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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Default WHALEKING

    I present to you...
    Something Growtopia has NEVER seen before...
    A world, so whale made, you'll actually start to enjoy whale puns!

    Get ready for...


    This world has been packed with over 600 whales! Yes, you heard me right, 600!
    In fact, there are exactly 611 whales swimming around as we speak!

    What makes the world so special, you ask? We've seen collections before...

    ... but none like this! The whales have all been set to swim free, in an ocean-like environment! With corals, and everything!
    The player is able to "swim" around the world and gaze upon the beauty of hundreds of whales!
    There are some other activities, as well. Such as:

    -A cafe, to kick back and relax in!
    -Mind-boggling whale facts! From both the real life, and Growtopia!
    -A waterfall game so fun, you won't ever get bored of it!

    And of course, you can always search for...

    The Golden Whale! (to avoid confusion, I feel obligated to mention that it is indeed a block, not an actual whale)

    Come on down to WHALEKING, and have a whale of a time!

    Here's the render:
    Name:  whaleking.png
Views: 123
Size:  209.2 KB

    Contact Me:

    Thanks to Intensifies for the avatar!

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    I’d like to present THECOLORSOFHELL!

    A man wakes up one morning to find that everything is in a monochromatic scale. He decides to look around his seemingly deserted city on a quest to find help and color, so he could understand what was going on. Instead of help, he found a cave at the edge of town that was clearly not there before. He explores the cave and color is found. However, it wasn’t quite what he’d expected...

    This world features a one of a kind music: A transcribed intro of Metallica’s Unforgiven III, punch and zombie jammers, a unique story line, a pixel art of a demonic cow skull, a monochromatic background, and extensive parkour.

    Name:  thecolorsofhell.png
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Size:  249.9 KB
    In Game Name: TheArctic
    Main World: THEARCTIC

    Winner of the 2020 KYDERBY world building contest!

    Credits for my avatar go to Oscur

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    This is my WOTD Attempt. Small parkour nothing much but I put hard work into it. Thx
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    IGN: iTropical

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    I decided to put everything I like in my name world and here is the outcome!

    Castle with the story of Ely and Xial. Twins that held the power that started and ended the 8th Great War. The castle was named after them. Ely and Xial are non-identical twins born during the hunt of wizards. Their mother died due to their birth to the man who was incharge of her labor, which is also a wizard, decided to send the twins to different places. This was done to hide them from the hunters. Ely was sent to Lumia, where she was sustained by the Ridd family. They are down to earth, and also wizards. While Xial was sent to Shaghai and taken care by Holm family. They were the boastful executioners in their time.

    During their childhood, Ely was taught the basics of wizardry and discovers the rest on her own while Xial had discovered himself alone and just told not to tell anyone about his powers. Some time in their adulthood, they were sent back to the castle. Ely started her quest of light immediately while Xial was corrupted by the shadows when he went to the shadow ways. Xial, after he was corrupted, gathered an army of corruption to start the war until on the 16th day, Ely found the perfect opportunity to bind the keys of light and shadow which restored the balance in the castle. After that, their tandem became known as the greatest wizards in their time and a generation was named after them also.

    Here is the latest render of the world:
    Name:  elyxial.png
Views: 134
Size:  874.2 KB

    World includes many original back-stories. Have fun reading them all! Also includes parkours the worthiness of players!
    - Added the jellyfish.
    - Added 'Force Speedy' to make the parkour easier.
    - Added clarifications for the password doors.
    - Adjusted a dimension block to make the right side possible.
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 87

    Goals :
    It's time to express myself in the real world!

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    Default "TheLongedSolitude"

    Name:  thelongedsolitude.png
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Size:  1.06 MB

    After a long long while, I'm finally done with another big non-testing project! This one took me a long while, and has a ton of self-expression. I'm surprised myself by how some of the parts turned out (in a good way), as their creativity is just surreal even to me, the very creator. I didn't make any framework, I just built however I wanted to, letting myself get leashed by my impulses and whims.

