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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Post TheBrainAndHeart by Maxriii

    Name:  IMG_2343.PNG
Views: 90
Size:  355.4 KB
    World name: TheBrainAndHeart
    Growid: Maxriii

    Pz Jammer √
    Weather, Fire House √

    Maze √
    Parkour √
    Pixel Art √
    Story √
    Trivia √
    This world have 4 Stages.
    Brain Maze
    River Parkour
    Rainbow Parkour.

    Description + Trivia + Story

    They say "Follow your Heart" when you are loving someone, but for me I think that was kinda wrong, Why? Because when loved someone and you only used ur heart, it may caused a hurt or damage in ur heart but what if, If we use our heart at the same time our brain when loving someone. Best combination, right? We always keep using our heart when loving someone that's why, WE KEEP FALLING FOR SOMEONE. EVEN THERE'S NO GUARANTEE THAT OUR FEELINGS WILL BE RECIPROCATED... and just a trivia, wanna know why red symbolize love? Because it bleeds when it ends.World name: TheBrainAndHeart
    Growid: Maxriii

    Pz Jammer √
    Weather, Fire House √

    Maze √
    Parkour √
    Pixel Art √
    Story √
    Trivia √
    This world have 4 Stages.
    Brain Maze
    River Parkour
    Rainbow Parkour.

    Description + Trivia + Story

    They say "Follow your Heart" when you are loving someone, but for me I think that was kinda wrong, Why? Because when loved someone and you only used ur heart, it may caused a hurt or damage in ur heart but what if, If we use our heart at the same time our brain when loving someone. Best combination, right? We always keep using our heart when loving someone that's why, WE KEEP FALLING FOR SOMEONE. EVEN THERE'S NO GUARANTEE THAT OUR FEELINGS WILL BE RECIPROCATED... and just a trivia, wanna know why red symbolize love? Because it bleeds when it ends.

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    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    A world dedicated to Seth and his son, Cosmo.

    The world contains the following:
    PZ Jammers
    Guardian Pineapple
    Xenonite Crystal
    Weather Machine - Stuff
    A race track less than 3 minutes long
    Original pixel art
    Spectating area
    Winner's area
    Free roaming inside the pixel art

    Name:  afatherandson.png
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Size:  103.7 KB


    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine - Snowy Night
    -Winter clash blocks
    -Winner's area

    You decided to visit the north pole to see Santa. To your surprise, Santa was nowhere to be found. There was a trail of tiny footsteps and magical blue dust. You followed it and ended up here. You get the feeling Santa is somewhere around here, so you decide to explore.

    Name:  thewinterrescue.png
Views: 89
Size:  470.0 KB

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    Hi, im Zaenite nominating my World for WOTD! "PARPOLINIANDTHEPLAGUE"

    You're became a Character in an adventure game who having quest about to trace the cause of Spikerona plague in a village in may, 1970. Looks like Parpolini did all of this things.⁣
    Dare you take this Quest?

    Name:  parpoliniandtheplague.jpeg
Views: 88
Size:  166.8 KB

    - Green spikes as representative of the virus with green valley theme and an implicit Educational Storyline.

    - Used a lot of Clash, Roles, and Recent items on Design and Parkour to give you a lot of Parkour Experience too!

    - Riddle, Underwater Tricksters, Gravity-Well, and Dimension Block Parkour combined with Portal and Door-maze will give you different Parkour experience! (Easy untill semi- Hard Parkour!)

    - We also made some Guide Signs to explain our parkour mechanism to help new player

    -Spectate room
    -Hangout & Credit area⁣
    -Punch & zombie jammer⁣
    -Fire house⁣
    -Ghost charm⁣
    -Pineapple guardian⁣

    Well, i think that's it, All Credits have given under the tree.

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    Wink Nominating BEACHCAVERNRUINS for WOTD #growwotdmay20


    Hello and good day to you all. I am here to show you my 2nd attempt of my world to win the world of the day cycle of March2020-May2020. Special thanks to all players who have given me their suggestion to improve my world and having a higher chance of winning.
    I wouldn't be here if isn't for you guys who gave me the courage to post my creation in the forum. Much love for you guys

    Without further ado, Here are the information needed for the World Of The Day contest

