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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Name:  dragonvalentine.png
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Size:  772.1 KB
    Prologue :
    Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with Drago-heart. Start your journey to find true love and bring it to our Drago-heart!

    What's New?
    * I've adjusted some Balancing Improvement!
    * Summer Clash Mechanic was added into this world! ( 7 Death Trap Wall and 4 Gravity Well)
    * Winter Clash Mechanic, include ( Cave Slab. )
    * Block Party v2 was added into this world!
    * Bountiful blocks were added into this world!
    * Hey, 2 Searbot level-1 is running into this world!
    * New nor decent valentine blocks were added into this world!
    * Absolutely Dragon stuff such as Dragon Blocks.
    * Adventure items were added into the world!

    In Additional.
    *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
    *Weather Machine - Valentine
    *Thrilling story about valentine that you should know it,
    *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT, was made by myself.

    NOSTORS By Draluxes

    Name:  nostors.png
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Size:  543.4 KB
    Consequences :
    Look in the sky, the smoke was appeared from somewhere. The possible problems have done by fierce creatures. The dragon's master immediately asks for our help. She says this problem has caused by the dragon over there. It's located among to my main tower, especially far from that place. I couldn't solve this problem by myself, even my dragons won't be able to help me. We need to get there together and you must take the risk once you accepting our help.

    The dragons now screaming often, it might be something wrong. We should to find out what's going on.

    We're running out the time, we must hurry! Follow me!

    How's the game works?
    You need to take a training from the dragon's master and gain some skills! After that, you have 20 minutes to reach the upwards tower. It has 6 floors in total until the dragons concerned to you.

    What's New?!?
    * Adventure mechanics were applied to this world.
    * Summer clash blocks were added into this world.
    * Summer mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 3 Gravity Well and 9 Death Trap Wall ).
    * Winter clash blocks were added into this world.
    * Winter mechanic blocks were added into this world. ( 2 Storm Cloud and 2 Cracked Stone Clab ).
    * Spring clash blocks were added into this world.
    * Spring mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 2 Trickster ).
    * Block Party v2 was added into this world.
    * Wolf World blocks were added into this world.
    * Bountiful blocks were added into this world ( includes Bountiful Bamboo Spikes, Jungle Temple Pillar, Monkshood ).
    * Splenkuroma Strikes Back blocks were added into this world.
    * Chinese New Year Blocks were added into this world.
    * Mutant kitchen block was added into this world.
    * Farming Blocks Roles were added into this world.
    * Surgeon Blocks Roles were added into this world.
    * 2 Sear Bot - Level 2 are running through the world.
    * 2 Spike Bot - Level 1 are running through the world.
    * 4 ShockBot - Level 1 are running through the world.
    * 1 ShooterBot - Level 1 is running through the world.
    * 1 FlameBot - Level 2 is running through the world.
    * Absolutely the dragon stuff eg. Dragon Blocks and Scales.
    * Winter stuff eg. Winter wind, Giant Chandle, Festivus pole and more.

    * Punch and Zombie Jammer
    * Weather Machine - Rainy

    SWIRLDERBY by Draluxes

    Name:  swirlderby.png
Views: 158
Size:  165.3 KB
    Info : Annual event worlds, Kyderby!

    * Punch and Zombie Jammer
    * Pineapple Guardians
    * Weather Machine - Background

    Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

    Finally someone mentioned about this
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    You're just following your girlfriend on this.

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    Default Nomination WOTD


    World Render:
    Click to see world render

    One day, a man who was about to clean the warehouse in the house left by his grandfather.
    Accidentally he found a chest containing a letter and a map, he was surprised by the contents of the letter, then he read it. It turned out that the contents of the letter were a few messages from his grandfather.
    The last message from his grandfather was to look for the treasure.
    he was confused by his grandfather's message, he also tried to solve the mystery

    world feature:
    - punch and zombie jammer
    - fire house
    - easy/medium parkour
    - vip room
    - maze
    - adventure items
    - credit board near white door

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    Hi , I am JunHongYT . I came out of an idea to build a town or village . I hope you like it .

    GrowID : JunHongYT

    World has :
    - Punch & Zombie Jammer
    - Vip Room
    - Adventure Item
    - Story
    - Parkour
    - Beautiful Buildings

    Name:  tripofwonders.png
Views: 192
Size:  471.1 KB

    Story :
    Tells an explorer wanted to find the mysterious land that his grandparents told him and of course
    he found it . That place was out his expectation . He thought that the place was evil and terrifying . But somehow it was a wonderful and beautiful place . Fun and exciting trip is about to happen . Let's see !

