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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Post Nominating world THEEVOLUTIONOFGT for WOTD

    Nominating the world [THEEVOLUTIONOFGT] to be the WOTD.

    Name:  received_251691096174801.png
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Size:  294.7 KB

    Owner’s GrowID: FlareGT3
    Admin’s GrowID: JitSinNubbie

    Quick Description:
    This world is about the history of Growtopia until today and information about Growtopia.There are also info about how to contact real support as there are a lot of Growtopians got scammed by giving their password to fake website which pretending they are moderators or staffs from Ubisoft. Players that enter this world will be lead to the SELECTION area to choose which section they are interested to. There is a SPECIAL THANKS WORDS from owner and admin to those who helped us and credits beside the SELECTION area. One of the section is about GrowCon as we (owner and admins) found out that many players don’t really clear about what is Growcon.

    There are also many guestbook and mailboxes to allow visitors or our lovely guests to make their comments and feedback to this world. [OR WE CAN COUNT IT AS INTERACTIONS WITH PLAYER]

    Whats in this world?
    This world contains:
    -A RTsoft pixel logo
    -A Ubisoft pixel logo
    -Almost all info about Growtopia [Example: What is Growtopia? + When and who made Growtopia? + When did Ubisoft take over Growtopia? + How to contact Ubisoft and who is the real moderators or guardians? + Info about GrowCon and Growtopia’s Merchandise.]
    -A public chatroom for visitors to have some chat with others
    -A MEDIUM-HARD parkour [After completing the parkour you will be lead to VIP Chatroom
    -Vip Chatroom
    -A GrowCon info area
    -A Growtopia logo in a huge cloud
    -Two heartcastle designed tower [Purpose of these two tower is to allow player to climb up and see the full view ofthe world.
    -Punch Jammer + Zombie Jammer + Ghost Charm + Signal Jammer + Firehouse + Weather Machine

    We highly recommend you guys to put the parkour at the last part of your visit schedule.
    The main purpose we build this world is to allow more newbie that just started to play this game to know about the game more clearly.

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    Thumbs up Nominating THEMAGICLAMP!

    Hello it's me INSZ, I'm back with another world. I hope you like it!

    GrowID: INSZ

    In this world, you will become Aladeen a young man who has explored various places. One day, you get an order from the Sultan (King) to exchange a golden idol to genie for a pineapple. Your adventure is in the cave of wonders and you have to face various obstacles

    -Credit and Special Thanks Board
    -1001 Nights Tale (only 3 tales)
    -Arabian Castle Design
    -Pixel Art: Lamp from Alladin Movie
    -Parkour and Maze
    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -Ghost Charm
    -Weather machine~Arid

    Name:  themagiclamp.png
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Size:  443.7 KB

    Hopefully, you guys love this world. Thank you very much!

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    BUBBLYLAND by Voony

    Name:  bubblyland.png
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Size:  345.8 KB

    Bubbly Bubbles!

    Welcome to Bubbly Land, a place where bubbles are everywhere and a place where anyone is welcome to visit these fantastic land.

    Prepare yourself and an adventure awaits you! Sharpen your eyes!

    Thank you and Best of luck!

    What's in the world?
    -Gateway Adventures
    -Adventure Items
    -Bubble Machine
    -Night Weather Machine
    -Required Jammers
    -World Finisher's Area
    -Description Board
    -Credit Board

    As you can see on the /renderworld, the world might look empty when you look it very far but when you zoom it, you will see the details of the world. That's the intended effect of my design.

    That's all! Happy gaming!

    LEVEL (84/90)
    FOCUSED EYES (100/100)DONE!
    GOLDEN PICKAXE (200/200)



    IG: @voony_gt

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    Background :
    During the early days, the elements were united as one, fire, air, water, and earth were working for the world as a whole and none of the elements dreamt of superiority. Until one day, the fire element has raised its pride and wants to be the leader of all the elements. The two elements didn't agree, yet, the other one has favored fire element's superiority. The argument didn't end up well, so they split the world into two, naming The Botany Biome and The Fiery Biome. Now, it is up to the people who visit their world if where side they will go. SO YOU? Which side are favors you?

