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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Hello, It’s me again with my fourth nomination on my world for WOTD

    GROWID: waggish

    A local old known man who was known to be mental and his theories and sightings of the Easter bunny has reached out to everyone in the city. One day , he went missing without any trace. Having him living near your area ,you decide to one day give a little visit to his home and discover something magical.

    A self inspired story based adventure world
    World includes :
    -Normal Jammers (P & Z)
    -UPDATE [ added arrows to guide them on where to go ]
    -Weather Machine Paddy
    -Ghostcharm & Firehouse
    -Difficult and challenging parkour
    -general info of Easter
    -Easter themed adventure
    -adventure items
    -water parkour
    -steam parkour
    -Trickster parkour
    -mix of self inspired pixel art and from web
    -VIP area for the winners
    -An original story
    -Usage of paints and new recent blocks
    -A peculiar way of linking the link to the ‘inspired world’
    -challenging parkour
    Name:  9F507F36-6AA0-48CA-BFFE-E805F37D2FF1.png
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Size:  966.9 KB

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    Post Nominating world THEEVOLUTIONOFGT for WOTD

    Nominating the world [THEEVOLUTIONOFGT] to be the WOTD.

    Name:  received_251691096174801.png
Views: 108
Size:  294.7 KB

    Owner’s GrowID: FlareGT3
    Admin’s GrowID: JitSinNubbie

    Quick Description:
    This world is about the history of Growtopia until today and information about Growtopia.There are also info about how to contact real support as there are a lot of Growtopians got scammed by giving their password to fake website which pretending they are moderators or staffs from Ubisoft. Players that enter this world will be lead to the SELECTION area to choose which section they are interested to. There is a SPECIAL THANKS WORDS from owner and admin to those who helped us and credits beside the SELECTION area. One of the section is about GrowCon as we (owner and admins) found out that many players don’t really clear about what is Growcon.

    There are also many guestbook and mailboxes to allow visitors or our lovely guests to make their comments and feedback to this world. [OR WE CAN COUNT IT AS INTERACTIONS WITH PLAYER]

    Whats in this world?
    This world contains:
    -A RTsoft pixel logo
    -A Ubisoft pixel logo
    -Almost all info about Growtopia [Example: What is Growtopia? + When and who made Growtopia? + When did Ubisoft take over Growtopia? + How to contact Ubisoft and who is the real moderators or guardians? + Info about GrowCon and Growtopia’s Merchandise.]
    -A public chatroom for visitors to have some chat with others
    -A MEDIUM-HARD parkour [After completing the parkour you will be lead to VIP Chatroom
    -Vip Chatroom
    -A GrowCon info area
    -A Growtopia logo in a huge cloud
    -Two heartcastle designed tower [Purpose of these two tower is to allow player to climb up and see the full view ofthe world.
    -Punch Jammer + Zombie Jammer + Ghost Charm + Signal Jammer + Firehouse + Weather Machine

    We highly recommend you guys to put the parkour at the last part of your visit schedule.
    The main purpose we build this world is to allow more newbie that just started to play this game to know about the game more clearly.

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    Default MyLightInTheDark

    Hello...I would like to nominate my world for wotd.
    Here's the info and render, thank you


    Your friend from the city invited you to come over for a vacation.
    Though you always love your laid-back style of living in the countryside, you're still excited to go.
    There in the city, you met Em (your friend's bestfriend)
    Your first meeting was not actually the best because your first impression about him was not good.
    You misjudged him because you didn't know that he is blind (well, that explains the world name )
    Em is a nice guy. And despite his condition, he has a positive outlook about life.
    But, just when things are starting to become more special between you two, he disappeared.
    Discover why and how their story has ended.


    Music entitled Morning Arch made by SilicaChan
    An original love story
    The jammers
    Nothingness weather machine (this represents his condition)
    Medium parkour
    VIP room

    Name:  mylightinthedark.png
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Size:  437.8 KB

    And here's the reference for the layout of the world.

    Name:  rural with city png.png
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Size:  36.9 KB

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    Default Renominating My world as WOTD

    Name:  barbequeparty.png
Views: 108
Size:  507.1 KBWorld: BarbequeParty
    Creator: Player251
    World Type = Game world

    Story =
    the debate about the best food for the barbeque party continues , until one day, it splintered into 4 team, that is, the watermelon team, sausage time, beef team, and roasted corn team, all fighting for the sake of victory. The winning team will prove their food as the best food for the barbeque party. You're able to choose your team!

    Contains = -Game Generator (To Generare the Match) (basic jammer) -Punch and Zombie Jammer. -Ghost Charm (Prevent the ghost from spawning in the world). -Game Stuff, Such as Game Graves, Game Goals, Game Blocks, and Game Flag. -Party related items. -Some Pixel Art. *Once again
    Grow ID = Player251

    Thanks for the attention, this is my first ever World of The Day Attemp, and also im not really sure of winning, but i want to thank if i win, and thank you for everyone who inspire and support me.

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    Talking Hi Growtopians, Just wanted to submit a world for WOTD!

