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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Default Nominating my worlds for WOTD

    World name: Escaparium
    GrowID: Amoht

    This world is an escape game where you will have to escape 10 rooms. Each of them contains a different puzzle and some of them are very unique and creative. As it is a world with puzzles, you will need to use your intelligence, logic and memory to complete this world! Will you be able to escape ?!

    If you like escape game, puzzle, everything you need to use your logic and you don't like parkour, this world is for you!

    Difficulty: Medium

    This word have:
    - Punch and Zombie jammer
    - Weather Machine-Nothingness
    - 10 levels of puzzle
    - Usage of your mental abilities
    - Vip room
    - Unique puzzles
    - No parkour

    Name:  escaparium.png
Views: 87
Size:  313.1 KB

    World name: FearMedusa
    GrowID: Amoht

    Description: In this world, I didn't want to do like all the other worlds where there is mainly parkour. This is why I made a maze with portals. Certainly, it is less beautiful than the other worlds but it is still very original and difficult. The goal is to escape this maze by using the portals, be careful, only 1 way will take you to the exit, that's what makes this world so difficult. You will therefore have to use your memory in order to remember which portal you have already used and which one to take to get to the exit. Be careful, there may be few traps which brings you to useless places . I hope that you all like the originality of this world and maybe it will allow me to win my first WOTD!

    Story: Medusa is a creature from Greek mythology that traps people in a very confusing maze. Once inside, she tracks them down with her snake hair and turns them into stone,then exposes them in her room. Explore the maze using the portals without getting caught by Medusa to get out of this hell. No one has ever escaped, will you be the first?

    This world have:
    - Punch and Zombie jammer
    - Weather Machine -Nothingness
    - Maze
    - Portal game
    - Memory usage
    - Vip room
    - Story related to Medusa
    - Song

    Name:  fearmedusaa.png
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Size:  98.4 KB

    World: DerbyPacman
    GrowID: Amoht

    Everyone like derby right? But do you know what is better than a derby? A derby inside the Pacman universe!! Come race your friends and have fun in this Pacman derby which is pretty similar to the famous Pacman game!

    This world have:
    -Punch and Zombie jammer
    -Ghost Charm
    -A race that can be done in 3 minutes exactly
    -And of course, the pacman universe!

    Name:  derbypacman.png
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Size:  94.2 KB

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    GROWTHDERBY by Earljey

    Render World:
    Name:  growthderby.png
Views: 82
Size:  159.2 KB

    This world is a race world and this world is inspired on FOUR SEASON and also this world contains race tracks we’re players can race whenever they want and also this world might be use on some event called KYDERBY.

    World Contains:
    ~Punch Jammer to avoid punching while racing.
    ~Zombie Jammer to avoid zombies on the world.
    ~Xenonite Crystal to block the speed and giving players to have double jump and high jump.
    ~VIP were players can hangout after finishing the world
    ~Race Tracks to allow player to race on the world.
    ~a Four Season Tree Pixel Art

    Goodluck! Have Fun!

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    Default ISKADI WOTD Submitions!

    Hello growtopians!
    Let me introduce my worlds for WOTD..
    Description: This world is inspired by @Aimster 2020 Kentucky Derby contest. I built this world with my buddy, MrDecters. This is a simple race world with no killing spikes, lavas, etc. This world also have some information about Kentucky derby written on scroll buletin beside white door, and I'm giving credits too.. Enjoy and have a nice race
    -PZ Jammers
    -Xenonite crystal (blocked double jump and forced speedy)
    -Pineapple guardian (so you guys unable to cheat during the race, I mean you can't kill or freeze other players)
    -Fire house
    -Background weather machine
    -Start and end flags
    -Easter stuff, such as pastel blocks, bouncy bunnies, etc
    Name:  23-43-38-horsiekyderby.png
Views: 128
Size:  536.4 KB

    2. EASTERDAY2020
    World: EASTERDAY2020
    GrowID: ISKADI
    Description: This is an Easter theme world. I built this world by myself. In this world You can get some informations about Easter Event. This is also an adventure world, which has storyline and parkour. And at the end of the story, there is a hangout area for who has finish the parkour.
    -PZ Jammers
    -Fire house
    -Ghost charm
    -Snowy weather machine
    -Original pixel art (rabbit, eggs, rainbow, etc)
    -Original story
    -Adventure items
    -Block glues used
    -Sungate (team or solo)
    -Clash blocks and Easter Event blocks
    Name:  21-52-55-easterday2020.png
Views: 131
Size:  928.5 KB