    GROWID: WaterNice
    StoryLine: You spend your day at the beach normally but, upon closer inspection you noticed a somewhat hole that has a cave entrance that leads to somewhere. Curious, you entered the cave and discovered that there was a underground cavern below the beach. You were shocked and realized that you are stuck in the underground cave, so your goal is to find the exit and go back to the shore while facing unexpected traps in the cavern. Can you keep up?
    LATEST RENDERATION OF THE WORLD:Name:  beachcavernruins.png
Views: 80
Size:  935.5 KB
    ~Punch Jammer
    ~Zombie Jammer
    ~Security Camera
    ~Bountiful Plants
    ~The usage of a new item from Cinco De Mayo 2020 which is the mariachi Bobble Head
    ~Bone Chilling Parkour
    ~Beach Scenery Background

    Thanks for giving us a chance to showcase our creation, good luck to all WOTD contestant, and more power to Growtopia!
    My Face When I Won A Giveaway

    About Me

    My Goals

    If You Need Help Or Question Don't Bother Ask Meh I Will Answer ASAP

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    Hello everyone after weeks of building i present to you LONGLOSTARTIFACT.

    This world is a jungle themed parkour with an adventurous storyline.

    Later Render:
    Name:  longlostartifact.png
Views: 83
Size:  1.42 MB

    This world features:
    -P and Z jammer
    -Jungle Weather
    -Different Parkours( Waterfall, Cave, forest and temple)
    -A Pixel art
    -V.I.P Room
    -Parkour Features
    *Adventure Items such as ( Golden Idols, Torches, adventure key, Braziers, and Golden Pedestals / Gates )
    *Trickster, DeathTrap wall,
    -Credit board

    The story is about a lost artifact and you have to venture out to find it. ( a more in depth story in the world )

    I hope i win!

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    Wink Nominating IotmAdventure for WOTD

    I'd like to start off by saying that this world was made & funded entirely by me and took me a pretty long time, however my friends all gave me the motivation to carry on making the world, Anton0202 especially. He currently has 16 WOTDs and he is a truly inspirational player.

    World Name: IotmAdventure
    GrowID: TheNote

    I'd also like to add that there is HUGE potential for me to make many sequels to this world if the world is received well. In fact, I already have planned a story for the potential next world.

    You come back after a day of hard work, and immediately go to your bed and collapse. You're so tired that you can't possibly stay awake, so you close your eyes and doze off into a deep, deep sleep.
    Yet little did you know that this was not going to be an ordinary dream. No, something wasn't right. You feel as if you are constantly falling into the abyss, as you hear a distinct voice "Growtopian, wake up!".
    Is that really who you think it is? No, surely it isn't...Sethmumu!?
    "Snap out of it!" he yells.
    You gradually come to your senses and notice you are not at home in your bed. You are surrounded by yellow, everywhere you look is yellow, yellow, yellow! Something doesn't feel right, you feel as if you are moving like a 2D character does in all those video games you play.

    Your mission is to figure out what is going on, and how to get out of this dream.

    (A bit of extra information about the story)
    You must get back the IOTMs that were stolen by an evil villain as he runs away to his U.F.O and through a GIANT space time rupture. Traverse through the IOTMs and defeat the villain, easy right? I guess you'll have to see

    - Jammers - Punch, Zombie, Ghost Charm, Fire House
    - Background weather (with darkness inside) really sets the atmosphere and brings out the colours
    - Hundreds of paint buckets used
    - Story board(s) to add extra story to the world
    - Immersive parkour as you traverse through all of the IOTMs featured in the world
    - Exciting story with huge potential for multiple sequels
    - V.I.P area for winners
    - Board thanking all the players who helped/inspired me
    - Donation area to go towards my next WOTD attempt(s)
    - Interlinking IOTM pixel arts e.g Razor wings look like they are attached to dragon scarf, Horn piercing the royal lock etc.
    - Board + Door linked to Anton0202's main world (which also has WOTD) and which has links to all of his other WOTDs
    - Some signs have Fun Facts (FF) about the IOTMs which provide players with useful information
    - Easy into Medium parkour
    - Signs throughout world with part of story on them
    - Death Spikes with Dark Cave Backgrounds on them in areas so that players cannot leave the area too far
    - Entirely new idea (I've not seen it done yet) with the parkour through the IOTMs
    - Features the following characters: Sethmumu, Zraei, Kudo and the super secret villain!!

