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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Default THECHICKENFACTORY by Johnxx

    Hello guys! I would like to nominate my world for WOTD!
    Two of the Trolls have been captured by the chickens inside the Chicken Factory! Go on through these obstacles and parkours to help save them!

    Theme: Adventure/Parkour World

    Has A Punch and Zombie Jammer
    Uses all kinds of Adventure items
    Uses CYBOTS
    With Storyline included
    Challenging Adventure/Parkour

    Good luck guys and have a nice day!

    Name:  thechickenfactory.png
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Size:  803.7 KB
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    Hello there fellow Growtopians! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!

    Youtube: Johnxx
    Facebook: Johnxx GT
    Twitter: @johnxxgt
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    Default Nominating WORRLD for WOTD

    - a new and unique two-dimension pixel idea is created in this world but ofcourse we can't defy the law of gravity thus you can just simply flip your phone and see the inverted land.

    - owner

    - Disobeying parents may lead you into danger and that happens to you in this roleplay. Find your way back home as you are trapped in the second dimension worrld. Medium parkour is ahead and need skills which includes: wings, parasol, and smart decision making.

    Rendered World:
    Name:  worrld.png
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Size:  842.4 KB

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    Name:  irishcharm.png
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    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    IRISHCHARM, my Blarney-inspired world.

    Each one of us is unique on its own. Everyone has its own charm. But, why are you not curious what is the charm of an Irish?

    So, what is it?
    Simply, Irish can overcome challenges specially parkours. Well, are you ready? Are you ready to be as charming as an Irish? If yes, be ready and go kiss the Blarney Stone. Goodluck!

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________


    ♧There is a confusing labyrinth made of grimstones and added looming shadows to make it identical and to increase the level of parkour.

    ♧There are door links for all of the nine Blarney Worlds.

    ♧There are complete type of CyBots which was added to the parkour in which it is on maximum level.

    ♧There is a parkour that uses up, up and away block and through that parkour you will hear the sounds produce by the olmec head.

    ♧There are adventure items used in the parkour.

    ♧There is a parkour that you will encounter which has death trap wall and cracked stone slab.

    ♧There is a sungate and trickster parkour which somehow needs teamwork or not.

    ♧There is a dimension block parkour wherein it is placed through the rainbow so that you can go to the other end of the rainbow.

    ♧There are facts about in real life related to St. Patricks Day, you will encounter this section in the world when you finish the parkour.

    ♧There is a description board placed at the entrance and a credit board and public board placed at the end of the parkour.

    ♧There is punch jammer, zombie jammer, guardian pineapple, mini mod, firehouse, ghost charm, security camera, and weather machine- night in the world.

    ♧There is a place dedicated for you if you finish the parkour in the world.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    This world will not be possible without the help of these people.

    VOONY would like to thank the following:

    ♡NabiKrebs, for always being there for me when I am building and helping me regarding the designs, also for his positivity which encourages me to do my best.

    ♡Elyxial, for giving me compliments, suggestions or tips and for encouraging me to be positive every time.

    ♡Zytran, for always supporting me and giving me good or kind words.

    ♡Bear9, for giving me his thoughts and suggestions for my world.

    ♡Vichuri, for supporting my world and for the compliments he had given to me.

    ♡Ciutie, for supporting my world and giving me some suggestions.

    ♡Growsite, for being my friend who keeps supporting me every time I am participating in a contest.

    And to all of my friends, I will always be grateful that you are my friends. If I miss someone, I know you already know who you are, thank you.

    That's it. Thank you for reading.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    LEVEL (80/90)
    FOCUSED EYES (37/100)
    GOLDEN PICKAXE (200/200)



    IG: @voony_gt

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    Default Dragon Speaking...


    Name:  dragonvalentine.png
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Size:  772.1 KB
    Prologue :
    Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with Drago-heart. Start your journey to find true love and bring it to our Drago-heart!

    What's New?
    * I've adjusted some Balancing Improvement!
    * Summer Clash Mechanic was added into this world! ( 7 Death Trap Wall and 4 Gravity Well)
    * Winter Clash Mechanic, include ( Cave Slab. )
    * Block Party v2 was added into this world!
    * Bountiful blocks were added into this world!
    * Hey, 2 Searbot level-1 is running into this world!
    * New nor decent valentine blocks were added into this world!
    * Absolutely Dragon stuff such as Dragon Blocks.
    * Adventure items were added into the world!

