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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Default LEPRE for WOTD

    World: LEPRE
    Grow ID: Ciutie
    In this world there is a lot of information about Leprechaun, Pot O Gold, Blarney Stone, and Clover/Shamrock. In this world there is also a medium level parkour and noob friendly parkour.

    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -Weather Machine - St. Paddy’s Day
    -Information about Leprechaun, Pot O Gold, Blarney Stone, and Clover/Shamrock
    -Medium level parkour
    -Noob friendly parkour
    -Pixel art
    -VIP room
    -Credit Board

    Name:  lepre.png
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Size:  844.6 KB

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    I'm submitting my world, my world is easter themed. It's about bunny kidnapping our friend named Jamal. There are alot different stages. Starts with floating islands where are trees growing
    after that comes big cave with dark cave background for more difficulty. In the end of the cave are 3 password doors. 1. Password door is about math. (Easy) 2. Password door is about chemistry, question is what h2o is. (Easy) 3. Password door, you have to find signs with letter on it, and later unscrammble them. (Medium) Then comes jungle part with adventure items. Then just normal cloud parkour in the sky. Last part is castle where evil bunny keeps ,,Jamal,,. Its hardest part in the world but i would say the world takes max 30min for beginners. Some good at parkour finished it under 7 minutes.

    Name:  wotd.png
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    GrowID : ZBE
    World features :
    Credit board
    Punch jammer
    Zombie jammer
    Ghost charm
    Good story
    Funny facts about bunnys.

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    Cool THEMAPHUNT For WOTD~ 3rd Attempt



    You Went To The Frozen Hills To Find The Treasure Your Father Buried Decades Ago. Your 2 Brothers Died Here Before You While Searching For The Same Thing. When You Arrived You Met A Old Man Called Danny Roosevelt, And He Has A Map Of The Mountains, He's Gonna Help You Find The Treasure...

    World Is Treasure Blasted Originally
    Punch And Zombie Jammer
    Security Camera
    Adventure Items
    Credit Board On Top Of White Door
    Adventure Top Rated List
    5 Hidden Letters To Enter Vip

    Last Render:
    Name:  themaphunt.png
Views: 175
Size:  728.5 KB

    Last edited by NOTSHOTS; 03-22-2020 at 03:17 PM.
    -Main World: NOTSHOTS

    2013-2014 Player

    1-Level. (46/125)
    2-Awsomeness. (76/100)
    3-Win WOTD 🏆. (0/1)
    4-Get Doctor Title. (12/5000)
    5-Get LegendBot-009. (0/1)

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    Default SLEEPYLEP

    Name:  sleepylep.png
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    GrowID: Fledd
    World Name: SLEEPYLEP
    People say you can find gold at the end of the rainbow, but is it true? You decided to find out, and guess what! You just found the shinies, but beware, because there's the owner! Get the gold while leprechaun is sleeping!

    World features:
    -Challenging St. Patrick Day themed parkour (need wings)
    -Punch and Zombie jammers, Firehouse, Pineapple Guardian, St. Paddy's Day Weather
    -Bulletin board at the start and end

    World designed and built by Tarmanin
    Build Helpers: Fledd, SIDeuszz Patryk24
    Special thanks to: DevRaLL
    I love anime.

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    GrowID: Zawhi

    One day, mischievous you decided to seize the Pot O' Gold hidden by the leprechaun in your vicinity at the end of a rainbow. However, in doing so, he caught you in the act with his eyes. Unfortunately, you have to run back to your house swiftly before the leprechaun grabs his bagpipes or you will be dancing all night to his music.

    World Has:
    - Contains basic jammers (Zombie & Punch jammers), Pineapple Guardian & St. Paddy weather machine
    - Race Loop Mechanism (Credit to RABBITHOLERUN)
    - Pixel arts related to St. Patricks (Leprechaun, Clovers & Pot O' Gold)
    - Utility of dimension blocks to create uncertainty
    - Lots of Green Paint (really ALOT)
    - Fun (most IMPORTANT)
    - VIP Room (for winners)
    - Items obtainable from St. Patrick's event
    - Spectating Boxes

    World Render:
    Click me to see world render

    Sneak into STPATRICKRUN and have a 'time' of your life racing with your friends!
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    Yes, I'm Zawhi in Growtopia.

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    World: LifeofPatrick
    Ign: Flise
    Name:  lifeofpatrick.png
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    World provides information on Saint Patrick with fun parkour and riddle solving!