    World Contains :

    P and Z Jammers
    Weather Machine Background
    Pixel Art
    Two different Biomes (that will serve as the maze)
    Different Adventure Items such as : Pedestal, Braziers, Piton and more
    Creditory Board
    Easy Parkour (For new players)

    World Render :
    Name:  throughthemaze.png
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Size:  742.0 KB

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    --- Story ---
    You were on a quest to gather all of the 4 adventure items laying in different areas. Then you give it to Prof. Bunny to complete his latest invention which is an time machine not just an ordinary time machine but it also looks like an egg

    What's in the world?
    - P and Z jammers
    - Story
    - Dialogues on the signs
    - Fun facts around the world about the areas
    - Parkour ( Easy - Medium )
    - Adventure Items
    - Pixel art of the Egg
    - Credits
    - V.I.P
    - Weather Machine - Background
    - Noob friendly

    Attachment 238431

    Your long time friend has send you a letter that he found a cave filled with hidden riches. But its also filled with traps, now he asks for your help to get the treasure inside the cave. Because who knows whats in that cave.

    What's in the world?
    - Story
    - Adventure Items
    - Clash Blocks
    - V.I.P Room
    - Medium Parkour
    - Credits
    - Weather Machine - Spooky

    Name:  cursetreasures.png
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Size:  697.1 KB

    Update Log
    - Added more green blocks to make the world more creepy
    - Adjusted a little bit of the storyline

    - Renovated the Winner's Room
    Quote Originally Posted by Yasuo
    Quote Originally Posted by AlsoYasuo

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    Default Nominating my world for Wotd

    Name:  fertilityfalls.png
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    Nominating my world "FERTILITYFALLS" For wotd
    Growid = Player251
    a rare deadly disease has infected you. And none of the medical staff can cure your illness. In the midst of your despair, there is a legend about fertility waterfalls, and the waterfall can cure all kinds of diseases, but the path to the waterfall is very dangerous and full of obstacles. , Will you fight or die without a fight? , That is your choice.

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    You Went To The Frozen Hills To Find The Treasure Your Father Buried Decades Ago. Your 2 Brothers Died Here Before You While Searching For The Same Thing. When You Arrived You Met A Old Man Called Danny Roosevelt, And He Has A Map Of The Mountains, He's Gonna Help You Find The Treasure...

    World Is Treasure Blasted Originally
    Punch And Zombie Jammer
    Adventure Items
    Credit Board On Top Of White Door
    5 Hidden Letters To Enter Vip

    Last Render:
    Name:  themaphunt.png
Views: 143
Size:  801.9 KB

    -Main World: NOTSHOTS

    2013-2014 Player

    1-Level. (46/125)
    2-Awsomeness. (76/100)
    3-Win WOTD 🏆. (0/1)
    4-Get Doctor Title. (12/5000)
    5-Get LegendBot-009. (0/1)

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    Default DARKGOTH For WOTD

    GrowID: RayCosmos
    World: DARKGOTH

    Hello I am RayCosmos,

    I'd really like to nominate my world Dark Goth for WOTD. Now you might be wondering “BUT RAY It’s not Halloween yet :/.” But surprise! It doesn’t have to be Halloween to celebrate World Goth Day. I made this world to present the spectacles of the subculture of Goth.

    Here is a Rendered Picture of the world:
    Name:  darkgoth-1.png
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Size:  325.7 KB

    This world will take you on a tour of the littlest things that a gothic manor can present to you. It will challenge your sight and space senses. That’s right! It’s going to be one confusing ride in the clouds.

    There's a Xenonite Crystal to dampen your abilities to double jump because even though they're goths and they seem different, they're in fact the same as us.

    World Features:
    - Gothic Manor
    - Dark Themed Parkour
    - Information On Goths
    - Hall of Gothic Clothing
    - Xenonite.