    Name:  iotmadventure 1.png
Views: 105
Size:  223.7 KB

    Some extra info about the render
    - Please note that this render was made before I added the spikes with dark cave backgrounds behind them. This was because the
    darkness that the dark cave backgrounds provide is not visible on renders, so you could see all the spikes.
    - Another added thing is that I painted the ice next to the Speed Medallion black to add effect, I did not put dark cave background
    behind it as I felt it was important for players to be able to see that it was there.
    - As well as this, the zombie jammer has been added since the render.
    - Finally the portal parkour inside the Speed Medallion was added after the render, due to the same issue with the "dark cave background".
    P.S I don't know why, but the render doesn't show our actual outfits

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read all the above, it truly means a lot.
    Feel free to let me know what you think of the world by posting on the board in the world

    (Things changed since last time)
    - Made end area / spaceship fit the theme better
    - Added ruptures / tears in the world
    - Added the ruptures / tears into the story

    Good luck everyone,

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    I'm nominating TheFlooding for my first ever WOTD! I have previously tried to win WOTD with no avail, so I fixed up the world a bit and I'm trying again!

    World name: TheFlooding
    GrowID: Contagion

    World Description: You start off in the world surrounded by water that leads into the sewer. The water pushes you so hard you pass out and end up in the heart of the sewer. After waking up, you set off to find your way out by collecting the 3 adventure items and making it back to the adventure door. The whole world is a giant puzzle parkour maze. You constantly have to backtrack to progress to the next adventure item and you're free to collect them in any order you can find them in!


    Name:  theflooding.png
Views: 101
Size:  534.5 KB

    World includes: Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and Pineapple Guardian
    IGN: Contagion

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    Default WolfClaw for WOTD <3

    (3Day Gap) Renominating WolfClaw for WOTD
    An adventure world filled with parkours and puzzles, travelling through the wolf kingdom to save it from the evil rulers ( no spoilers :3 ) also there are funny characters to interact with along you'r journey !
    This world contains:
    ~ P+Z jammers
    ~ Jungle Weather
    ~ Ghost Charm
    ~ Wolf theme
    ~ Story
    ~ Goofy Story Characters
    ~ Simple Pixel Art
    ~ Credit to supporters
    ~ Public Bulletin
    ~ Parkour
    ~ Quizes
    ~ Sun Gate Puzzle
    ~ Howler and Trickster
    ~ Use of adventure items
    ~ Use of paint and glue
    ~ Vip Area
    ~ Spectating Rooms
    ~ Many unique blocks
    ~ Hiddin password letters (vip)

    GrowID: StarkSpark
    WorldID: WolfClaw

    Thanks mods as always for the amazing work, hope you dont mind that i mentioned some moderators in my world (Nekorei, Jenuine, Anulot, JamHammers) as a a little easter egg, Also hope you like my world <3

    Name:  wolfclaw (1).jpg
Views: 119
Size:  446.4 KB

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    Default Nominating THECITYUNDERSIEGE for WOTD!

    GROW ID: Lanterex
    Hi! I'm nominating this world THECITYUNDERSIEGE for WOTD!

    P&Z Jammers
    An Interesting storyline
    Mystery door
    VIP area
    Newb friendly parkour!
    Ghost Charm Pineapple Guardian
    Clash! Blocks (Can you find them all?)

    You're a high school student which has been staying late in school to study. As you've seen on the TV in the school's terrace, the city has been under attack by CYBOTS! You're in disbelief. You don't want to believe it. You can't believe it. You take a moment to breath and calm down. After awhile you decide you're gonna find out what was causing this and get to the bottom of it. Naturally, you're very curious so you would do this. You thought that all you had to do was report your findings to Growcops but you find yourself dying to know the truth that you forgot that Growcops ever existed. What you were about to discover changed your life forever...

    Thanks for reading! I hope you consider this world for WOTD!
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Lightbulb TWISTEDLANDS for W.O.T.D

    The twisted lands are an ancient land inhabited by goblins. The goblins have lived in peace for thousands of years. Now there has occurred a huge threat! An unknown beast has found it's way into their hidden caves.. The beast has trapped goblins with it's incredible magical powers! You have been summoned to solve the beast's forgotten riddle and to save the twisted lands!

    World render:
    Attachment 237809

    World has:
    -Punch jammer
    -Zombie jammer
    -Fire house
    -Ghost Charm
    -A storyline all around the map
    - Information about different characters around the map
    - Completing this world doesn't need a parasol or wings!
    - Easter eggs and mysteries
    - A riddle to solve!

    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Last edited by GingerPirate GT; 05-17-2020 at 06:08 PM. Reason: added the render in!