    Hi all just wanted to nominate a world for WOTD!

    Name of World: PLANETNULL
    GROWID: Truthie


    -Doors showcasing worlds that inspired me!
    -Credits to friends and people who help! Thanks so much!!

    -Rope Piton Parkour, were players can use Adventure Item-Rope to travel through many stages of the world!
    -Storm Cloud + Waterfall Parkour, were players must be fast to avoid the storm clouds disappearing!
    -Cybot Parkour, were players must avoid the various cybots
    -Medium Difficultly Parkour which is challenging but enjoyable!

    -An amazing and engaging storyline!

    -A unique arrangement of blocks used that include:

    ~Shining Block-Red, Yellow and Purple
    ~Pillar of the Dead
    ~Growshow TV
    ~Lava Falls
    ~Deathtrap Wall

    -Adventure Items such as Adventure Item-Banana, Adventure Item-Key and more!

    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Weather Machine-Heatwave, providing a abandoned atmosphere
    -Ghost Charm

    -Again, credits to people who helped!

    Background Story:

    A starship.. An undefined planet...

    A loud sound of the robust engine, you know that it will break... The fearful voice of the countdown starts, and the panic begins... The starship is about to self-destruct, with you in it... A plan to get out of the starship is your first mission... Hastily, you scurry out of the starship and avoid the explosion, landing into an undefined planet, a planet that is null. You are glad that you were rapid enough to escape the starship, but are unsure where you are. When the starship explodes, you landed in the infamous, unknown, ancient building of “Vincinity Laboratories”. Within this abandoned building lies previous stories surrounding the planet, how it once was.. You are able to realise from these stories how this planet came to be now..

    Your mission now is to find a way to escape..

    The planet reeks of toxic waste, and your vision is blurred....You are confused by the humid, hot environment of the planet...You realise that you are stuck onto this planet, willing to determine a way of escape out.... You discover that the previous documents that had been abandoned in the science laboratory allowed you to better understand this planet and it’s life forms: mysterious, creepy, vicious and unknown. Overall, you can collect your thoughts and conclude that these creatures are beginning to become more and more vicious and deadly... You realise that you need to do something right now.. Or else you may be stranded and die....

    However, when reading one of the logs made by a previous scientists that inhabited the labs long ago.. you feel hope of escape, as you discover that there is an abandoned rocket ship, once used by the scientists, which is sunken onto the surface of the planet.. Unfortunately the location of the rocket is unknown.. You also realise that these creatures had become mutated due to the scientists themselves, and the creatures are able to obtain and become more and more mutated and powerful due to some sort of source... Power sources that mutated the creatures in the first place.. These power sources are held in ancient structures that were formed by the scientist, but since their disappearance, the structures have been abandoned with the power sources inside... which caused the ancient state of the planet.. However it is shown that these power sources may be able to save you from being stranded and you continue on with your mission, which has now changed to locating the power sources. But, many creatures and plants roam the planet now, making it difficult to access these power sources. The creatures are vicious and spooky, able to devour anyone who steps in their path...You ponder if the scientists may have been attacked by these creatures, and if they were, what happened to them??!!? This is how the planet was abandoned in the first place.. the flood of creatures.. And how no one has ever escaped it....

    The mission you have set for yourself, is a tough and cruel one, in which you must avoid the many crazy creatures of the planet, locate the power sources, and determine a way out of this planet.

    Are you brave enough to do this?

    Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!

    Update render:
    Name:  planetnull.png
Views: 132
Size:  1.05 MB

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    Default TheHiddenIdol By JunHongYT

    Hello, I am here to nominate THEHIDDENIDOL for World of the day.

    Name:  thehiddenidol.png
Views: 120
Size:  568.8 KB

    World: TheHiddenIdol
    GrowID: JunHongYT

    World has :
    - Parkour that can play without wings
    - Adventure Items
    - Story
    - Vip Room
    - Basic Jammers
    - Creditory Board
    - Door that linked to the world that inspired me

    Story :
    You are a well known, expert explorer. To even prove your worth, you decided to solve the mystery of hidden GOLDEN IDOL. Legends say it is hidden deep into the jungle, in a mysterious castle locked to everyone. The jungle is dangerous and not everyone will dare to search for castle. Will you able to find it?

    I also wanted to thanks to my friends for helping and supporting me.

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    Default TheSleepOfEndless FOR WOTD!

    Name:  thesleepofendless.png
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Size:  592.5 KB

    GrowID: Famia

    Added some Cybots & Tricksters!

    The parkour is noob-friendly. (No wings needed )

    World Includes:

    - Composed Song, C418 - Minecraft - Sweden Volume Alpha
    - Story line, Cool stories about different places in the world.
    - Puzzles
    - Parkours
    - PZ Jammers, Ghost Charm, Night Weather
    - Adventure items
    - Steam mechanisms
    - Creditoy board
    - Special place for people who complete the adventure
    - Clash blocks
    - Cybots & Tricksters
    - Noob friendly parkour! (no wings needed)


    You fell into a sleep, and in order for it
    to end and you to wake up, you have
    to find all the items, figure out puzzles,
    pass all challenges not harmful. Your
    heart will open the way from your sleep,
    follow where it leads you to, and you
    will wakeup.