    ~ Ray

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    Default Nominating SUNOFBLAZE for WOTD


    Growid : Rieel
    World : SUNOFBLAZE

    Story :
    This is a story of human life with their different egos. Rotation of human life will always rotate, sometimes we are above and sometimes we are below. Situation conditions that have occurred to us will affect our lives later. How do we live our lives well? Come to this world and read the story of the story of human justice.

    World Includes :
    - Punch jammer
    - Zombie jammer
    - Fire house
    - Ghost charm
    - A story line about the rotation of human’s life
    - Sun pixel, Fire and water pixel
    - Hard parkour
    - 3 adventure
    - The song of "Different World - Alan Walker"
    World Description
    - The pixel of the sun symbolizes human expression in life, when it rises it will be cheerful, and when it sinks it will calm down sad.
    - The pixel of fire symbolizes human cheerfulness, which indicates that human hasn’t problem or human has been entertained by something
    - The pixel of water symbolizes the calmness of a person. The calm in the story is the sadness of human’s life with full of misery.
    - The parkour in the world there are 2 modes, dark and light. Dark as a form of problems that occur and light as a form of freedom from a problem.
    - The song, entitled "Different World - Alan Walker", likens a person's life that changes because of the character of a person who changes
    Name:  sunofblaze.png
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Size:  602.6 KB

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    Thumbs up Nominating PHOENIXADVENTURES for WOTD

    Grow ID: xDziugas
    I'm nominating my world "PHOENIXADVENTURES" for WOTD.

    About the world:
    I've built PHOENIXADVENTURES completely by myself.
    There's a huge Phoenix pixel art with a fun adventure - parkour in it. There's also a board above white door with all the credits (music, overoll look etc.)

    World also contains:
    • Punch and zombie jammers;
    • Firehouse;
    • Ghostcharm;
    • Spring weather;
    • A long, nice music to listen;
    • A nice VIP area for winners;

    (To make the world as playable as possible of course).

    Your role:
    You're just a common traveler seeking for quests to prove yourself. But beware - this mazelike world is full of dead-ends and a whole bunch of adventure items to be found in order to beat the quest of the Phoenix.

    World is beatable without a usage of any wings/jetpack.

    Another note:
    World is tested by a lot of people. Everything works as it should be.

    World render:
Views: 144
Size:  1,002.8 KB
    IGN - xDziugas
    Growtopia Player For Over 2250 Days
    Level 85

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    Default WRATHOFTHEGODS Nomination

    Hello! i am Nominating this world

    World has : PZ JAMMERS
    Weather Machine - Night
    Unique Story Line
    Facts (history)
    Use of Shockbots [ Recent Update of Growtopia ]
    Pure facts

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    GrowID : jakefarming

    Do you remember the day… the day I got lost in the woods…? The Sounds of Laughter, the sounds of joy, and the sounds of screams and cries… F U N? I think not…

    Months before, I accepted my fate in this “Twisted Carnival” and live with it… during that month, I have a quick glimpse of reality… and quickly realized that ALL OF THIS CARNIVAL STUFF WAS A TWISTED HALLUCINATION.

    You began to research everything again… from the legend you heard to the notes you encountered… you quickly realized that there might be a note on top of the rollercoaster… you climb back up to the same rollercoaster you climb before… and found a hidden note on the side of the rollercoaster….

    Will you snap back to reality? Or continue your life with twisted hallucinations…?

    Some descriptions:
    - P & Z jammer + Pineapple guardian
    - The Continuation of my previous word TWISTEDCARNIVAL
    - 4 Carnival rides (swing carousel, carousel, haunted house, and rollercoaster)
    - It has one puzzle
    - The world is best played at high quality because there are hidden spikes!

    Name:  twistedhallucination.png
Views: 142
Size:  634.8 KB

    The world is a continuation of the previous world of the day TWISTEDCARNIVAL, I put the two world render to form the whole world render
    Name:  TheWhole.png
Views: 140
Size:  1.09 MB

    Let me properly introduce myself,
    Hello, My name is NotSoOldJake!
    and I'm not even old...

    *cough* 16 years old *cough*

    IGN: jakefarming



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