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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    I have built a Easter Themed Adventure/Parkour World! I hope you all will enjoy it!

    GrowID: Jellina

    The World has:
    • Punch and Zombie Jammer
    • Ghost Charm
    • Firehouse
    • Spring Weather Machine
    • Mini Mod
    • Bunnylock
    • Vip for Winners (with new Blocks)

    The World includes a Steam Part with own mechanism, a Part with Antigravity Fields, a Part with Sungates/Obseliks, a Maze, a Part with Cybots and Tricksters, a Part with Dimension Blocks, many Parts with Adventure Items, really cool Pixelarts (they got inspired Online but i didnt copy any of them!) (Some Pixelarts were build by my own) and alot more!

    I used Alot of Paint, Alot of Texture, Easter themed Blocks like Pastel Blocks or the Bunny Bouncer, Easter Checkpoints and alot of more! Couldnt do a song because of the wallpapers i used.

    So if you guys noticed its not the first time i am applying So i decided to update the World abbit! I added a bit more Texture in it and i used more Adventure items!..

    I updated the Maze Part. Instead of 3 Words written all over the Signs. There is now only 1 Word for the Password Door. So its easier for you guys!

    Steam Part got Updated! Because of the Glitches/Bugs at that Area i decided to make it easier! I also Updated the Maze! I replaced the Passwords with Adventure Items! So its more fun!

    The Story is written by my Own! It is kinda long but it is really cool!

    The Story:
    Do you guys want to know how the Easterbunny went missing?
    So this is where it all started at the age of five you believed on the Easterbunny and it also was your favorite Event but it all changed when you grew up and your Friends and your Family Members told you that the Easterbunny doesnt exist. So you stopped believing on it. After some years when you became eighteen You started Traveling around. One Day you were on your Way to Chile. Chile is really beatiful. You had not much Money with you so instead of taking a Uber to the Hotel you booked you decided to Walk. Your bagage was not that Heavy. Suddenly you realized that you got Lost. You looked around and noticed that it was a Forest but you couldnt see a way out of it. You tried to look at your Phone to see where your location is but there was no connection around. You were a bit worried about the Situation. You climbed up a tree to have a better view of the Place and maybe find a way out but you couldnt find anything except a Key. There was something written on it but you really couldnt read it because of the Dirt on it. So you cleaned it with the Water that u had in your Backpack. So after you cleaned the whole dirt you could read it."Key of the Easterbunny"You thought that it was just a Toy that was lost but after you find a Building 100 metres beside the Tree you get a bit curious. After some search you find the Lock. You try your Luck and put the Key into it.*Click* You had Luck the Key fitted into the Lock. You grabbed a Stick to protect yourself and opened the Door slowly. You started to go to the inside of the old Building. You screamed "ls someone here?, Can someone Help me?, I am Lost" out of no where a Bunny jumped infront of you. You both got scared. The Bunny started talking but you still couldnt believe what was happening right now. After you both talked a bit. The Helper of the Easterbunny said that the Easterbunny was lost because none of the Kids believed on him anymore. He asked for your Help, You were Positive and wanted to Help them. So your Adventure has Begun! Find the Easterbunny to save Easter


    Name:  themissingeasterbunny.png
Views: 88
Size:  609.7 KB

    Every Part in the Parkour got tested out and is possible! Just have Passion

    I Hope you will Visit me! Dont forget to Rate 5! Enjoy the World!

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    Default Nominating Two Worlds For WOTD!

    World Name: MUTANTMARS
    GrowID: MiLYONERiM

    You and your two astronaut friends are researching and collecting some datas on MUTANTMARS. You lose yourself in work so you don't remember which way. After a while an intermittent voice is heard from walkie talkie and this voice belongs to your astronaut friend. You have difficulty in understanding what she says. The words You catch are: '' Finished... Going back... Fast...'' when you heard these words You explore a new path! The only problem is the decrease of the oxygen level in the tank. Your task is to go back to rocket alive.

    Name:  mutantmars.png
Views: 87
Size:  549.2 KB

    This world has:

    * Zombie Jammer
    * Punch Jammer
    * Guardian Pineapple
    * Story
    * Parkour
    * Race against time

    - - - Updated - - -

    World Name: EViLDUCKY
    GrowID: MiLYONERiM

    Name:  evilducky.png
Views: 79
Size:  521.7 KB

    Imagine a very cute ducky mutating in the past and this duck is on a giant rocket! The ducky landed on the ocean. And it’s doing bad things like evaporating the ocean (witch is killing all fish!). We need your help to protect the climates and World.

    This world has:

    • Punch and Zombie Jammer
    • Story
    • Parkour
    • Cybot
    • Find the Password
    • Firehouse
    • Ghost Charm

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    Post Nominating for WOTD

    World : Poor
    GrowID : August

    What's In the World?
    -A fun parkour which includes: Lava Cubes,Death Spikes, Slime and Portals.