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    Default Nominating my worlds for World of the Day! (BYTUS & ROBOTSMANIA)

    Hey, my name is Fuzeds and I am nominating 2 of my worlds for the World of the Day award. These worlds bring lots of entertainment! I hope you like them!



    -An incredible futuristic world with many details
    -An amazing spaceship
    -Pixel art of "Droid Pet"
    -Credit Board near white door
    -Parkour difficult (medium)
    -Parkour of cybots
    -Adventure items
    -P & Z Jammers
    -Weather machine - Heatwave
    -Very entertaining story

    Story: On a very distant planet, there is a city called "Cybertopia" being attacked by an invasion of malefic robots lead by its leader called "Brextor" and only looking for destruction and chaos.
    These robots are destroying every part of the city whereby people living in Cybertopia must find a way to escape.
    The only way to do this is to get to a ship so that they all escape together but it must be done below the city so that the robots do not know that there are people yet.

    There is a rumor that underground have a factory that builds evil robots and the only way to pass that machinery is that people are not detected by vigilant robots

    Name:  robotsmania.png
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    I have worked hard in this world! I made the story suitable for everyone.
    (I worked in this world for about 2 months)

    - A very entertaining story
    - An amazing pixel art of a very detailed pharaoh
    - P&Z Jammers
    - Firehouse & Ghost Charm
    - Weather machine - Arid
    - Credits board near white door
    - Parkour
    - Adventure items
    - Winners room

    Summary of story:
    You are in a world where the great pyramid of the pharaoh "bytus" is located. Bytus was well known for being a pharaoh with millionaire riches, once every 100 years he chose a person to fulfill the "great challenge'' which is that you had to pass all his tests and you would have a life full of luxuries, but if did not you complete them you’d stay trapped in their great pyramid.
    In this world you will know the fantastic story of a brave adventurer who invoked in a dream the "Great Pharaoh Bytus" to challenge him with the tests contained in his pyramid and live his life full of wealth.
    In addition, you will find real information about ancient Egypt, you will know how it originated, real events that occurred in it and that are still a trend today.

    Name:  bytus.png
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Size:  522.7 KB
    IGN: Fuzeds


    Instagram: @fuzeds
    Discord: Fuzeds#8949

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    Name:  irishcharm.png
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    Updated Version
    Name:  irishcharm.png
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Size:  434.4 KB

    IRISHCHARM, my Blarney-inspired world.

    Each one of us is unique on its own. Everyone has its own charm. But, why are you not curious what is the charm of an Irish?

    So, what is it?
    Simply, Irish can overcome challenges specially parkours. Well, are you ready? Are you ready to be as charming as an Irish? If yes, be ready and go kiss the Blarney Stone. Goodluck!


    ♧There is a confusing labyrinth made of grimstones and added looming shadows to make it identical and to increase the level of parkour.

    ♧There are door links for all of the nine Blarney Worlds.

    ♧There are complete type of CyBots which was added to the parkour in which it is on maximum level.

    ♧There is a parkour that uses up, up and away block and through that parkour you will hear the sounds produce by the olmec head.

    ♧There are adventure items used in the parkour.

    ♧There is a parkour that you will encounter which has death trap wall and cracked stone slab.

    ♧There is a sungate and trickster parkour which somehow needs teamwork or not.

    ♧There is a dimension block parkour wherein it is placed through the rainbow so that you can go to the other end of the rainbow.

    ♧There are facts about in real life related to St. Patricks Day, you will encounter this section in the world when you finish the parkour.

    ♧There is a description board placed at the entrance and a credit board and public board placed at the end of the parkour.

    ♧There is punch jammer, zombie jammer, guardian pineapple, mini mod, firehouse, ghost charm, security camera, and weather machine- night in the world.

    ♧There is a place dedicated for you if you finish the parkour in the world.

    This world will not be possible without the help of these people.

    VOONY would like to thank the following:

    ♡NabiKrebs, for always being there for me when I am building and helping me regarding the designs, also for his positivity which encourages me to do my best.

    ♡Elyxial, for giving me compliments, suggestions or tips and for encouraging me to be positive every time.

    ♡Zytran, for always supporting me and giving me good or kind words.

    ♡Bear9, for giving me his thoughts and suggestions for my world.

    ♡Vichuri, for supporting my world and for the compliments he had given to me.

    ♡Ciutie, for supporting my world and giving me some suggestions.