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    Default First WOTD Attempt - 4/5/2020

    World Name: INCENDIA
    by: NewPatek

    Plot Description:
    You're casually strolling through the forest till you encounter an old broken house, you go in to check and you see an old woman. She seems to be enchanting something but you can't quite make out the words. You soon realized she's a Witch and used a Fire Spell called Incendia. The spell uses a big giant hand and a flame on top of it, and when the time comes, it will burn everything in it's way including the Witch herself. You are the only one who can save the forest because you recently found out that magic was real and you had taught yourself it. You aren't as powerful as the Witch herself but if the smallest spell can change her mind or make her back off, then you will surely do it. When you get near the hand, there's only one spell that can kill the fire and hand itself. The words will come when the time is right, but the spell you will be using is a Water Spell because water can easily remove fire. You will have to recite the spell when you're near the hand. You learn that violence and fighting won't solve this, so you come up with another plan and that plan is to talk the witch out of it.

    Punch and Zombie Jammers
    Night Weather Machine
    Pixel Hand
    Fire and Water Pixel
    Forest-Themed Parkour
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Nominating ANEVILDOCTOR for WOTD.

    GROW-ID : MineDeath
    World for nomination: ANEVILDOCTOR

    World Story Description:
    You start off as a young worker walking home from work in the city, when suddenly you discover a rather strange looking manhole in the middle of nowhere. Out of curiosity, you eventually find a way to acess this manhole, and got kidnapped by an evil doctor as you entered the sewers. This evil doctor was fired from his job in the city a long time ago, and now seeks vengeance by planning to release a dangerous mind controlling parasite that would end your peaceful city. It's up to you to discover secret keys, idols, feed evil gorrila henchmen, travel through a slightly difficult parkour, navigate through super huge air vent mazes, solve puzzles, swim in chemicals, unlock codes and climb a super huge beaker in oder to foil the doctor's evil plan and make him taste justice once and for all.

    World Contains :
    1)A beautiful city.
    2)Punch and Zombie jammers.
    3)Two VIP rooms for winners.
    4)Lots of paint.
    5)An interesting storyline that explains itslef along the way.
    6)Rainy weather.
    7)The usage of many adventure items and blocks.
    8)Full credits, with even links to worlds that gave us inspiration.
    9)A huge beaker, tweezers, syringes and hospital.
    10)An option to spectate other players through diffrent sections.
    11)Interesting new parkour mechanics utilising the Up Up and away blocks, and clash parkour blocks.
    12)Tricksters and cybots!.

    Latest Render :

    Name:  anevildoctor.png
Views: 174
Size:  439.3 KB

    Can you foil the doctor's evil plan and save the city?.
    IGN - MineDeath

    If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor .

    Instagram Link!
    Discord Link!

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    Default Nomininating triptotreasure for wotd

    This is my first wotd try. I tried personal world.
    Render world
    Name:  85AA57D0-D5C5-4E6B-BD0F-89D2A307C967.png
Views: 167
Size:  472.3 KB

    World countains:
    -Basic jammers
    -Xenonite Crystal
    -Weather machine Epoch
    -Self made music
    -Simple story
    -Parkour for everyone
    -Lot of glue used

    Good luck everyone

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    First try...

    GrowID: jakefarming

    you were scared...
    but you heard a sound... it's a calliope...
    within the distance you saw an abandoned carnival...
    you eventually remembered a rumor about a twisted carnival.

    "A carnival once set foot in a village, hoping to spread the joy... although that carnival is full of great acts and tricks... mysterious things happened in the said carnival... People have been reporting that who ever sets foot in that carnival, will never to be seen again... 417 reports with the same claim... Soon the carnival was forced to shutdown... the carnival was removed and banned from that village.
    The rumor has it that the so-called twisted carnival is still alive and will try to lure scared people for their audience... the only way back is to reach the top of the roller coaster. Beware of the tricks the carnival offers to you..."
    10 victims escaped from the twisted carnival's deadly tricks...
    Will you be the 11th victim to successfully escaped the twisted carnival's tricks? or will you be another lost victim...

    Short description:
    The world was inspired by a previous WOTD: DARKCARNIVAL and a film entitled "Grave encounters"
    I used mystery doors in order to replicate the changing rooms in the film "Grave encounters"
    my friends tested the world, they said, "the mystery door part was hard." . _ .
    the world contains simple jammers + pineapple guardian, VIP room.
    Bulletin board that contains the people that i gave credits on helping the world
    Bulletin board that contains the story & the goal of the world..

    Name:  twistedcarnival.png
Views: 155
Size:  568.7 KB

    Let me properly introduce myself,
    Hello, My name is NotSoOldJake!
    and I'm not even old...

