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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    GrowID: TienW
    Last Render
    Name:  jumpkingadventure.jpg
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    • Story: A knight heard that there was a very beautiful princess locked in a tower nearby, he decided to save the princess from the tower, but he would have to find the necessary items to save the Princess from the tower and he will have to climb or can jump very high to get those items
    • World contains:
    PZ jammer
    Jungle weather
    Medium-difficult Parkour
    Vip room at end
    •And one more thing: Don't let you fall because if you fall you can fall very long. Maybe you will get back to the beginning.

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    Lightbulb SHERIFFDUTY for WOTD! A western Adventure!

    SHERIFFDUTY by Tagoo (World name and GrowID)

    "A sheriff always help those who are in need.. that's it.. that's the motto"

    This is a western themed world I made that focuses on the town's sheriff doing a specific task (details in world) while helping other people during his adventure!

    I can say it is quite interactive (no short of dialogues!) and fun too!

    * Adventure themed! You go to different environments, do parkour while doing sidequests! (Helping the people part)
    * Detailed dialogues. Stories, journal entries, moral lessons and more!
    * Interactive gameplay (with the use of gateways, Lots of gateways)
    * Moderate level parkour (Watch out for them cactus partner!)
    * It's western-themed. What's more cool than every citizen wearing a cowboy hat?Saddle up!
    *The world's story progression is quick paced so you can finish the story in no time!

    Here's the world render!
    Name:  FAD7F668-2FE0-49B6-9D36-F40EBD639DDD.png
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Size:  1.14 MB

    The world render doesn't look that appealing because I focused on the story/parkour mechanics more. Thank you! :]
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    IGN: Tagoo

    I live in the Philippines. Yes, my surname "Tagoo" means hide in the PH .

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    Default Basketball Themed WOTD!

    GROWID: Sanntaa

    Description: This is a basketball themed world where you can learn info and facts about basketball while doing friendly but also challenging parkour!! Lots of facts and cool things to find in this world. A great way to enjoy sports while at home!! Please visit and enjoy!.

    - Background weather/jammer
    - Cool VIP end area
    - info/facts about basketball
    - Awesome design!!
    - Fun / No-wing Parkour!
    - the entire world is a BASKETBALL court !!!

    Name:  basketballfacts.png
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    hi all i love you

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    Name:  B71F52F7-BFD5-4A83-9E60-5143380D6C1F.png
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    Once every a thousand years, the 2 pairs of Purple Crescents connects to the The Old Library Of Tsuki, the library serves as the bridge of the Crescents. During the time a portal opens up in the bottom of the Library to the place full of riches or forever death to go to the portal the person will need to get all 5 items needed that are placed around the place.

    World Includes:
    -Pineapple Guardian, Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, Firehouse, Nothingness weater, CCTV
    -Custom made song for the world
    -Laser Grid Parkour
    -Maze of Secret Passages
    -A Scavenger Hunt aspect
    -Dark cave parkour
    -Find all of the Letters game
    -Up Up and Away Parkour
    -Antigravity Field / Trickster Parkour
    -a cool storyline
    -Cybot Parkour

    -a cool Purple and Blue Vibe

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    Default INFERNALCATHARSIS by krtprml

    GrowID: krtprml

    The air is getting warmer around you..
    The Jungle Dragon is burning the jungle, stop it by burning its heart before it's too late.

    In this world we have
    Punch/Zombie Jammer
    Ghost Charm
    Player Dialogue
    Search for Shadowflame Torch (Adventure Torch)
    Burning Jungle themed adventure world
    Insane Parkour
    Usage of rock n roll wallpaper as flame
    Name:  9738866c216b3644bd1e39108215395d.png
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    Custom Burning Jungle background
    Name:  e66c668a164c4c06299a1560902393b6.png
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    Xenonite, Everyone gets to double jump and walk speed. Consumables are probhited.
    Name:  945a84ce849ed5b0a0807717847be47e.png
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    Usage of Rope pitons
    Jungle Dragon Pixel art

