GrowID: Powdered

This is an Adventure World, where you need to reach the end to go to another part. The good thing in this world is that this is a NEWBIE friendly world, where it does not require great ability to finish the adventure. In addition, it is a mystery world where you need to find the answer to the story itself.

My friends and I are planning to have a bonding together and we've come up to the idea of camping. It was February, a cold breeze is a perfect stress reliever and camping is perfect thing to do. And the day comes, we've traveled so far to reach a perfect spot for camping,
trees everywhere, wild plants, cave and wild animals. It was afternoon, we are preparing for the night to come we're all given task and I will be the one to scavenge for our food. As I walk I didn't notice that I've gone so far that I didn't know how to come back. I'm lost , I screamed as loud as I can even my throat almost got out. I ran walk without direction, then suddenly I found this mysterious village. Why would there be a village at the center of this.... Jungle? I go there and found out the truth... The truth that was never, ever yet had an answer.

Finish the world to find the answer.

Punch Jammer
Zombie Jammer
Weather Machine - Jungle
Adventure Items

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