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Thread: How to profit St. Patrick's day?

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    Default How to profit St. Patrick's day?

    it seems Patrick has his own event, and with new events comes new ways to profit.
    So, how to profit during St. Patrick's day?
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    You could fish using CATCH-OF-THE-DAY BAITS and get Rainbow Fishes which are only available during this event. You could catch perfect fishes with atleast a licorice rod. Consume a Beer-Battered Fish and Chips for more chance of catching a perfect one.

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    Complete 1 Blarney world for each account a day. I recommend you to finish BLARNEY2 as its the easiest imo.

    How to profit?

    1st tip:

    You get 2 Prizes if you complete 1 BLARNEY a day. The 1st prize is a common one while the bonus prize has 80% chance of getting a good one. With another account you can abuse it and get many items. If you don’t get what I mean just pm me.

    2nd tip:

    You know the giant pot o gold? If not you can go to any BLARNEY worlds and you will see a green pot o gold there. You must donate 20k rarity to get a common prize and 40k to get a rare prize. You only need to spend 4 wls to donate 40k rarity. I recommend you to buy chands. However it’s based on luck. My friend got Shamrock Wings after spending 10-20 wls for donations. Though the wings is currently unstable but still expensive.

    If you don’t wanna spend wls just try the 1st tip.
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