    In Additional.
    *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
    *Weather Machine - Valentine
    *Thrilling story about valentine that you should know it,
    *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT, was made by myself.

    NOSTORS By Draluxes
    Name:  nostors.png
Views: 125
Size:  532.6 KB

    Consequences :
    Look in the sky, the smoke was appeared from somewhere. The possible problems has done by fierce creatures. The dragon's master immediately asks for our help. She says, this problem has caused by the dragon over there. It's located among to my main tower, especially far from that place. I couldn't solve this problem by myself, even my dragons won't be able to help me. We need to get there together and you must take the risk once you accepting our helps.

    The dragons now screaming often, it might be something wrong. We should to find out what's going on.

    We're running out the time, we must hurry! Follow me!

    How's the game works?
    You need to take a training from the dragon's master and gain some skills! After that, you have 20 minutes to reach the upwards tower. It has 6 floors in total until the dragons concerned to you.

    What's New?!?
    * Adventure mechanics were applied into this world.
    * Summer clash blocks were added into this world.
    * Summer mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 3 Gravity Well and 9 Death Trap Wall ).
    * Winter clash blocks were added into this world.
    * Winter mechanic blocks were added into this world. ( 2 Storm Cloud and 2 Cracked Stone Clab ).
    * Spring clash blocks were added into this world.
    * Spring mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 2 Trickster ).
    * Block Party v2 was added into this world.
    * Wolf World blocks was added into this world.
    * Bountiful blocks were added into this world ( includes Bountiful Bamboo Spikes, Jungle Temple Pillar, Monkshood ).
    * Splenkuroma Strikes Back blocks were added into this world.
    * Chinese New Year Blocks were added into this world.
    * Mutant kitchen block was added into this world.
    * Farming Blocks Roles were added into this world.
    * Surgeon Blocks Roles were added into this world.
    * 2 Sear Bot - Level 2 are running through the world.
    * 2 Spike Bot - Level 1 are running through the world.
    * 4 ShockBot - Level 1 are running through the world.
    * 1 ShooterBot - Level 1 is running through the world.
    * 1 FlameBot - Level 2 is running through the world.
    * Absolutely the dragon stuff eg. Dragon Blocks and Scales.
    * Winter stuff eg. Winter wind, Giant Chandle, Festivus pole and more.

    * Punch and Zombie Jammer
    * Weather Machine - Rainy

    Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

    Finally someone mentioned about this
    Quote Originally Posted by xMera View Post
    You're just following your girlfriend on this.

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    Default Nominating BLARNEYSHILL for wotd

    I am nominating my world
    BlarneysHill for wotd!

    Story: Its st. Patricks day! But what should you do? Drink beer all day and night? Pffft, real people try to find the luck of the irish high on top of the Blarney Hills, there you will meet leprechauns all shapes and sizes, meet new friends perhaps or better yet, find the luck of the irish. Are you man enough to find it?

    This world includes;
    Pz Jammer
    St patricks weather
    Steam mechanics
    Obelisk mechanics
    Usage of adventure items
    Usage of mystery doors
    Name:  BLARNEYSHILL.png
Views: 134
Size:  1.08 MB

    very mysterious.

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    Default Nominating TIMESARROW for WOTD

    World Name: TIMESARROW

    GrowID: William45

    TIMESARROW is an adventure parkour. You play a small boy who gets lost in the jungle. He does not know how he got lost.
    The boy adventures through dangerous jungles and toxic swamps when he suddenly meets an Australian explorer (with a very heavy Australian accent) who wants you to help him find the hidden pyramid.
    I will not spoil what happens next.

    The world features:

    - Zombie & Punch jammer, as well as other jammers and weather machine.
    - Fun facts throughout the world, matching with the different themes of the world.
    - Fun and engaging story.
    - A big snake, a pyramid, a rocket, a volcano and planets.
    Name:  timesarrow.png
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    Post Nominate TheHolyGorilla As The WOTD

    GrowId : KucingZGT
    World : TheHolyGorilla


    You've Been Visiting The Holy Gorilla Kingdom!However....The Holy Gorilla Which Is The Leader There....Seems To Be Hungry And Can't Find Banana...There's Only 1 Banana That He Can Eat And That is The Holy Banana....We Need Your Help To Find It And Feed Him!So The Kingdom Will Be Peace

    World Include[SIZE=5[/SIZE]
    *Punch Jammer
    *Zombie Jammer
    *Ghost Charmer
    *Vip Room[For The Winner]

    Here's My World
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Hello Growtopian I would like to Nominate my world Called: LEPREWEEK for WOTD!