    ♡Growsite, for being my friend who keeps supporting me every time I am participating in a contest.

    And to all of my friends, I will always be grateful that you are my friends. If I miss someone, I know you already know who you are, thank you.

    That's it. Thank you for reading.
    Last edited by voony; 03-22-2020 at 11:17 PM. Reason: Updated the render of the world.
    LEVEL (79/90)
    FOCUSED EYES (15/100)
    GOLDEN PICKAXE (200/200)



    IG: @voony_gt

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    Default Nominating PHAETHON for WOTD

    World ~ PHAETHON

    Name:  phaethon.png
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Size:  617.4 KB
    *Quick note ~ Regal bannisters do not render properly and end up as random blacks. If you see strange blocks, such as the winter fest calendar, it is actually a regal banister.*

    ~ Description ~
    This is my main world as well as my music collection. The world revolves around a Minotaur, a reference to my addiction with the Minotaur mask, and is placed inside a Greek-inspired main building. Players must venture the world and solve a riddle before they can enter the chamber holding the Minotaur. For those who do not want to see the Minotaur, the towers that surround the main building contain music that has been composed/arranged by myself in which players may visit and listen.

    ~ World includes the following ~
    • PZ Jammers
    • Ghost Charm
    • Weather - Background [The Darkness Wallpaper]
    • Enchanted bookshelves using dark cave backgrounds with light sources.
    • A riddle that encourages players to explore the world to find all clues.
    • An interactive VIP room (the Minotaur room) where players may adjust the lighting on the Minotaur.
    • The song that plays in the world is my very own rendition of Mozart’s “Lacrimosa,” an ominous song to enhance the world’s dark theme.
    • A book is placed at the entrance that gives credit to all contributors and sources of inspiration.

    ~ I make music and stuff... go check out my music at PHAETHON☺️🎼

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    World Render:
    Click me to see world render

    One day, a man who was about to clean the warehouse in the house left by his grandfather.
    Accidentally he found a chest containing a letter and a map, he was surprised by the contents of the letter, then he read it. It turned out that the contents of the letter were a few messages from his grandfather.
    The last message from his grandfather was to look for the treasure.
    he was confused by his grandfather's message, he also tried to solve the mystery

    world feature:
    - punch and zombie jammer
    - fire house
    - easy/medium parkour
    - vip room
    - maze
    - adventure items
    - credit board near white door

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    Default Last post ( then recreation )


    Name:  altheros.png
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Size:  404.9 KB
    Name:  altherus.png
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Size:  306.3 KB
    Render from ALTHEROS to ALTHERUS.
    The way they are introduced are in order.


    This world shall talk about Halloween with a scary story about a sleep monster that will give you nightmares. As we all know, Halloween is still months away from now. Though, this world is fitted to win right now as this holiday also originated from Ireland just like St.Patrick’s Day! Ireland truly is a fantastic place!!!

    Things in the world:

    Song - Spooky Scary Skeleton
    PZ Jammers
    Credits Board
    Trickster Parkour/Howler Parkour
    Unique mechanics regarding adventure items
    Spooky story
    Halloween facts
    Talks about Irish peeps

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Submitting UNIVERSELOVE for WOTD

    Quote Originally Posted by NekoRei View Post
    Hello, Growtopians!

    It’s time to commence the new cycle! So, we're opening a new thread and a new option to submit your WOTD entries!

    What do you get when you win WOTD?
    - An awesome trophy magically appears in your inventory
    - "WOTD Winner" is shown every time someone enters your world
    - Your world is added to the WOTD winner's list in-game: /top
    - 10 Growtokens
    - And above all! RESPECT!

    Cool right?

    But there are regulations to follow to be eligible to win the much coveted WOTD Award!

    • World name
    • Your GrowID (because we can't see them sometimes and just in-case you changed your name. )
    • A quick description of your world
    • Latest Render of the world

    **NEW!** We are now allowing players to submit their entries on INSTAGRAM. Just post your entry with the "Entry Requirements" and include this hashtag:
    • For March entries: #growwotdmar20
    • For April entries: #growwotdapr20
    • For May entries: #growwotdmay20

    RULES (March 2020 - May 2020 Cycle)
    • Owners should be the ones nominating their worlds. Nobody else is allowed to submit your entry for you.
    • A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to other players who helped with building/funding the world, music creator, worlds they have inspired/copied design from (If it's from the Web please mention that) and any other information should be mentioned. You can also use alternative boards, such as Guestbook.(You can choose to represent this info in a different creative way if you like but it must be near the start area of the world so we can easily see and check them)
    • You must credit pixel art sources and/or music inspiration.
    • At least basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie) must be placed within the world, unless the world does not require having one of them. Note: Promising that the jammers will be placed inside the world if it wins will not be considered.
    • Vend worlds, Storage and Pixel Art only worlds will not be considered.
    • Guild Headquarters (Worlds) are welcome! However, as the world is owned by one person, the prize will only be given to the owner. It's up to the Guild how they will make use of the WOTD prize in case the world wins.