    -The world also has essential jammers like: Punch jammer, Zombie jammer, Pinapple guardian, Ghost Charm, Fire House And Anti Gravity.

    - Weather Machine - Background

    - I used checkpoints, and arrows to indicate where to go

    - Use of paint for design and enhancement of bright colours

    The world has a VIP in the middle with all the colours used to build the world out of.

    I strongly believe my world can let players have a GREAT TIME while playing my parkour world.

    The Journey was long, and it wasn't easy.

    I hope i will win very soon!
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    Lightbulb Nominating my world For World Of The Day ( Wotd)

    Name:  barbequeparty.png
Views: 89
Size:  508.3 KBWorld: BarbequeParty
    Creator: Player251
    World Type = Game world

    Story =
    the debate about the best food for the barbeque party continues , until one day, it splintered into 4 team, that is, the watermelon team, sausage time, beef team, and roasted corn team, all fighting for the sake of victory. The winning team will prove their food as the best food for the barbeque party. You're able to choose your team!

    Contains = -Game Generator (To Generare the Match) -Punch and Zombie Jammer. -Ghost Charm (Prevent the ghost from spawning in the world). -Game Stuff, Such as Game Graves, Game Goals, Game Blocks, and Game Flag. -Party related items. -Some Pixel Art. *Once again
    Grow ID = Player251

    Thanks for the attention, this is my first ever World of The Day Attemp, and also im not really sure of winning, but i want to thank if i win, and thank you for everyone who inspire and support me.

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    Post Nominating For World Of The Day!

    Name:  gr0wpoly.png
Views: 115
Size:  205.3 KB
    World: GR0WPOLY
    GrowID: Cufex

    World is based on known game called MONOPOLY. (it's clearly to see in name and world render). Simply put, it is a monopoly on growtopia. I tried to find different things to change from normal board like ''free parking'' is replaced with carnival or ''go to jail'' is replaced with getting ban while being in world where is drop game, and it will lead you to ''prison'' which is again replaced with BAN. The decision is easy whether you end up as a millionaire or bankrupt

    You also have a choice at start to choose your own character.

    -Gameplay/usage of adventure items:
    - Bananas are your world locks, with what you can buy cards. ( spend them when it's needed)
    - Adventure doors are made up as cards info, each door have- rent prices, payment for world/or if it's sold then for fellow player.
    - There is one ''carnival ring quest''
    - Deathtrap walls
    - Code finding. Which is in disconnecting place.
    - Parkour easy/medium which is noob friendly (can do without wings/speedy items)
    - Jammers: zombie,punch,firehouse
    - Credits board
    - Winners chilling place/end

    Name:  heaveninhell.png
Views: 119
Size:  287.8 KB
    GrowID: Cufex

    You are reading a diary of a very ordinary girl whose life will one day take a different turn. Relationships with family, friends and herself are becoming tense. A good girl becomes a bad girl in an instant, without noticing it.

    - Mainly slide/surf parkour
    - A bit of normal parkour
    - Dark background behind spikes to make parkour harder
    - Usage of adventure items
    - Story/ storyline (each book)
    - Pixel art
    - Credits board
    - Xenonite Crystal (for double jump)
    - P&Z jammer, ghost charm, fire house
    - VIP

    Name:  thecl0ck.png
Views: 123
Size:  1.06 MB
    World: THECL0CK

    One ordinary day, when you go fishing, something unexpected happens to you that brings you an adventure in a world that historians say has been lost for centuries. And now you have to complete one mission to get home. World is meant to be an adventure world.

    - Storyline
    - Usage of adventure items
    - Parkour (easy/medium)
    - Code finding/ riddle
    - P,Z jammers, weather
    - Vip/End area
    - Credits board

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    World Name: LOSTINADREAM
    GrowID: emmilyy

    LOSTINADREAM, the title says it all. This world offers a "unique" experience to all players with an interesting storyline/parkour.

    This world has:
    •Basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie) Including a Ghost Charm.
    •An interesting storyline
    •Lots of parkour! (Multiple Variations) Which doesn't require much skill to do
    •Adventure items
    •A room to chill in after you have completed the world
    •An overall good design/conceptName:  58BA9D1B-5AD5-4216-8A00-DD38757CC675.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  332.4 KB

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    Default Submitting lovinggift

    Quote Originally Posted by Cool050 View Post
    World render:
    Attachment 236832

    World: LovingGift
    GrowID: Cool050

    The world features:
    * Pixel art
    * Varying difficulty parkour
    * Different adventure paths
    * VIP room
    * Relaxing music from lovebirds
    * Necessary jammers
    * Xenonite crystal
    * The use of adventure items
    * Jumping room


    "If you're eating chocolate, then chocolate is eating you."

