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Thread: Meet Our New Guardians and Mods!

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    Default Meet Our New Guardians and Mods!

    Hello Growtopians,

    A few months ago we just opened up the application link for everyone to get a chance to apply as a Game Guardian. After going through a process of filtering and evaluation we were able to finally pick the deserving ones. So ladies and gentlemen, let's all put our hands together to our new Guardians!

    • Explorate
    • Akrius
    • Santackles
    • Phainomai
    • MissDropBear
    • Tharapita

    They will be posting their introductions here shortly so you'll get a chance to know them.

    Also, let's not forget to congratulate our newly promoted moderators who both started out as Guardians! Let's give a round of applause to Fournos and Kailyx!

    We will be opening the guardian application link again in The Gazette soon so watch out for that! Warning though, the official Game Guardian Application link will only be available in The Gazette. We will never share the link in any other platforms.

    ~ NekoRei
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    I am Tharapita. I have been an active member of this game since early 2013 and have spent an enormous time online. Doing so, I have collected a vast amount of experience in the intricate clockwork that is Growtopia - and I hope to put it to good use by devoting myself to bettering the game.

    A few words about myself: I enjoy most forms of good art; be it live theatre, film, written art, video-games, or the bazillion other forms of art there is. Good company and good food are also important to me.

    I am excited to be joining the Guardian team. See you around!

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    Default Akrius joins the battle!

    Hello, fellow Growtopians!

    My name is Akrius and I am one of the new Guardians. Growtopia has been my passion for many years so I've had plenty of time (probably wayyyyy too much time ) to learn the game inside and out. I like watching how players interact with each other, they're like little ants running from one place to another! I enjoy farming and spending time with my friends. Being part of the Guardians will be a blast because I love meeting new people and the others will be my new family starting now!

    See you in Growtopia!

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    Default Tackles from Santa

    Greetings to everyone!

    Santackles here and I've been playing Growtopia for nearly 5 years now! I just got accepted to be part of the team as a Game Guardian and words cannot describe my level of excitement. Having played the game for almost 5 years, I am sure that I have the experience necessary to assist and engage with the community in keeping the game enjoyable for everyone!

    I'm from Indonesia and I am currently enrolled in University somewhere in Australia. I am also multilingual (English, Indonesian and Chinese), therefore I believe I will be able to communicate well with the majority of the community. My passions outside Growtopia include reading light novels, watching TV shows and Anime, listening to music (especially Lo-fi). I also enjoy drawing and occasionally post them on social media.

    There will be times where I may not be able to respond to messages, but do not hesitate to chuck in a message! (I'll try my best to respond!) And as I've mentioned above, I commit to doing my best to ensure that everyone receives an enjoyable and safe experience in Growtopia.

    Looking forward to engaging with you all!

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    Hello there everyone!

    I'm Explorate and I have been playing Growtopia since 2013! I have spent countless hours on this amazing game and watched the game evolve from the start, and now I have the chance to use my knowledge and skills to help you guys out and this awesome game I love!

    Since I have been playing Growtopia for around 7 years, I have managed to achieve all my goals in Growtopia, and becoming a Guardian is super exciting to me as it allows me to learn new things and gives me a new experience.

    I will try my best to engage with you guys in my spare time, such as hosting dice games, fashion shows and more!

    Looking forwards to meeting you guys in game!

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    HERRO, I’m Phainomai!

    I’ve been a pretty dedicated Growtopia player for a pretty long time now, approximately 6 years, (Probably the one game that I lasted this long playing) I always liked learning and trying new things and Growtopia really enabled me to do so. I love exploring new events and updates and learning everything about them.

    Growtopia has always been a relaxing and safe environment for me to be myself, make friends and meet people from all different types of cultures and backgrounds and learning about them, and I wouldn’t be able to say that if not for how wonderful the community has been including the hard working support, moderators and guardians and it is such an honor to be able to say that, as a an Arabic speaking guardian, I will be part of that and help the current and new coming players have as great if not a better experience as I did, and really enjoy the game happily and safely.

    If you’re wondering what my name Phainomai means, in ancient Greek the word means “to come into being”. In every movie I watch or video game I play I am always attracted to the mythical and ancient characters which is where I get to learn a few cool words every now and then.

    Hope to see you around!

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    Wink Hi Everyone!

    Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to the Ubisoft team for choosing me as a Guardian! Like many of you, I put my application in thinking it would probably get nowhere in the thousands of applications they must have received and someone famous or more well deserved would be given the role. I am so proud and honoured to be chosen and I hope I do both the team and the community proud!

    For those that don’t get it from my name, I’m from Australia (google Drop Bear and have a giggle). I have been playing GT for over 5 years now and have worked hard during that time. I’m a farmer for the most part but most of all in game I love questing! Ring quests, Role Quests, Guild events, surg etc. Even after all this time of playing, I love carnival games and my favourite events are probably HarvestFest and Super Pineapple Party (who doesn’t love being a fat pine or exploding another lol). I’m guessing the Mod party also just got a lot more fun for me!!

    I have had my share of ups and downs in the game as have most that have played for any amount of time and I really hope I can use my experience to help both the team and the community out. GT has always been fun for me and I genuinely hope I can make it a good experience for all of you and will work hard to do just that!

    I’m quite friendly so if you see me pop up in game somewhere please say hi! I will do my best to work hard for the community and the Ubisoft team and truly hope I can make a difference for you guys!

    Hope I see you in game, unless you’re doing the wrong thing

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    Default Corrects here!

    Hey everyone, I am very glad to announce that the developers decided to add in more guardians! Since everyone is getting an introduction, I decided, that I too deserve one aswell!

    I am Corrects, I love Growtopia and have played it since 2015! This game is very fun and I have met many players from around the world. I would firstly, like to thank the Developers for choosing new Guardians. To everyone who applied and did not get chosen, there is always a next time! Do not lose hope!

    I enjoy playing many different types of games and I love anime too! I love to find item recipes in Growtopia as my main goal in Growtopia is to DISCOVER!

    As we open the thread for posting, we want you all to welcome these new guardians with open arms as they join the forces and help give you all the best gaming experience.

    Again, welcome to the new guardians and moderators!

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    one of the new game guardian is Indo

    the indos who think they'll get away cause they speak in Indo : *in fear*
    IGN : Liquify

    support my wholesome Axolotl thread!

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    Congratulations all, and welcome!

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    i dnt care when u started

    Default jigjig here

    hi guys im jigjig i have been playing since 2011
    i have experience in game to! i like friends

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    As always, it’s great to know that the team is growing. I’m sincerely very happy for you guys!
    Also, congratulations to Fournos and Kailyx! You guys have become moderators which is an amazing feat to reach!



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