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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Default Nominating BANEOFLACTUS for WOTD!

    GrowID : stokieEeEeEe

    World Name : BANEOFLACTUS

    Story : Far far away in the galaxy, there was a fight between the imperial starship and Growlactus . This menacing monster...well not actually so menacing. But is an creature with the size of planets Growlactus have their own orbit,gravity and even and moons. GrowIactuses otherworldly ecosystem growing on its tentacles.

    Features : A parkour, Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, a Firehouse, a Ghost Charm, uses of adventure items, a story, and a VIP area for winners!

    Name:  baneoflactus.png
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    Default Wotd? Why not

    Finally!! GROWID: Nvbadboy
    this world has :
    -Took 2 World To Finish The story of this Adventure
    -Medium tier parkour (should use wing)
    -50% Covered with background that giving the deep darkness effect
    -some adventure item
    -fightable villain
    -Free area/zone to Rest
    I solo working on it + Spend half my wls on my main acc
    Please respect me by giving WOTD AWARD to my world XD
    So i can play this game much more time hehe.
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    Default ALIENSTIME an ALIEN adventure!

    Nominating ALIENSTIME for WOTD.

    World name : ALIENSTIME.
    Grow-ID : MineDeath.

    Plot Description :

    So basically, your a young lad who was walking home from Collage with his fellow colleagues when suddenly, a bright light illuminated the dark evening sky, and you instantly woke up in a strange, old place. You were basically kidnapped by an alien race known as the Zeltrons who brought you to the future where these alien creatures had taken over. It's your mission to collect clues, solve riddles, solve puzzles, complete tough parkours, lazer grid air vent mazes, swim through alien waters and collect lots of adventure items, and run through burning rockets, To save the world and return back to your realm.

    There's also a short little space quiz aswell as a "space facts" section if your bored and wanna get your brain working and well suprised. So, what ya waiting for?, time to get adventuring!.

    World Contains:

    1)Full credits, even with door links to worlds that we got an inspiration from, followed by how we we're inspired.
    2)Punch and Zombie Jammers.
    3)Huge Ufo, burning rocket, space tree and cybot pixel arts with lots of paint.
    4)Usage of almost all adventure items, even gorillas and bananas! .
    5)Three VIP rooms for winners!.
    6)Bonus space quiz for the bored ones.
    7)Bonus space facts section to really suprise you!.
    8)An option to head outside and just enjoy the veiw.
    9)Dialogue along the way.
    10)Interesting Storyline.
    11)Digital weather will cool futuristic music!.

    World Render :
    Name:  alienstime.png
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Size:  980.6 KB

    So, Can you save the world and make it back to school in time?.
    IGN - MineDeath

    If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor .

    Instagram Link!
    Discord Link!

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    World: LovingGift
    IGN: Cool050

    The world features:
    * Pixel art
    * Varying difficulty parkour
    * Different adventure paths
    * VIP room
    * Relaxing music from lovebirds
    * Necessary jammers
    * The use of adventure items
    * Jumping room

    World render:
    Name:  lovinggift.png
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    "If you're eating chocolate, then chocolate is eating you."

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    Default ALTHEROS


    Name:  EE06BA12-DDF6-47E6-851B-F322C0B3677B.png
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    Name:  FEAAB623-A863-4844-9241-2C98EDBC1566.png
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    Name:  937B352E-E1CE-4B6E-B0F0-703E89D404C7.png
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    Render from ALTHEROS to ALTHERUS.
    The way they are introduced are in order.


    This world shall talk about Halloween with a scary story about a sleep monster that will give you nightmares. As we all know, Halloween is still months away from now. Though, this world is fitted to win right now as this holiday also originated from Ireland just like St.Patrick’s Day! Ireland truly is a fantastic place!!!

    Things in the world:

    Song - Spooky Scary Skeleton
    PZ Jammers
    Credits Board
    Trickster Parkour/Howler Parkour
    Unique mechanics regarding adventure items
    Spooky story
    Halloween facts
    Talks about Irish peeps

    Thank you!!!
    Please let me win! I fixed the world.