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    Default Nominating AROUNDGTIN80DAYS for WOTD

    Growid: Gamingwithus
    World name: Aroundgtin80days

    Aroundgtin80days by Gamingwithus [Revamped!]

    You are a young adventurer, yet to explore the beauty of Growtopia. You move into your grandfather's house after he has left it for you in his will. Your curiosity perks and you find a set of instructions to obtain the treasure. Though young and naive, would you complete the adventure and claim the treasure?

    Your typical adventure with a Growtopia twist!

    World includes:
    - Original design for biomes which are based on existing blasts.

    - Medium difficulty parkour

    - Interesting Information about the biomes and blocks used

    - Usage of a variety of blocks and blasts to show the different Blasts in Growtopia

    - PZ Jammer

    -Adventure items

    -Credits area at the start

    -arid weather to fit the theme more and bring out the colours [update]

    -music blocks to fit the theme of each biome.
    (a sensory experience to both the eyes and ears)

    - smooth transition between biomes

    - Links to inspiration/resources worlds!

    - Added short 'side story' paths to certain biomes so players can explore more! [New!]

    Now with decreased difficulty jumps so that even new players can complete them!

    Revamp [1] added more blocks
    Revamp [2] added more detail and music
    Revamp [3] reworked swamp area and storyline tweak
    Revamp [4] storyline tweak/addition and mild changes to biome organisation
    Revamp [5] changed weather
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    your average growtopian, hoping to get rich

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    Default Nominating World- OldCaverns
    Worldname: OLDCAVERNS
    GrowID: Prowmasters
    -You have awaken on a part of a mysterious old cavern, Remembering That Your Brother Tried To Kill You, Because He Was Jealous That You Are Gonna Be A King, Instead Of Him So, He Hired Some Good Ol' Criminals to Remove You, Permanently And Be The King!. In The Brink Of Death, You Heard A Voice saying Wake Up. And Here You Are Standing, And Said To Yourself. I must find my brother and stop his evil ways so I could be a king and make my kingdom prosper and make peace and harmony, Once More!
    #wotdattempt #growtopia #ubisoft #pixel #pixelart #parkour #adventure #downloadnow

    Credits to My Friend Jaselle for helping me build my world.
    My Inspiration Is My Friends & Family.

    World also have Pz And Weather Machine - Night.
    Growid: Prowmasters

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    Default Nominating GUILDWOT for WOTD [REVAMPED]

    Quick Description:
    This world is a guild headquarter for guild WOT and a hangout place for me and my friends. This world also includes facilities for guild events.

    This world has:
    -2 Gateways to Adventure (To get to the desired location conveniently)
    -A hospital (Surgery area)
    -A kitchen (Cooking area)
    -A fishing hut (Fishing area)
    -A forest (Nature decorations)
    -Public wrench area
    -VIP and Lounge
    -Credit board

    This world includes:
    -Weather Machine Night
    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Ghost Charm

    Name:  guildwot.png
Views: 104
Size:  351.4 KB

    Hope I win I put a lot of time and effort into this build.

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    Lightbulb A western adventure.. SHERIFFDUTY for World of the day!

    SHERIFFDUTY by Tagoo (World name and GrowID)

    "A sheriff always help those who are in need.. that's it.. that's the motto"

    This is a western themed world I made that focuses on the town's sheriff doing a specific task (details in world) while helping other people during his adventure!

    I can say it is quite interactive (no short of dialogues!) and fun too!
    Name:  CC3E464A-32D0-419A-98FC-8FA5C9D30CD3.jpeg
Views: 112
Size:  257.4 KB

    * Adventure themed! You go to different environments, do parkour while doing sidequests! Yep! There's sidequests where you try and help people along the way!
    * Detailed dialogues. Stories, journal entries, moral lessons and more!
    * Interactive gameplay (with the use of gateways, Lots of gateways)
    * Moderate level parkour (Watch out for them cactus partner!)
    * It's western-themed. What's more cool than every citizen wearing a cowboy hat?Saddle up!
    *The world's story progression is quick paced so you can finish the story in no time!

    Here's the world render!:
    Name:  75EAA764-904B-4622-92DB-BE6E1BA72E5E.jpeg
Views: 107
Size:  310.7 KB

    Thank you! :]
    IGN: Tagoo

    I live in the Philippines. Yes, my surname "Tagoo" means hide in the PH .

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    Default wotd entering may-2020

    • Growid:SteamkidYt
    • Worldname : Stateoflogic

    • WorldContains

    • PunchJammer
    • Zombie Jammer
    • Adventure Items
    • Story: Dr Steam has Made an investigation of scientific research of an world called logic world an how people live there But when he was working an way how to get in the zone for 1Person. Then the mission crashed and dragged everyone in growtopia to logic world Dr Steam said their should be an portal at the end you must be brave enough to do this journey alone gooluck
    Name:  Screenshot 2020-05-16 at 10.49.31 PM.png
Views: 89
Size:  900.1 KB
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