    This world is all about The Legend of the Blarney Stone!
    Each country has its own legends. A legend is a story about the past. In Ireland there is a very famous legend about a MAGICAL STONE. The name of the stone is Blarney Stone. The Blarney stone is today found in the old Castle.
    So as a Adventurer you decided to go in a old castle to see or kiss the Magical stone/Blarney Stone but there's a challenge before you can go there the challenge are not easy you need to beat all parkour and also findinging the letters and portals! So this is Interesting to us What are you waiting for lets Visit HERE in LEPREWEEK!!
    Name:  lepreweek.png
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Size:  1.24 MB

    IGN: Growsite
    WOTD Goal: 16 / 20

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    by ROOTbeerr

    Navigate the mind of a lonely alcoholic who is haunted by his past actions. He is forced to relive his terrible past as he attempts to escape the confines of his mind.

    Two worlds for more content

    World is not completely linear, you have to take different paths to find your way through the challenges

    Dark maze

    Vip room

    Uses various parkour mechanics; deathtrap walls, gravity fields, gravity wells

    Uses adventure items as well as adventure braziers in order to create various challenges

    More parkour, new story and built some more stuff since the world was originally built

    Name:  cursedmemories.png
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Size:  425.0 KB

    Name:  cursedmemories2.png
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Size:  216.2 KB
    This space is empty, just like the space in my skull.

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    Default TEABLARNEY And CANDY45 For WOTD?

    World Name: TEABLARNEY
    Grow ID: TeaLand

    My world have
    - Pixel Art
    - Punch/Zombie Jammer
    - Blarney theme Password game
    - Parkours
    - Maze

    Many adventure in my world waits for people, Player can do parkours,maze or password game...

    World is builded by many colorful blocks, The Leprechaun pixel art made by colorful wallpapers. Also world have maze which was made by hedges and foilages player try to find end of the maze to escape there. Other game is Password Door Game, consept is Blarney Items!!
    (This is the last render of world)

    Name:  teablarney.png
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Size:  433.3 KB

    World Name: Candy45
    Grow ID: TeaLand

    My world CANDY45 made by Chocolates,Candies also Cookies. You can do parkour to win some Chocolates!!!

    -World Have-

    * Punch/Zombie Jammer
    * Weather Machine
    * Challenge Timer/Prizes
    * Parkour
    * Not Common used blocks

    (I add Guestbook) New Render of World

    Have Fun...

    Name:  candy45.png
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Size:  250.6 KB

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    Its ancient times and the conflict between the Titans and the Olympians gets more and more intense each minute. Presence of the Titans on Earth is rare but Zeus has recently been getting information that shows the Titans have indeed been on Earth for a very long time. This is dangerous because if the Earth gets manipulated the Olympians and Zeus loose a great part of their territory and risk losing the battle between the two. As a result Zeus finds a solution to this which is the need of mortal warriors to help protect Earth and to inform the Olympians. Zeus scouts have found several candidates for this job, with only 12 spots YOU'RE one of the chosen people given the opportunity to become one of his warriors. The first stage in proving whether you're worthy of being a warrior is completing an obstacle course with three themes each made by three Greek Gods.

    Are you strong enough to prove yourself a worthy mortal?


    -P & Z Jammers
    -Cool Story
    -No wings friendly

    Grow ID: Reynosa

    Name:  greekimmortals.png
Views: 113
Size:  490.1 KB
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    Always Remember Hardwork Pays Off
    Knowledge Is Power 9.24

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    Default Greenworld3.

    My GrowID: SolidMouse94.
    My world name: Greenworld3.

    Name:  E2C23A58-145A-4163-A5C5-C15DF8D47FAA.png
Views: 114
Size:  902.1 KB

    There are in the world:
    -punch and zombie jammers
    -st. Paddy’s weather machine
    -much green
    -adventure items.



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