    GrowID: ISKADI
    Description: You is a young man that believes Lucky Clover is real.
    So, you decided to go to find it. But, you heard that rumor says to find the Lucky Clover, you must go to their place called Magical Place. But, only Lucky Portal can brings you to Magical Place. Go and find the Lucky Portal to start your adventure!
    Enjoy and have a nice day!
    -PZ Jammer
    -Fire house
    -St paddy weather
    -Adventure items (almost all)
    -Original story
    -Medium parkour (no need wings)
    -End area / VIP (the castle)
    Name:  findingclover.png
Views: 127
Size:  652.2 KB
    I wish I can win any of these world. Thank you..
    Main world: ISKADI
    I played GT since: June 2014
    Follow my IG

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    Default Nominating SUNOFBLAZE for WOTD


    Growid : Rieel
    World : SUNOFBLAZE

    Story :
    This is a story of human life with their different egos. Rotation of human life will always rotate, sometimes we are above and sometimes we are below. Situation conditions that have occurred to us will affect our lives later. How do we live our lives well? Come to this world and read the story of the story of human justice.

    World Includes :
    -Punch jammer
    -Zombie jammer
    -Fire house
    -Ghost charm
    -A story line about the rotation of human’s life
    -Sun pixel, Fire and water pixel
    -Hard parkour
    -3 adventure
    -The song of "Different World - Alan Walker"

    World Description
    -The pixel of the sun symbolizes human expression in life, when it rises it will be cheerful, and when it sinks it will calm down sad.
    -The pixel of fire symbolizes human cheerfulness, which indicates that human hasn’t problem or human has been entertained by something
    -The pixel of water symbolizes the calmness of a person. The calm in the story is the sadness of human’s life with full of misery.
    -The parkour in the world there are 2 modes, dark and light. Dark as a form of problems that occur and light as a form of freedom from a problem.
    - The song, entitled "different world - will walker", likens a person's life that changes because of the character of a person who changes

    Name:  sunofblaze.png
Views: 117
Size:  602.6 KB

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    Default WOTD Nomination

    World: WorthyLeprechaun
    GrowID: Thomas207

    Like every years, the Leprechaun King is organizing a competition for the community, this competition consists in testing various capacities of the players in order to find the best ones, which will become a leprechaun. So you decide to try your luck for the first time in your life. You must complete the various obstacles that the king has prepared for you. If you manage to make it to the end, it will mean that you are worthy enough to become a leprechaun. Are you ready for this challenge?

    ~Punch and zombie jammer
    ~St-Paddy weather
    ~St-Patrick ambiance
    ~Adventure items
    ~Obelisk and sun gate
    Name:  EFF31C2A-AF69-4EAE-AAD8-CF0E59B33764.png
Views: 118
Size:  893.1 KB

    World Name: TheGrowtopiaSchool
    GrowID: Thomas207

    Story: Today is your last day of school, which means that you have to do your final exams to graduate. Complete all of your exams in each of the 5 subjects to return to your home with your diploma in hand.

    This world have:
    ~Punch and Zombie jammer
    ~Ghost charm
    ~Vip area
    Name:  0CBF3C1F-EEDA-4F29-8F31-924D27B88C70.png
Views: 122
Size:  776.4 KB

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    Grow id:Fimc
    World name:FORBIDDENBOOK

    Hi, i would like to nominate my world for wotd.

    The world contains: punch and zombie jammer,Firehouse,ghostcharm,jungle weather and adventure items, creditory board, a book pixel art.

    A quick description:
    Basically an adventure world, it needs adventure items to go in the next level
    (To make it more adventurous).and a medium level parkour, also a story that i created for the parkour, Its a jungle theme world and alot of cool stuff to be enjoyed.

    Story:There was a legend named Sirion,
    He was the defender of land arabaki
    Some people says he was a great mage. He keeps the darkness away from the land. But one day he has to leave the land and travel in order to find the forbidden book, this book contains alot of powerful magic that would continue to protect the land, but he never returned. After that the darkness corupted the land and make it more dangerous. You must be the one to find the book, in order to protect the lands of arabaki!.

    Latest render:Attachment 239420
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    Default [Worlds I Nominate For WOTD]

    This world is heavily inspired by the game Terraria in it's design and a bit in the story.
    You were awoken one day from your small little wooden hut to a evil presence
    Coming from deep, deep underground, beneath your house, the presence made you tremble in fear
    But you could not let it go on, so you decided to go explore to the depths to find out what was causing that strange feeling, your journey begins in the Jungle, who knows where it may lead you to.

    The world has
    -The Terraria theme song
    -The Jungle, Desert, Hell biome and the Dungeon from Terraria
    -a hidden Terraria boss
    -parkour and a nice story

    Name:  terrafying (2).jpg
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Size:  351.0 KB

    This is an 'Art Gallery' themed racing track made up of 5 different famous art pieces throughout history that I really like and wanted to make in Growtopia. I've always wanted to make famous pieces of art inside Growtopia and have people see them so it was a great racing track idea.