    So you want to win eh?

    - Plus points are given to in-game event theme worlds which explain old and/or new mechanics of the in-game event to help guide new players
    - Plus points are given to worlds with new/creative ideas or unique/original mechanics
    - Plus points are given to worlds using recent items/blocks from recent or current events
    - Plus points are given to worlds placing doors/portals to worlds they have inspired/copied design, music and anything else from.
    - Negative points are given to worlds with doors linking to Vend/Shop worlds or any other worlds that are not related.
    - Owners who have been banned for more than 3 days in the last 6 months WILL NOT be considered.
    **If the punishment has been cancelled before it expires automatically, the ban is not counted and the player/world will still be eligible for the WOTD.

    What are the changes made in this cycle?
    - We added INSTAGRAM as an additional venue to submit WOTD entries, provided the post includes the "Entry Requirements" and the #GROWWOTD hashtag. To make it easier for players to submit entries and to give other players who has no access to the forum to submit theirs too.
    - We will only look at the world owner's punishment/s. We will no longer consider the admins' ban record.
    - We will not consider owners who were banned for more than 3 days in the last 6 months.
    - We are now allowing a world entry to be submitted more than once but with a 3 day gap. (PLEASE DO NOT SPAM)

    Would I be able to nominate my world in the next cycle and have a chance to be chosen as WOTD?
    - Yes, you can nominate your world every cycle but we highly encourage you to try and make improvements in the world rather than just nominating the same world as it is in the next cycle. We also encourage you to create a thread to collect feedback on how to improve your world and we might leave some comments there in some rare cases.

    My world was chosen as a WOTD before the 2018 trophy was launched, am I eligible to get the new trophy?
    - Yes, you are! Simply make sure you have the Ultra Trophy 3000 in your inventory and contact support, we will replace the Ultra Trophy 3000 with the new 2020 version.

    Can I nominate more than one world in the same cycle?
    - Yes, you can! You can nominate as many worlds in the same cycle as you like.

    Why do copied worlds get plus points? Does this mean I can just copy a world and win?
    - Most probably will have nearly ZERO chance of winning a WOTD if you choose to simply copy an old WOTD. The whole point of this rule is simply we don't mind if you end up copying a small part from a previous world (a cool looking tower, house decoration ...etc) as long as you are honest enough to clearly show that in your world (which we also hope that would give credit to the original owner and traffic to his/her world) but that will also mean your world must be different enough!

    Alrighty then! That should explain everything. Now go create your world and start submitting!

    Hello everyone!
    I'd like to submit my world
    Let me explain about my world a bit


    ~Pixel arts were all inspired from growtopia game's items, and having only 3 pixel arts
    ~The world include a love story about a child and a mother
    ~Having Hangout room for people who finished the parkour
    ~Talking about spending valentines day with our lovely ones, and have some quotes bout it
    ~Music world: Photograph - Ed Sheeran
    ~World was made in february 2020
    ~Fire house, Punch and Zombie jammers, Night weather

    World Description (story)
    ~Mostly love story are written between a girl and a boy, but this world was made with a love story between a kid and her mother.
    We sometimes forgot about what we already had, thinking about we can't do anything when it's all out of control.. but actually..
    when the life is though we will still always have that one person to feel the warmth and find the way out.
    A mother's figure will always be the best shield for their children. No matter whats happening, it will.
    We often forgot to celebrate the Valentines day with the most important person in our life, and from this world i'd like to reminds you that we have this strong woman in our life.

    And also for this world, i've chosen a mother figure to be the main topic of love.
    I wish the world would reminds you how beautiful life is when mommy's around, and please do not let her down.

    Good Luck Everyone!
    Name:  universelove.png
Views: 181
Size:  485.5 KBName:  universelove.png
Views: 181
Size:  485.5 KBName:  universelove.png
Views: 181
Size:  485.5 KB



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