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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    World: LovingGift
    IGN: Cool050

    The world features:
    * Pixel art
    * Varying difficulty parkour
    * Different adventure paths
    * VIP room
    * Relaxing music from lovebirds
    * Necessary jammers
    * The use of adventure items
    * Jumping room

    World render:
    Attachment 232466


    "If you're eating chocolate, then chocolate is eating you."

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    Hello growtopians! Let me introduce my world for WOTD.
    GrowID: ISKADI
    You is a young man that believes Lucky Clover is real.
    So, you decided to go to find it. But, you heard that rumor says to find the Lucky Clover, you must go to their place called Magical Place. But, only Lucky Portal can brings you to Magical Place. Go and find the Lucky Portal to start your adventure!
    Enjoy and have a nice day!
    Credit: Written on buletin board beside white door
    Fun fact: The world design, story, parkour and pixels is original built by me. WINGS ARE NOT NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE PARKOUR.
    PZ Jammer
    Fire house
    St paddy weather
    Adventure items (almost all)
    Original story
    Medium parkour (spesial portal parkour)
    End area / VIP
    Name:  21-17-44-findingclover.png
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    I believe it will win WOTD. Thank you
    Main world: ISKADI
    I played GT since: June 2014
    Follow my IG

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    Default The Clover Land!


    A special world for saint patrick's day!

    I hope you are entertained with everything that this world includes and also an incredible story to read!


    IGN: GxDoll

    Story: A long time ago in a very small town called Cloverland there was a close-knit family who always enjoyed St. Patrick's Day.

    The most beloved of the family was "Grandma" who was the one who told very entertaining legends about St. Patrick's Day ...

    One day she tells him the legend of a magical leprechaun who visited who was worthy to obtain a millionaire inheritance and powers!...

    The intrigued grandson decides to go on an adventure to try to find the leprechaun
    who magically appears to him next to the town well and when he sees the grandson the leprechaun decides to flee ...

    The grandson makes the brave decision to pursue him ...

    Where will the leprechaun guide the grandson? ...

    Name:  thecloverland.png
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    [Special World for st. Patrick]

    - Set in a natural environment with incredible details!

    - P&Z jammers

    - Adventure items!


    -Fun & Curious facts about St. Patrick's day

    -An incredible Story for St. Patrick's Day!

    -Credits near the white door

    -Secret Room
    [A password that you must decipher to enter the secret room]

    -Medieval architecture [like tavern and windmill]

    -An castle of the king leprechaun!

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    Default EPSILONESCAPE for World of the Day!

    Hello everyone! I am ProdigyDawn and I am presenting the much waited sequel of my previous WotD. Here is EPSILONESCAPE and nominating it for WotD!
    Name:  epsilonescape.png
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Size:  308.3 KB
    - Basic Jammers
    - A unique storyline, a sequel of EPSILONADVENTURE!
    - Song - Burn by Ellie Goulding
    - Adventure Items
    - Clash Blocks! (includes tricksters and more!)
    - Cybots all around the world
    - Sungate and Obelisk Challenge (Team or Solo)
    - Creditory Board!
    - A special area for Completers

    The world EPSILONESCAPE is a sequel of the previous world EPSILONADVENTURE where Clementine, a robotics engineer tries to escape the overlord with her robot Orion-13. They came into the outskirts of Planet Epsilon and discovers a secret military base that will uncover a way for them to escape.
    GrowID: ProdigyDawn
    IG: @prodigydawn

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    Smile DINE FOR WOTD <3

    Grow ID: Wollf
    World: DINE

    Valentine’s day may be over, but it’s never too late to sit and dine with someone you truly care about. Love is in the air, and at DINE, you can have ravishing evenings with a romantic aura that will surround you.

    The world includes:
    - Original pixel art
    - Complex/long music
    - Maze in the form of pixel art
    - Mini-parkours in the shape of hearts
    - P & Z jammers
    - Love quotes scattered around the world
    - VIP room for the winners of the parkour
    - Beautiful dining area with tables & chairs
    - Adventure items
    - New valentine items
    Name:  dine (1).png
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Size:  379.5 KB
    2020 Goals:

    ~ Level: 92/100
    ~ Surgeon Role: 7/10
    ~ WOTDS: 2/10

    Follow my ig: @wollfgt

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    I am nominating my world
    BlarneysHill for wotd!

    Story: Its st. Patricks day! But what should you do? Drink beer all day and night? Pffft, real people try to find the luck of the irish high on top of the Blarney Hills, there you will meet leprechauns all shapes and sizes, meet new friends perhaps or better yet, find the luck of the irish. Are you man enough to find it?

    This world includes;
    Pz Jammer
    St patricks weather
    Steam mechanics
    Obelisk mechanics
    Usage of adventure items
    Usage of mystery doors
    Name:  BLARNEYSHILL.png
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Size:  1.08 MB

    very mysterious.

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    Lá maith do gach duine!

    I'd like to present my world, THEBLARNEYLIFE, as a submission for WOTD.
    GrowID: JonVince

    Ever wondered what it feels like to be a leprechaun? Well, your time has come. THEBLARNEYLIFE will be the world that will give you a tour and some knowledge about the life of a leprechaun in their hometown.