    Hope I win. Wish me luck!

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    Default Nominate my world for WOTD

    WORLD: NatureCrystals
    Ign : Katakuna

    - Amazing Story Plot
    - Use of Jammers
    - Noob Friendly
    - Adventure Items Used in a Unique way
    - Complete Instruction
    - Requires High Comprehension
    - Top#1 Adventure World
    - And Many More t
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    GrowID: ROOTbeerr

    Except the memories aren’t very cursed anymore. I revamped the entire story, as I was told that WOTDs need to be family friendly. I’m hoping that I can be considered for WOTD now as I have toned down the parkour difficulty slightly and also changed the entire story to be something more wholesome.

    CURSEDMEMORIES follows a unnamed protagonist who takes a walk with a higher being to view his past life before moving on.

    The world is quite long, with much parkour and puzzles. It stretches across two worlds, CURSEDMEMORIES and CURSEDMEMORIES2

    Parkour uses tricksters, death trap walls, and gravity wells to create a less generic experience

    There are puzzles to solve.

    Dark maze

    A sungate puzzle

    Name:  cursedmemories.png
Views: 113
Size:  440.8 KB

    Name:  cursedmemories2.png
Views: 108
Size:  214.8 KB

    An old world of mine, but I decided to come back to it and rewrite parts of the story and fix the puzzle (which was near impossible).

    Your brother has gone missing. Last seen at Stonehill Church. It’s abandoned, but something lies beneath it.

    Contains a puzzle, parkour, and adventure item stuff.

    There’s punch and zombie jammer, just not shown in render
    Name:  hauntedcatacomb.png
Views: 108
Size:  832.6 KB

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    Default Nominate THEETERNALROSE For WOTD

    Hello my name ToxiChem I want to nominate my world THEETERNALROSE
    World Render:
    Name:  theeternalroseperfect.png
Views: 100
Size:  757.9 KB

    A little description of the world:
    An adventurer who will invite you to go to the forest of death to get eternal life by drinking the eternal rose nectar .Do you accept his call?

    It contains :

    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Fire House
    -Ghost Charm
    -Jungle Weather
    -Adventure Items
    -Clash Items
    -Special Room For Adventurers
    -You can adventure without wings and shoes

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    IGN ~ Phaethon

    ~ World Description ~
    Long ago, an immortal demon ravaged these lands and enslaved the inhabitants. It named itself the “Lich King” and was a cruel ruler. One day, a hero and his team of sorcerers managed to defeat the Lich. Because the Lich was immortal, the hero had to seal it away. He took the heart of the Lich and placed it inside of an enchanted Totem, and it’s soul sealed within a torch. The main body was then imprisoned by a great spell. But before the Lich was sealed away, it casted a curse upon the inhabitants of the land, making them immortal but also unable to leave this miserable, ravaged land. They were also unable to attack the Lich as a part of this curse.

    Centuries passed and the seal that once imprisoned The Lich was starting to deteriorate. Desperate to remove the curse and banish the Lich for good, the inhabitants tried to summon mortals to the land to take on the quest. You are one of these summoned mortals, the one who will become the new hero of the land and destroy the curse... or will you?

    ~ World Contains ~
    - Medium Difficulty parkour
    - Short Riddle
    - Waterfall parkour
    - Gravity well parkour
    - Adventure items
    - PZ jammer
    - Heatwave machine
    - The Lich from Adventure Time pixel art
    - The song is my very own arrangement of the “Rachmaninov Prelude in C# Minor”
    Name:  thecurseofthelich.png
Views: 79
Size:  934.1 KB
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    ~ I make music and stuff... go check out my music at PHAETHON🎼🎼🎼

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    Category: Parkour/Adventure World
    My GrowID is GReY59 and my world name is ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR. ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR is a thrilling adventure that has a 100% original and fun design. In the world, the player goes through a series of parkours, each having an "artifact" to collect. After the parkour is completed the player turns in the artifacts and gets to celebrate their finish in a V.I.P./Hangout area! Can you complete ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR?
    Here is the current render and story of the world:

    Name:  artifactcollector-1.jpg
Views: 87
Size:  316.7 KB
    Here is a list of the positive attributes of ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR.
    *Has Punch Jammer
    *Has Zombie Jammer
    *Has a Jungle Weather Machine
    *Has Ghost Charm
    *Has a list of inspirations and credit to people who helped me complete the world
    *Has a Gateway to Adventure to worlds that inspired me
    *Does NOT require wings, but they are recommended
    *Does NOT require Air Robinsons, but they are recommended
    *Does NOT require a Parasol, but one is recommended
    *Orignal and Creative Design
    *Use of new Bountiful and Cave Mine blocks
    *V.I.P./Hangout Area for people who complete the parkour
    I hope you all enjoy my world as much as I enjoyed yours! Have a great day and good luck!
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