    Yharim grew up with no one besides his monstrous cohorts to keep him company after the passing of (nearly) his entire family...with the exception of his loyal dragon guardian, Yharon. Long ago, a powerful ranger found an egg within the depths of the Jungle Temple. She gifted the egg to her son, Yharim, to raise as a companion while she was away on her missions. Before the egg hatched it was tossed into the underworld lava, along with Yharim's entire family due to the arrogance and despicable nature of the elder brother. However, the heat of the lava only caused the young dragon to mature more quickly. Soon, it hatched into a furious beast, and was able to save Yharim from his demise, though the same could not be said for the rest of his family. Badly burned and filled with hatred and contempt, Yharim slowly crawled onto the back of his faithful companion. The dragon comforted him as best it could before Yharim commanded that they return to the temple, a new power and order was about to rise. From there the dragon aided Yharim in annihilating the corrupt leaders of the jungle and putting the power in the hands of someone with a broken heart and many scars. The dragon was more than just a mere friend to the tyrant, the warmth and light from the dragon's soul often comforted the tyrant king in times of great depression. Without his pet, the tyrant would've been dead long ago.

    Name:  infernalcatharsis (2).jpg
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    During the early days, the elements were united as one, fire, air, water, and earth were working for the world as a whole and none of the elements dreamt of superiority. Until one day, the fire element has raised its pride and wants to be the leader of all the elements. The two elements didn't agree, yet, the other one has favored fire element's superiority. The argument didn't end up well, so they split the world into two, naming The Botany Biome and The Fiery Biome. Now, it is up to the people who visit their world if where side they will go. SO YOU? Which side favors you?

    World Contains :

    P and Z Jammers
    Weather Machine Background
    Pixel Art
    Two different Biomes (that will serve as the maze)
    Different Adventure Items such as : Pedestal, Braziers, Piton and more
    Creditory Board
    Easy Parkour (For new players)

    Latest World Render :
    Name:  throughthemaze.png
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    GrowID : iCarryYou
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Owner: asdsda321412
    Special Thanks to: growm4ster, AiingPuring

    Go left, right, climb and jump!
    Vengeful Donkey Kong had kidnapped your lady!
    Dodge those barrels, Grab that hammer!
    Go save your lovely Pauline!

    Donkey Kong is a series of video games featuring the adventures of a gorilla character called Donkey Kong, conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981.

    In the game, Mario (originally named Mr. Video and then Jumpman) must ascend a construction site while avoiding obstacles such as barrels and fireballs to rescue a damsel in distress named Pauline (originally named Lady), from a giant ape named Donkey Kong.

    World Features:

    • JAMMERS - Guardian Pineapple, Firehouse, Ghost Charm, Zombie Jammer, Punch Jammer
    • PIXEL ARTS - Donkey Kong Gameplay world design and Mario and Pauline (google image references), and self-made donkey kong
    • FINISHERS' AREA - VIP room for finishers to hangout and brag their race time
    • SPECTATORS' AREA - 11 small spectator rooms are made for anyone who wants to watch the thrilling race. These are made connected to each other for spectators to never miss a single second of the race.
    • WINNERS' PODIUM - The scoreboard serves as the winners' podium wherein 1st place in the center, 2nd place in its left and 3rd place in the right. That is why the score shows 020010030. There are elevated blocks to show emphasis based on their rank
    • RACE TRACK- A full-world race track that can be finished in 2:00 to 2:30 (minutes:seconds)

    Name:  derbykong.png
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    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    A world dedicated to Seth and his son, Cosmo.

    The world contains the following:
    PZ Jammers
    Guardian Pineapple
    Xenonite Crystal
    Weather Machine - Stuff
    A race track less than 3 minutes long
    Original pixel art
    Spectating area
    Winner's area
    Free roaming inside the pixel art

    Name:  afatherandson.png
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    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine - Snowy Night
    -Winter clash blocks
    -Winner's area

    You decided to visit the north pole to see Santa. To your surprise, Santa was nowhere to be found. There was a trail of tiny footsteps and magical blue dust. You followed it and ended up here. You get the feeling Santa is somewhere around here, so you decide to explore.