    Venture fun places such as a steam-powered shoe factory, a steampunk secured green beer cellar, and the mushroom leprechaun village. Bring a companion with you on your journey. What are you waiting for? Come now!

    Name:  theblarneylife.png
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Size:  813.8 KB

    World features:
    Hello there, enjoy your day.

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    Default Nominating KINGBUNNYSLAND for WOTD. !

    Hey, my worlds name is KINGBUNNYSLAND.

    Story : King Bunny, kidnapped Jamal. His friends found his world where he kept Jamal locked up in a jail in the castle basement.
    It's long way there first you have to hop on flying islands. Then you have to go through ,,Mystery cave,,. It starts with normal parkour and ends with password doors.
    After you answer all password doors right you can see Jamal and King Bunny but... jail bars are too thick so they will try to go inside other way. They enter door which leads them to the jungle which is around the castle. Jungle is just basic parkour. They get on top of 1 big tree where's guard (Gorilla) who wants 1 banana for coming of the way. After that you enter sky kingdom, where you jump on cloads and do 2 times free fall and try to dodge spikes, on last free fall you fall on castles top where you can enter because castle is under construction. Some basic parkour in castle and then theres last room where you find Jamal and King Bunny. King Bunnys says he will return on easter week. (Whole world is easter themed.)

    World difficulty : Medium, it takes time but nothing that hard. My friend, whos good at parkour finished it in 3 minutes and 40sec. First time i did it took me almost 20 minutes.
    But most people do it under 20minutes. Some even in 1st try do it under 10 which is pretty epic

    Name:  kingbunnysland.png
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Size:  528.7 KB

    World requires only wings, i would be happy to give all the players free wings who need.

    GrowID: ZBE

    World features :
    P and Z jammer.
    Ghost Charm.
    Unscramble letters.
    Jungle Weather.
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    Default PATRICK2020 for WOTD

    GrowID: GIVORS

    On sunny day, precisely on the celebration of the Saint Patrick's day. Today is the registration day for new Leprechaun students. Every new students will be given training to become a Great Lep. from the trainers, and you are one of the trainers from the Emerald School. Out of 500 new students, there are 3 naughty Leprechaun students. They are trying to escape from the Emerald School. You are given a task to find and arrest 3 students who escaped, and bring them back to school. If you catch them all, you will be given an Award from Mr. Saint Emerald (The Principal).

    Name:  patrick2020.png
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Size:  904.5 KB

    World info:
    • Original story
    • 15 Fun facts about St. Patrick's
    • St. Paddy weather machine
    • Punch & Zombie jammer
    • Huge Leprechaun pixel art
    • Firehouse
    • Adventure items
    • Credit's board
    • VIP Area

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    Name:  dragonvalentine.png
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    Prologue :
    Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with drago-heart. Start your journey to find a true love and bring to our drago-heart!

    What's New?
    * I've adjust some Balancing Improvement!
    * Summer Clash Mechanic was added into this world! ( 7 Death Trap Wall and 4 Gravity Well)
    * Winter Clash Mechanic, include ( Cave Slab. )
    * Block Party v2 was added into this world!
    * Bountiful blocks was added into this world!
    * Hey, 2 Searbot level-1 is running into this world!
    * New nor decent valentine blocks was added into this world!
    * Absolutely Dragon stuff such as Dragon Blocks.
    * Adventure items was added into the world!

    In Additional.
    *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
    *Weather Machine - Valentine
    *Thrilling story about valentine that you should to know it,
    *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT, was made by myself

    Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

    Finally someone mentioned about this
    Quote Originally Posted by xMera View Post
    You're just following your girlfriend on this.

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    GrowID: Zawhi

    One day, mischievous you decided to seize the Pot O' Gold hidden by the leprechaun in your vicinity at the end of a rainbow. However, in doing so, he caught you in the act with his eyes. Unfortunately, you have to run back to your house swiftly before the leprechaun grabs his bagpipes or you will be dancing all night to his music.

    World Has:
    - Contains basic jammers (Zombie & Punch jammers), Pineapple Guardian & St. Paddy weather machine
    - Race Loop Mechanism (Credit to RABBITHOLERUN)
    - Pixel arts related to St. Patricks (Leprechaun, Clovers & Pot O' Gold)
    - Utility of dimension blocks to create uncertainty
    - Lots of Green Paint (really ALOT)
    - Fun (most IMPORTANT)
    - VIP Room (for winners)
    - Items obtainable from St. Patrick's event
    - Spectating Boxes

    World Render:
    Click me to see world render

    Sneak into STPATRICKRUN and have a 'time' of your life racing with your friends!
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    Yes, I'm Zawhi in Growtopia.

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    Default Nominating ICYOFTHRONE

    Nominating ICYOFTHRONE For WOTD

    GrowID : RYELS

    Story :
    Rhino, a young man born with magical magic and feared by everyone. he must go and find out who he is and what the purpose of his life. help Rhino to find out

    - punch jammer - zombie jammer
    - weather background (use the darkness wall)
    - 5 magical powers pixel art
    - medium parkour
    - fountain for more effect water
    - a mystery story about Rhino's past life
    - there are 6 passdoor in the parkour. so people must read the story to answer the passdoor
    - VIP Room
    #growwotdmar20  icyofthrone.png
Views: 141
Size:  162.2 KBName:  icyofthrone.png
Views: 141
Size:  162.2 KB



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