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    Default Nominating ALANDWITHSPRING by Dipole for WOTD



    GROWID: Dipole

    3 Months for this Season, Yes it is Spring! Come and play with us at ALANDWITHSPRING where you can enjoy the beauty of spring. Also you can learn facts and lessons when exploring the world; facts about spring, and you might learn new things. You can LEARN by playing the derby. Come on play, learn and enjoy at ALANDWITHSPRING!

    -Punch and Zombie Jammers
    -Bountiful blast/weather
    -Spring derby(time trial and trial tracks)
    -Mind games (to test your thinking with timer); Doors and sign games
    -VIP(Spring tavern; when the derby is finished)
    -Information about spring (Facts); Enough information about spring.
    -Credits and tips for the World

    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Name:  infiniteloop.png
Views: 102
Size:  442.2 KB

    Whilst submitting my WOTD attempts, I almost always mentioned that I've been putting most my time to a different world, that I had yet to submit, this going back way back to my 2nd WOTD (over a year ago). I've been working on it for let's see... not too long... only around 1000 hours (yes, I'm serious). All the contents of the project are in different, interlinked worlds, and the main world just being the gateway that connects every single stage. The size of it is that of around 50 full worlds. Every single level (close to a 1000 levels) (except 1 that was built by Heramix), was built by me. Each level was placed accordingly, where it should in terms of difficulty. InfiniteLoop starts off from the lowest possible difficulty (running from door to door), to incredibly complex riddles and parkours. It gradually gets harder and harder, slowly enough to give a massive challenge to every single player in the game. Even a complete starter, will be able to get somewhere, and along the way experience happiness, satisfaction, anger, and despair. The difficulty slowly keeps increasing, to a point even the most talented, skilled, and experienced will be completely overwhelmed. InfiniteLoop is without a doubt, the ultimate challenge.

    InfiniteLoop has more reason to exist, than just to give the ultimate challenge to every single player out there, and that is to introduce people to... well... everything! From features, blocks, to mechanics and other goodies in the game! For example, it is interlinked with every single blast in the game, just to showcase them. It goes through farms, trade worlds, parkour worlds, recent worlds, and old worlds. I spent around 30 hours searching for 2000+ day locks, just to interlink them with InfiniteLoop (no regrets). InfiniteLoop introduces players to password doors, obelisks, gateways, adventure items, timers, gravity wells, stone slabs, and hundreds of other features; all this in the most clever way, by making an incredibly easy level with them, just to later bring back the features with a colossal complexity upgrade. Obviously with all this, there is also necessity of certain in-game clothes.. However, that's why, these features get introduced slowly, to first give a challenge to everyone. Later on, a double jump, a flashlight (very far), and the supporter status (extremely far) is necessary (the supporter status is necessary for the stupidest reason ever, as the challenge timer is only for supporters... despite being a feature that is supposed to be usable by EVERYONE rather than limited to certain people [yes, I suggested that this would get changed]).

    There is a story, but it is intentionally incredibly vague and hard to understand. I left for people to deduce its meaning, purpose, and what the hell it even is.

    The world has a prize, and it's around 3000 WLS (+ tens of mini-prizes for just getting far [they are dropped in far-rooms]).

    Let's get into the thing then, now that we're done with the short bio...

    The first level that belongs in the "anti-elite" level pack; it's designated to take out above average skilled players. Average get time: 15-20 hours (room 30).
    Attachment 237244

    The second "anti-elite." A massive difficult riddle with no parkour, which averagely takes 3 hours for people to beat.
    Attachment 237245

    THE INCERNATION OF CHAOS AND EVIL, THE THIRD ANTI-ELITE AKA A PSEUDO-GATEKEEPER (Gatekeepers are what comes after anti-elites) THAT HAS 3 PHASES. Average beat time: 20 hours (yes, for a single level.. One guy afked every single day for 2 weeks, playing 7-15 hours everyday [yes, he beat it]).
    Attachment 237246

    The level that is impossible unless you're a supporter... (pls fix and make the challenge timer available for non-supporters, it's really a pointless feature for it to be supporters-only). Average figure out time: 10 hours. This level is just a singular trick, but it's far far far greater than any other trick built in InfiniteLoop. Oh, it's also the 4th anti-elite.
    Attachment 237247

    5th anti-elite and a level you would rather not play (half the world is like this, and it's hell to walk around it).
    Attachment 237248

    The second gatekeeper (skipping the first one) and the only one I'll show here due to spoiling. Average get time: uhh, maybe around 100 hours. Only around 100 players are capable of beating this level without spending a good portion of their life.
    Attachment 237249

