The Credit!

    World Include :

    *Punch And Zombid Jammer
    *Ghost Charmer
    *Weather Jungle
    *Vip Room[Exclusive For Those Who Comeplete The Adventure]

    I Hope You Enjoyed! Here My Render World!
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    Default Nominating WORRLD for WOTD (edited and enhanced)

    - a new and unique two-dimension pixel idea is created in this world but ofcourse we can't defy the law of gravity thus you can just simply flip your phone and see the inverted land.

    - creator

    - Disobeying parents may lead you into danger and that happens to you in this roleplay. Find your way back home as you are trapped in the second dimension worrld. Medium parkour is ahead and need skills which includes: wings, parasol, and smart decision making.

    Worrld has:
    - Basic zombie and punch jammer, includes firehouse to prevent trollers and stuff weather machine which is "legendary orb" floats upward so that when you flip your phone 180 degrees its like falling allong with the inverted land
    - Bulletin board for credits
    - Roleplaying and adventure items ahead
    - Unique building (which I nay not seen before)
    - VIP to those who finished the adventure

    Rendered World:
    Name:  worrld (1).png
Views: 133
Size:  850.3 KB

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    Nominating ANEVILDOCTOR for WOTD.

    GROW-ID : MineDeath
    World for nomination: ANEVILDOCTOR

    World Story Description:
    You start off as a young worker walking home from work in the city, when suddenly you discover a rather strange looking manhole in the middle of nowhere. Out of curiosity, you eventually find a way to acess this manhole, and got kidnapped by an evil doctor as you entered the sewers. This evil doctor was fired from his job in the city a long time ago, and now seeks vengeance by planning to release a dangerous mind controlling parasite that would end your peaceful city. It's up to you to discover secret keys, idols, feed evil gorrila henchmen, travel through a slightly difficult parkour, navigate through super huge air vent mazes, solve puzzles, swim in chemicals, unlock codes and climb a super huge beaker in oder to foil the doctor's evil plan and make him taste justice once and for all.

    World Contains :
    1)A beautiful city.
    2)Punch and Zombie jammers.
    3)Two VIP rooms for winners.
    4)Lots of paint.
    5)An interesting storyline that explains itslef along the way.
    6)Rainy weather.
    7)The usage of many adventure items and blocks.
    8)Full credits, with even links to worlds that gave us inspiration.
    9)A huge beaker, tweezers, syringes and hospital.
    10)An option to spectate other players through diffrent sections.
    11)Interesting new parkour mechanics utilising the Up Up and away blocks, and clash parkour blocks.
    12)Tricksters and cybots!.

    Latest Render :

    Name:  anevildoctor.png
Views: 121
Size:  445.2 KB

    Can you foil the doctor's evil plan and save the city?.
    IGN - MineDeath

    If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor .

    Instagram Link!
    Discord Link!

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    Heya, I am ProdigyDawn and I am presenting my world THELEPRECHAUNTRIAL for World of the Day!
    Name:  theleprechauntrial.png
Views: 108
Size:  967.4 KB
    The world features,
    - Basic Jammers
    - Music, Thunder - Imagine Dragons
    - Creditory Board
    - Adventure Items,
    - Clash Blocks (includes tricksters and more!)
    - Cybots
    - Quiz Part (about Blarney)
    - Sungate and Obelisk (Solo or Team)
    - A difficult parkour level

    World Description,
    The world THELEPRECHAUNTRIAL is a world that uses new block features of the game. It is about a story of a leprechaun and how he manages blarney-inspired have a chance in looking for the blarney stone.The world consists difficult parkour levels which will test the growtopians skill facing different blocks in the world.
    GrowID: ProdigyDawn
    IG: @prodigydawn

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    Default Nominating my world for the World Of The Day!!

    World Name : WONDERJOURNEY

    GrowID : heisidu

    Description of the world :
    You will be roleplaying as Alice, from Alice in the wonderland, in this world.
    Bunnies are being locked up, and you have to go on an adventure to save
    You then realised things start going wild, seeing things such as flying sharks
    and a giant easter egg.
    You began to explore further and finally woke up from your wild dream...

