Hello Growtopians,

In light of the recent events, I would like to give everyone a bit of clarity what happened today and what it means to you and your account.

On March 15th we received reports about suspicious activities in the game. We found that a Ubisoft Moderator Account has been compromised and was accessed by someone else outside the Ubisoft Abu Dhabi Team. We immediately performed a security maintenance, suspended this account and any accounts that were interacting with this account (or items linked) as a security measure. We also banned all Worlds that were visited by the account while it was compromised.

Once we lifted the maintenance, we found two other, but not directly related issues. First many players wanted to verify their Account or reset their password. This led to extra traffic on the mail server, which lead to an increased delivery time for those emails. We also found that innocent players would receive bans by just visiting worlds and playing the game normally. We decided to perform another maintenance to reduce the number of players affected, and we resolved the issue after a short investigation.

Here is a sum up of what took place yesterday:

  • All compromised Moderator Accounts were banned and their integrity restored.
  • All worlds and players who were in contact with the compromised account remain banned until everything is restored back to normal. This should be resolved in the next days.
  • We took additional measures to ensure that every Moderator Account now is safe along with a preventive ban in case of inactivity for a long duration for any account with Mods credentials
  • Advanced Account Protection and Password Reset emails are now delivered faster
  • Accounts that have falsely been banned are still in the process of being unbanned right now (our team is still working on it) and will suffer no repercussions.

If you are still waiting on an email, please give it a bit more time and stay patient, a lot of you are requesting emails right now! But also, don't forget to check your spam folder!

If you encountered a false ban on your account yesterday, it should be accessible again. If it is not accessible in the next few hours or if you believe your account has been in any way compromised by yesterday’s incident, please contact the Customer Support Team in game if you play on mobile and if you are playing on PC here.

Please be advised that there was no data breach and there were very few accounts being access through social engineering, which are banned now. You can safely log back into the game.
However, we always advise you to enable Advanced Account Protection and keep your password updated at least every six months. Please note that we made a fix yesterday for the cases where the AAP could be bypassed, this is not the case anymore.

We're terribly sorry about what happened, and we apologize for the time you lost today. We know it’s not as good as playing, but you'll have a chance to experience Double Gems Drop today that will last for 24 hours, you will see it in the Gazette as soon as it is live!

~ The Growtopia Team