    Showed very little of what InfiniteLoop has to offer, but I wager it's more than enough to win WOTD. If not, then hell just remove WOTD from my other 4 works.. because this world is where I spent 80% of the time I played this game.
    Different submission below \/

    Name:  thelongedsolitude.png
Views: 96
Size:  709.0 KB

    After a long long while, I'm finally done with another big non-testing project! This one took me a long while, and has a ton of self-expression. I'm surprised myself by how some of the parts turned out (in a good way), as their creativity is just surreal even to me, the very creator. I didn't make any framework, I just built however I wanted to, letting myself get leashed by my impulses and whims.

    Story : Contemplating your own actions in disbelief, you enter a state and journey of absolute solitude. "So this is the solitude I longed for." Wait wait wait, before taking on the journey, let's delve into what made you come to this: For a writer, solitude is the embodiment of ideas and intrinsicality—what more could you desire as one? But certainly, to life, there's more than just a singular, possibly petty, goal or desire. Certainly, as a writer, he was aware of a simple fundamental such as this... right? It was a decision between his lover and writing, to embrace solitude or loving family, a decision to dedicate everything to unfortunately, just one of the two. The writer, as terrifying but appealing of a decision it sounded, as painful but ultimate of a decision it was, unfortunately went with solitude... Now, his journey of self-reflection, writing, and pain... started.
    "Solitude is like walking through mud... continuously getting harder and harder."
    "One that wants to have solitude, will suffer with their decision. One that naturally became alone, without a real desire to distance themselves, but rather, found enjoyment in that distance, will not."
    "Your name is Blank, and dare not ever say you have one."
    "Writing is the ultimate form of expression and transfering your thoughts to another, then why must I struggle so much to explain my suffering? I have a crawing desire to talk to people, but I have no ability or chance to do so with anyone. Even when it comes to messages, my apathy just overcomes everything and anything. What is this unheard sweet paradox? Why can't I find an answer in a library of a billion answers?"

    The ending takes a joke-turn, saying you decide to become a gangster after all this self-reflection. I figured a negative story, with no objectively possible happy-ending, is better of having a slight light-up at least at the end!

    All my inspiration for the story (and the name of the world) comes from the show "Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju" (Showa and Genroku Era Lover's Suicide Through Rakugo). It's a PG-13 masterpiece of a show, so if you're over 13, do check it out and enjoy everything out of it!

    The first part of the story (decision between his lover and writing [in Rakugo's case story telling]) is taken from Rakugo, as I found it incredibly beautiful. Everything after that, is entirely thought of by me. All the quotes are made by me too, even their aesthetic quality is a product of my hopefully-wonderful writing!

    As for the parkour and the world itself, I believe the designs, parkour, etc are wonderful! The testers loved it and found it incredibly fun, especially the fact that it's easy and playable for anyone. I used a ton of unique mechanics (for example, using 1 jump to jump on lava, to travel a distance you couldn't with usual two jumps, and then jumping a second time after hitting the lava).

    - Punch and Zombie jammer + ghost charm to prevent all the ghosts!
    - Permanent VIP for beating the world (you get a password and can always get there afterwards!)
    - Incredibly unique parkour mechanics.
    - Abstract unique designs to creep and confuse everyone out!
    - Advanced use of adventure items.
    - High-level aesthetic writing in the story (+ comedy elements!)
    And more!

    Support/criticism thread:

    2020/04/18 - added pillars to the clouds to increase the render (and in-game) aesthetic quality, added way more design to 5 levels + spawn!
    2020/04/22 - had tons of people (notable WOTD builders) test the world and it according to them, the gameplay was perfectly fine and fun.
    2020/04/26 - removed some stuff to make it less messy (according to one of the helpers, it's too messy to win), and added a ton of signs to help guide new players/ players in general. However, this little update ruined my initial purpose with making it so messy and hard to follow... I wanted to promote misdirection and intuition based sight reading.
    2020/04/30 - had many many many people play it (including techy, anulot, and dozens of WOTD creators) to get their thoughts on it. While it's messy on the render, IT'S WAY BETTER in-game. The gameplay in particular, shines the most (new mechanics are supposed to be considered, right? Then please, don't judge it solely by the render...) According to those people, it's WOTD worthy.
    2020/05/11 - removed a lot of decorations to follow Gatello's advice, "too messy to win WOTD."



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