    Name:  thewinterrescue.png
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    Default Rainbowpuzzle for WOTD!

    Hello, I am nominating my world : Rainbowpuzzle for WOTD!
    IGN : Heys

    I nominated this world to become a wotd after I saw the players experience and they said that they enjoyed doing the story
    A rainbow puzzle world consists of puzzles and stories that must be solved to save this world
    Among the advantages of the world:
    1-Even if you don’t have a wing, shoe, or other features, you can play and solve the puzzles
    2-Each stage includes a specific song with the context
    3-There is anti-gravity feature, which makes playing more enjoyable
    4-There are some new puzzles in the game
    5-Everyone can play and save this world
    6-- Essential Jammers, a Ghost charm, firehouse and an anti-gravity
    You enter a world filled with colors and joy, And see the inhabitants suffer and ask you for a help before their world turn to a hell of suffering from the Devilish creatures. Can you help them solve the puzzle of this devil and save their world??
    .I believe my world can let players have a GREAT TIME while playing my adventure parkour!
    I hope i will win soon!
    Name:  rainbowpuzzle wotd gt ofc.png
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Size:  1.14 MB

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    Red face GROWTHDERBY for WOTD!

    GROWTHDERBY by Earljey

    Render World:
    Name:  growthderby.png
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Size:  159.2 KB

    This world is a race world and it contains race tracks we’re players can race whenever they want and also this world might be use on some event called KYDERBY.

    World Contains:
    ~Punch Jammer
    ~Zombie Jammer
    ~Pineapple Guardian
    ~Race Tracks
    ~Pixel Art

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    Default Nominating KILLTHEVIRUS for WOTD!

    Storyline ~ A virus outbreak is spreading rapidly across the world. As a scientist, you know that the only way to stop the virus is to turn on the antivirus machine which is located in a top secret lab. But, will you be able to find it in time before everything is too late? Everyone is counting on you. Of course, you will be able to find it, whatever it takes...

    This world contains:
    - Basic Jammers & Fire House
    - Parkour ( Easy to Medium )
    - Portal Maze ( Easy to Medium )
    - Dark Maze ( Easy to Medium )
    - Usage of adventure item

    GrowID: GTStorage

    Name:  killthevirus.png
Views: 148
Size:  831.4 KB

    Builder’s Note:
    IGN: GTStorage
    Profile picture by Intensifies. Thank you!

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    Name:  thecamouflage.png
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    Are you ready to blend with the environment?

    Come and take a look at the world THECAMOUFLAGE, wherein you will encounter and experience confusing and challenging adventure.

    Will you be able to see your way until to the end? Check out now!

    What's in the World?
    -Required Jammers
    -Weather Machine-Jungle
    -Adventure Items
    -Normal Adventure
    -Mud Puddle Adventure
    -CyBot Adventure
    -Description/Credit Board

    Note: The adventure caters all type of players, with or without wings.

    Happy adventure!

    Name:  learnbotany.png
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    LEARNBOTANY by Voony

    LearnBotany is a world that aims to give the players some information about the Roots update- it is an update that was added last July 11, 2019.

    The world will also cover the procedures of growing trees involving bountiful seeds, root cuttings, and different seed and item recipes.

    I've made this world because I had seen that this kind of farming is quite unpopular. I believe this world will help to promote and to introduce Roots update to new players and to encourage existing and new players to do farming on a new method.

    What's in the world?
    -There are a set of complete jammers.
    -There are information about Roots update including the recipes of bountiful items, tutorials, and many more.
    -There is a use of adventure items.
    -There is an easy parkour so that the players will focus more on the informations.
    -There are CyBots used in the world.
    -There is a place dedicated to the players who finished the adventure and reading the informations.

    I want to thank and acknowledge the following players NabiKrebs, ProdigyDawn, krtprml, Elyxial, and Earljey.

    Thank you also to GROWTOPIA WIKI for providing reliable information and to the video made by our community manager NekoRei about Roots update that can be seen on Growtopia's official Youtube channel.

    Thank you for reading.
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