    Story : Contemplating your own actions in disbelief, you enter a state and journey of absolute solitude. "So this is the solitude I longed for." Wait wait wait, before taking on the journey, let's delve into what made you come to this: For a writer, solitude is the embodiment of ideas and intrinsicality—what more could you desire as one? But certainly, to life, there's more than just a singular, possibly petty, goal or desire. Certainly, as a writer, he was aware of a simple fundamental such as this... right? It was a decision between his lover and writing, to embrace solitude or loving family, a decision to dedicate everything to unfortunately, just one of the two. The writer, as terrifying but appealing of a decision it sounded, as painful but ultimate of a decision it was, unfortunately went with solitude... Now, his journey of self-reflection, writing, and pain... started.
    "Solitude is like walking through mud... continuously getting harder and harder."
    "One that wants to have solitude, will suffer with their decision. One that naturally became alone, without a real desire to distance themselves, but rather, found enjoyment in that distance, will not."
    "Your name is Blank, and dare not ever say you have one."
    "Writing is the ultimate form of expression and transfering your thoughts to another, then why must I struggle so much to explain my suffering? I have a crawing desire to talk to people, but I have no ability or chance to do so with anyone. Even when it comes to messages, my apathy just overcomes everything and anything. What is this unheard sweet paradox? Why can't I find an answer in a library of a billion answers?"

    The ending takes a joke-turn, saying you decide to become a gangster after all this self-reflection. I figured a negative story, with no objectively possible happy-ending, is better of having a slight light-up at least at the end!

    All my inspiration for the story (and the name of the world) comes from the show "Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju" (Showa and Genroku Era Lover's Suicide Through Rakugo). It's a PG-13 masterpiece of a show, so if you're over 13, do check it out and enjoy everything out of it!

    The first part of the story (decision between his lover and writing [in Rakugo's case story telling]) is taken from Rakugo, as I found it incredibly beautiful. Everything after that, is entirely thought of by me. All the quotes are made by me too, even their aesthetic quality is a product of my hopefully-wonderful writing!

    As for the parkour and the world itself, I believe the designs, parkour, etc are wonderful! The testers loved it and found it incredibly fun, especially the fact that it's easy and playable for anyone. I used a ton of unique mechanics (for example, using 1 jump to jump on lava, to travel a distance you couldn't with usual two jumps, and then jumping a second time after hitting the lava).

    - Punch and Zombie jammer + ghost charm to prevent all the ghosts!
    - Permanent VIP for beating the world (you get a password and can always get there afterwards!)
    - Incredibly unique parkour mechanics.
    - Abstract unique designs to creep and confuse everyone out!
    - Advanced use of adventure items.
    - High-level aesthetic writing in the story (+ comedy elements!)
    And more!
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    Post Renominating Charmedforest for wotd


    World contains:
    -Punch and zombie jammers
    -Pixel art
    -Seasonal clash blocks
    -Adventure items
    -Winner room

    You are hiking up a mountain when you stumble across a worried leprechaun named Hatty. You ask him what is wrong and he tells you that he was in charge of placing the Blarney Stone at the top of the mountain but a thieve stole it from him. You agree to help him and the two of you race off to catch the thieve and save St. Patrick’s day.

    Name:  052ACD26-E4E7-4E09-9E7C-66DD01DACF94.jpeg
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Size:  1.36 MB

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    Good Day to Everyone,


    After 6 Days of hardworking I build like this world that you guys will really enjoy with your friends because NO NEED WINGS and really Interesting!

    This world is adventure and again NO NEED WINGS to finishing the world! It will be fun and fair by finishing the world with your friends visit now! Time to enjoy climbing and also exploring the area. In this world you will enjoy beating the adventure's/Cybots, And Also It has a Story!

    The Land of the Forgotten is home to the forgotten, the souls of those who are no longer remembered by their living relatives. It lies underneath the Land of the Remembered, which is underneath San Angel. If he completes a challenge of Zues choosing, but if he fails, he will be forgotten and Zues will keep both realms.

    Name:  aforgotten.png
Views: 117
Size:  344.8 KB

    World contains:



    I Hope you like it i spent 6 Days to build like this world!
    Visit now! Enjoy the world.

    Ign: VURTUNE7

    WOTD COUNT: 1/10

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    Default I nominate CRUISINES for WOTD!

    IGN: Funyuns

    My first WOTD attempt!

    Thanks to the following people: Applications ~ Help with building. Fredi ~ My inspiration for building

    Name:  0595F568-9E43-432E-B12F-42BC2B0D1394.png
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Size:  791.5 KB

    The world has:
    - Punch Jammer
    - Zombie Jammer
    - Parkour
    - Story
    - Teaches you how to cook Berry Crepes at the end of storyline.
    - Pixel art of Delta airplane

    You were on the plane to go off on the trip but you instead wanted to wander off to look for the ancient meat that is once said to be the greatest meat. One you have that meat, everything tastes very delicious no matter how you cook it.