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    Default ꕥ NOSTALGIO for WOTD! ꕥ

    ꧁ | NOSTALGIO! | ꧂
    GrowID: Lewake
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

    NOSTALGIO! (From the word Nostalgia), Nostalgio explains how Growtopia was in the past! It also explains a lot mechanics for new players! It also features Rollback Info, Pet Info, Hotel Info, Trading info, PIXEL ART, and many more! It is also a world full of facts! Players can learn more about Growtopia! It also has a parkour included and you don't need wings to do it! You should Check it Out!
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

    My world has :

    Pineapple Guardian ✔︎
    Punch & Zombie Jammer ✔︎
    Night Weather ✔︎
    Song ( Benny Hill Theme ) ✔︎
    Ghost Charm ✔︎
    Firehouse ✔︎
    Bulletin Board with Credits ( left of white door ) ✔︎
    Vip Area ✔︎
    Fun Parkour ( with Adventure Items ) ✔︎
    Information about Growtopia ✔︎
    Colorful Theme ✔︎
    Auto-run ✔︎

    Latest Render:
    Name:  nostalgio-1.png
Views: 140
Size:  749.5 KB

    Stay Safe Everyone
    And as always, Respect each other. シ

    ps. save da ❦ turtles ❦
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    Default STPATRICKS20 for wotd

    Nominating STPATRICKS20 for wotd!

    Growid: RedThryssa
    World : STPATRICKS20

    i make a St Patrick's Day world themed. in this world you can see brief info about paddy day.

    Name:  stpatricks20.png
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Size:  1.00 MB

    -Info about St Patrick's Day
    -Paddy weather
    -Punch & Zombie Jammer
    -Credits Board
    -St.Patrick Quizzes passdoor

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    Default ZzZTopiaZzZ


    GrowID : ZzZTopiaZzZ

    My full story :
    "it may be a problems, friend. This is my job, to save you all! Im not gonna hate any life, includes of my life." said Morgan.
    This war has been started for a short time, but made many changes in the world. Creatures are trying to keep survive, but not with all creatures. Demon's clan was trying to make people extinct, or more creatures in the world. This condition maintained Morgan and his friend, to save the world. If the war comes, Morgan and the Guards will save the world, whatever it takes!

    My world has some features :
    -Punch and Zombie Jammer to keep the world safe!
    -Hey, some of Lvl 2 Shockbot are existing, keep the place safe!
    -Hey, Adventure Items (keys, golden idols, and ropes) are existing, useful to handle situations!
    -Just a small area as you died but by saving the world!

    Latest Render :
    Attachment 232474
    Name:  warofcreatures.png
Views: 142
Size:  782.0 KB

    Stay safe and keep cool!
    See you there! I hope so...

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    World: UNBEATEN
    GrowID: skullition
    UNBEATEN is a world where you are challenged to beat 4 types of different challenges, each with ascending difficulty. This world also features a music, beautifully composed by LadyWarrior called "Dance of the Knights". This world also features information about the basics of a guild, served within a parkour course to entertain players. The world leads to a VIP section, where winners can chat with one another.
    Name:  unbeaten.png
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    Default nominating my world for world of the day

    World name: savevalentine
    Owner id: LLryanLL
    Valentine day has fall on the 14th of feb but this year something seems to change, there isnt any love in the city, the love in the city is slowly fading the rest of the story is for u to play and enjoy
    World contain a valentine weather machine
    Punch and zombie jammer
    Vip area the world render is below

    - - - Updated - - -

    World name: journeyinspace
    Owner id: LLryanLL
    Shooting star that come once in every year has finally made it back to growtopia, many growtopian would love to get a chance to meet the shooting star, luckily for us the star has landed in journeyinspace, but before u even have the chance to meet the shooting star u would need to be worthy enough to see it, having to walk on mars and enter the tower of doom to reach the star
    World contain a warp weather machine
    Punch and zombie jammer
    Vip area the world render is below

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    This World Is About A Teenager Who Went To The Frozen Hills To Find The Treasure His Father Buried Decades Ago. His 2 Brothers Died Here Before Him While Searching For The Same Thing. When You Arrived You Met A Old Man Called Danny Roosevelt, And He Has A Map Of The Mountains, He's Gonna Help You Find The Treasure...

    World Is Treasure Blasted Originally
    Punch And Zombie Jammer
    Security Camera
    Adventure Items
    Credit Board On Top Of White Door
    Adventure Top Rated List

    Last Render:

    Last edited by NOTSHOTS; 03-16-2020 at 10:50 AM.
    -Main World: NOTSHOTS

    2013-2014 Player

    1-Level. (46/125)
    2-Awsomeness. (76/100)
    3-Win WOTD 🏆. (0/1)
    4-Get Doctor Title. (12/5000)
    5-Get LegendBot-009. (0/1)

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    Default I nominate GREENADVENTURE1 for WOTD!

    This world contains Xenonite crystal, punch zombie jammer, pineapple guardian, weather machine - paddy, Blocks from St Patrick’s, Adventure items, Cybots, a story, Gravity wells, dimension blocks and paint!

    Short description of the world.

    This leprechaun wants to reach his goal “Quest for the gold”! It’s a long way to the end. Your job is to help this little leprechaun for his goal.

    My in-game name is : Traut
    And the world name is : GREENADVENTURE1

    Name:  greenadventure1.png
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