    This is the latest render of the world : WONDERJOURNEY

    Name:  wonderjourney.png
Views: 113
Size:  590.6 KB

    World Features
    - Easter themed world
    - Epoch machine
    - Punch and Zombie jammers
    - Pineapple guardian
    - Ghost charm
    - Credit board
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    ModeCompany is a modern themed fashion plaza, with things to explore, a cool adventure throughout the world and lots of roleplay activities. Do you want to photoshoot your growtopian or show your best look at the catwalk, this world is the place for you. Packed inside a modern themed building this world has something for every growtopian!

    Name:  modecompany.png
Views: 112
Size:  417.5 KB

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    Lá maith do gach duine!

    I'd like to nominate my world, THEBLARNEYLIFE, for WOTD.
    GrowID: JonVince

    Ever wondered what it feels like to be a leprechaun? Well, your time has come. THEBLARNEYLIFE will be the world that will give you a tour and some knowledge about the life of a leprechaun in their hometown.

    Venture fun places such as a steam-powered shoe factory, a steampunk secured green beer cellar, and the mushroom leprechaun village. Bring a companion with you on your journey.

    Name:  theblarneylife.png
Views: 103
Size:  807.0 KB

    World features:

    -> (Rarely-used mechanic) A 2-player steampunk gampelay
    -> Use of adventure items
    -> Use of seasonal clash blocks
    -> Use of HyperTech Antigravity Fields
    -> Parkour

    [Machines and Jammers]
    -> Zombie and Punch Jammers
    -> Fire House
    -> Ghost Charm
    -> Weather Machine - St. Paddy's Day

    [Other features/details]
    -> Creditory board at the start
    -> Cave entrances linking to BLARNEY1 to BLARNEY9
    -> A few hints are given to make the gameplay easier
    -> A Blarney stone kissing area

    Note: The world can be accomplished without any modifications.

    I am hoping for your visit.
    Hello there, enjoy your day.

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    Default Nomination Attempt for CARBO! (By Carbonide)

    Hello, I’m Carbonide and I would like to nominate my main world CARBO for the World of the Day. You will love it!

    Hello, Welcome to CARBO! This is my main world. Here you will be able to find different kind of activities, information and you will be able to spawn through different places! Here’s a list of what are you able to do here!

    You will find here a parkour, a password door game and a PVP! (You can also punch the Obelisks to enter to a VIP area)

    You will be able to find a WOTD Room. Their you can learn “How do you post a WOTD” and some building tips. You can also find my main goals in Growtopia and learn if they have been COMPLETED or UNCOMPLETED. Their is also a room with my most important achievements.

    3.Spawn Area
    You can go to A VIP Room and find an Easter Egg!

    IGN: Carbonide

    Name:  carbo.png
Views: 98
Size:  203.7 KB

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    Default Just wanted to submit my WOTD - Entry

    World Name: INCENDIA
    by: NewPatek

    Plot Description:
    You're casually strolling through the forest till you encounter an old broken house, you go in to check and you see an old woman. She seems to be enchanting something but you can't quite make out the words. You soon realized she's a Witch and used a Fire Spell called Incendia. The spell uses a big giant hand and a flame on top of it, and when the time comes, it will burn everything in it's way including the Witch herself. You are the only one who can save the forest because you recently found out that magic was real and you had taught yourself it. You aren't as powerful as the Witch herself but if the smallest spell can change her mind or make her back off, then you will surely do it. When you get near the hand, there's only one spell that can kill the fire and hand itself. The words will come when the time is right, but the spell you will be using is a Water Spell because water can easily remove fire. You will have to recite the spell when you're near the hand. You learn that violence and fighting won't solve this, so you come up with another plan and that plan is to talk the witch out of it.

    Punch and Zombie Jammers
    Night Weather Machine
    Pixel Hand
    Fire and Water Pixel
    Forest-Themed Parkour
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