    Pixel I made:
    Name:  A8FDF223-2C38-45AA-A65C-A89AB69177F5.jpeg
Views: 118
Size:  472.9 KB

    [Latest Render]
    Meet me in the game!

    Username: Funyuns

    Instagram: Funyuns_GT

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    Hello everyone, I am ProdigyDawn and I am presenting my world BARKOSTRIKESAGAIN for WotD!

    Name:  barkostrikesagain.png
Views: 125
Size:  951.7 KB
    - Basic Jammers
    - Xenonite Crystal (Double Jump Blocked!)
    - Adventure Items
    - A Unique Easter Week themed Storyline
    - A quick Guide to defeating the villain Bunny Barko in crime card battles.
    - Clash Blocks for Parkour
    - Puzzles and Cybots and more parkour mechanics!
    - The creditory board!

    World Description:
    The world runs a storyline involving Bunny Barko, an evil bunny that was able to take over the Main Bunny Hall. You are chosen to find Barko and help the bunnies get their place back. Along the way, there are bunnies that will help you to accomplish your tasks. I also made an impactful ending along with the storyline I made.
    GrowID: ProdigyDawn
    IG: @prodigydawn

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    Its ancient times and the conflict between the Titans and the Olympians gets more and more intense each minute. Presence of the Titans on Earth is rare but Zeus has recently been getting information that shows the Titans have indeed been on Earth for a very long time. This is dangerous because if the Earth gets manipulated the Olympians and Zeus lose a great part of their territory and risk losing the battle between the two. As a result Zeus finds a solution to this which is the need of mortal warriors to help protect Earth and to inform the Olympians. Zeus scouts have found several candidates for this job, with only twelve spots YOU'RE one of the chosen people given the opportunity to become one of his warriors. The first stage in proving whether you're worthy of being a warrior is completing an obstacle course with three themes each made by three Greek Gods.

    Are you strong enough to prove yourself a worthy mortal?


    -P & Z Jammers
    -Interesting Story
    -No wings friendly

    Name:  greekim3.png
Views: 120
Size:  1.26 MB

    Grow ID: Reynosa
    Always Remember Hardwork Pays Off
    Knowledge Is Power 9.24

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    GrowID: vMerami

    I know this is already Easter Week, but I'm still nominating this world in case this is good enough to win.

    In this world, Humans and Leprechauns are friend.
    One day, your friend, a Leprechaun went missing.
    You can't find him no matter what, so you decided to travel. You went through the forest, cave and ended up in the sky is​land. In a place called Sky Garden on the sky island, you found your friend after lost him for a day.

    World requires wings.

    Render:Name:  thelostleprechaun (3).png
Views: 164
Size:  1.15 MB

    World contains:
    -St. Patrick theme parkour (intermediate to hard)​ and a story
    -Punch and Zombie Jammers
    -St. Paddy Weather Machine
    -Ghost Charm
    -Various block mixing
    -Various block/items used for parkour
    -​A trickster
    -A lunar crater
    -​Deathtrap walls
    -​A cracked stone slab
    -​Golden Idol and Golden Idol pedestal
    -Bulletin Boards for the story and special thanks
    IGN: Meramipop
    Touhou and anime is my lifeeeeee

    Quote Originally Posted by Minamiya Natsuki
    Don't address your teacher with -chan!
    best quote ever

    good song

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    Default HOPECAMEBACK | World Nomination

    GrowID : OurHope
    World has the required jammers with an extra ghost charm and weather machine.
    This world is unique because it :
    Has a sad story which give a strong connection to the reader.
    Help new people with bfg
    Has a world lock seed!
    Has An April fool portal! [Not Telling]
    Has a surgery area.

    Story :
    Hope was on surgery when he passed. His parents were with him when he had 24 seconds left to live. Waking up to an unknown place, Hope met an unknown priest in which claimed he was in heaven. It was true, the priest did a rewind on Hope's death, "Don't worry honey, he'll come" Hope's dad said. "Is there anyway I could get back?" Hope yelled but didn't despair. "Yes, however he who dies during his soul vanishes." Not knowing what awaits he ran towards death!
    Goto HopeCameBack for more of the story!
    Name:  hopecameback.png
Views: 191
Size:  1.35 MB
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