    *cough* 16 years old *cough*

    IGN: jakefarming

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    Default Nominate TheHolyGorilla As The WOTD

    Growid : KucingZGT
    World : TheHolyGorilla

    Here's A Short Story About The World

    So You've Been Visiting The Holy Gorilla Kingdom! However The Leader Which is The Holy Gorilla is Hungry!
    And There's Only 1 Banana That Can Be Eaten by Him!And That's Call The Holy Banana! It Used To Be A Lot But Then The Evil Gorilla Come And Steal All! But He Hide 1 Of The Holy Banana...Well He Used To Said "You Could Never Find This Banana"...After We Try To Understand Why...
    We Finally Understand....We Normal Gorilla Can't Take It Because There Will Be A Lot Of Challanging Parkour!So We Need Your Help To Find And Feed The Holy Gorilla With The Holy Banana!
    Fun Fact : Holy Gorilla Can Live About 500 Years After Eating 1 Holy Banana

    I Hope You Like The Story

    I Put A BulletinBoard Above The White Door So You Can Read About The Credit!

    World Include :

    *Punch And Zombid Jammer
    *Ghost Charmer
    *Weather Jungle
    *Vip Room[Exclusive For Those Who Comeplete The Adventure]

    I Hope You Enjoyed! Here My Render World!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default TitanComplex For WOTD!

    GrowID: Heramix
    World Name: TITANCOMPLEX

    Titancomplex is a parkour and a puzzle world. It has a long story that continues till the end of the world and the story progresses through these “diaries” that are around the world. It is FULLY noob friendly and doesn’t need a single item. The world also has a xenonite that disables double jump, high jump and speed. Also, THE WHOLE WORLD is PAINTED, yes. it doesn’t have a single block that isn’t painted.

    -Zombie Jammer
    -Punch Jammer
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Weather Machine: Nothingness
    -A Xenonite Crystal (Double Jump, High Jump, Speed Blocked)
    -Some Riddles
    -A Long and interesting story
    -Around 50 Adventure Items
    -Around 4600 Paint
    -Noob Friendly
    -A Howler Parkour

    The Latest Render:
    Name:  titancomplex.png
Views: 163
Size:  340.4 KB

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    Default WHALEKING

    I present to you...
    Something Growtopia has NEVER seen before...
    A world, so whale made, you'll actually start to enjoy whale puns!

    Get ready for...


    This world has been packed with over 600 whales! Yes, you heard me right, 600!
    In fact, there are exactly 611 whales swimming around as we speak!

    What makes the world so special, you ask? We've seen collections before...

    ... but none like this! The whales have all been set to swim free, in an ocean-like environment! With corals, and everything!
    The player is able to "swim" around the world and gaze upon the beauty of hundreds of whales!
    There are some other activities, as well. Such as:

    -A cafe, to kick back and relax in!
    -Mind-boggling whale facts! From both the real life, and Growtopia!
    -A waterfall game so fun, you won't ever get bored of it!

    And of course, you can always search for...

    The Golden Whale! (to avoid confusion, I feel obligated to mention that it is indeed a block, not an actual whale)

    Come on down to WHALEKING, and have a whale of a time!

    Here's the render:
    Name:  whaleking.png
Views: 157
Size:  209.2 KB

    Contact Me:

    Thanks to Intensifies for the avatar!

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    Default Adventure world

    Old..Old..Undergrown Wild forested world, that have been lost for too long, and once..happend unexpected thing that changed the underground world villagers, lives.. Gnomes and elves and their adventures!
    World features:
    You can explore caves
    Night atmosphere
    Wild Forest
    Adventure with parkour
    Pretty awesome world, for adventure!
    Name:  itisalive.png
Views: 167
Size:  663.5 KB
    IGN: iigonub

    PZ jammers
    Adventure items
    And many many other things!

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    Hello growtopians! Let me introduce my world for WOTD.
    GrowID: ISKADI
    You is a young man that believes Lucky Clover is real.
    So, you decided to go to find it. But, you heard that rumor says to find the Lucky Clover, you must go to their place called Magical Place. But, only Lucky Portal can brings you to Magical Place. Go and find the Lucky Portal to start your adventure!
    Enjoy and have a nice day!
    Credit: Written on buletin board beside white door
    Fun fact: The world design, story, parkour and pixels is original built by me. WINGS ARE NOT NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE PARKOUR.
    PZ Jammer
    Fire house
    St paddy weather
    Adventure items (almost all)
    Original story
    Medium parkour (spesial portal parkour)
    End area / VIP
    Town (your home)
    Xenonite crystal (blocked double jump)
    Name:  findingclover.png
Views: 181
Size:  658.5 KB
    Thank you..
    Main world: ISKADI
    I played GT since: June 2014
    Follow my IG



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