    The art peices I chose to make are:
    -The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
    -The Son Of Man by René Magritte
    -The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
    -Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol
    -The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai

    The world has:
    ->Punch / Zombie Jammer
    ->Pine Guardian

    Name:  artgalleria (1).png
Views: 93
Size:  157.4 KB

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    Default RIVALRACE Derby attempt

    Nominating RIVALRACE for WOTD

    The world starts from a bright area with an angel that intersects to a much darker area with a scary pixel art. Although in the render you're not able to see as much of the race in the demon's area, there is a race in there which feels much better and noticeable in the world. We avoided using any form of doors/portals to help players with slower connections.

    The world includes:
    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    Nothingness Weather Machine
    Name:  rivalrace (1).png
Views: 99
Size:  109.7 KB

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    Hello everyone I am ProdigyDawn and here is MYSTERYOFTHEMINE nominating for World of the Day.

    Name:  mysteryofthemine.png
Views: 107
Size:  400.7 KB


    - Xenonite Crystal (Double Jump blocked, High Jump blocked, Forced Speedy)
    - Basic Jammers
    - Firehouse
    - Adventure Items
    - Storyline
    - Song - Monody
    - Cybot and Tricksters parkour
    - A puzzle!
    - Other Clash Blocks for parkour
    - Creditory Board!

    The mine was sabotage by Prof. November and they called you, Detective Grow to solve the case. It will not be easy, as the enemy prepared for this and set up the bots to prevent anyone from stopping him. The world difficulty is optimized for all because of the Xenonite Crystal
    GrowID: ProdigyDawn
    IG: @prodigydawn

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    BUBBLYLAND by Voony

    Name:  bubblyland.png
Views: 111
Size:  340.4 KB

    Bubbly Bubbles!

    Welcome to Bubbly Land, a place where bubbles are everywhere and a place where anyone is welcome to visit these fantastic land.

    Prepare yourself and an adventure awaits you! Sharpen your eyes!

    Thank you and Best of luck!

    What's in the world?
    -Gateway Adventures
    -Adventure Items
    -Bubble Machine
    -Night Weather Machine
    -Required Jammers
    -World Finisher's Area
    -Description Board
    -Credit Board

    As you can see on the /renderworld, the world might look empty when you look it very far but when you zoom it, you will see the details of the world. That's the intended effect of my design.

    That's all! Happy gaming!
    LEVEL (84/90)
    FOCUSED EYES (100/100)DONE!
    GOLDEN PICKAXE (200/200)



    IG: @voony_gt

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    --- Story ---
    You were on a quest to gather all of the 4 adventure items laying in different areas. Then you give it to Prof. Bunny to complete his latest invention which is an time machine not just an ordinary time machine but it also looks like an egg

    What's in the world?
    - P and Z jammers
    - Story
    - Dialogues on the signs
    - Fun facts around the world about the areas
    - Parkour ( Easy - Medium )
    - Adventure Items
    - Pixel art of the Egg
    - Credits
    - V.I.P
    - Weather Machine - Background
    - Noob friendly

    Attachment 238431

    Your long time friend has send you a letter that he found a cave filled with hidden riches. But its also filled with traps, now he asks for your help to get the treasure inside the cave. Because who knows whats in that cave.

    What's in the world?
    - Story
    - Adventure Items
    - Clash Blocks
    - V.I.P Room
    - Medium Parkour
    - Credits
    - Weather Machine - Spooky

    Attachment 239154

    Update Log
    - Added more green blocks to make the world more creepy
    - Adjusted a little bit of the storyline

    - Renovated the Winner's Room
    Quote Originally Posted by Yasuo
    Quote Originally Posted by AlsoYasuo

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    Default Nominating THEFORGOTTENCAVE for WOTD June

    Grow ID : SukaProjek

    Name:  theforgottencave.png
Views: 97
Size:  1.15 MB

    Many years ago, there was a precious treasure that's located in the far east of the city.
    Deep in the bottom part of the forgotten cave. Many explorers have tried to get the precious treasure,
    but none of them survived.

    --Are you brave enough to embark this deadly adventure?
    --Will you be the first to take home the precious forgotten treasure??
    we are waiting for your presence to answer those questions...

    Features :
    - Usage of many Adventure Items, Obelisks, Dimension Blocks
    - Easy Parkour [Basic Jumps]
    - Pixel Art with Maze inside
    - Binary Code Puzzle
    - Usage of Paints, Variety of blocks to add details
    - Jammers [Ghost Charm, P Guardian, PZ, Weather Machine]
    and a lot of more cool stuff awaits you!
    IGN : SukaProjek
    a nub forumer n player
    follow my ig:@sukaprojek_gt



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