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Thread: incompetence of ubisoft

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    Hello LosArbitos

    Sorry to hear about your recent issue with purchasing the Road to Glory pack from our in-game shop!

    The way our system works is that once a staff member has sent you a response the system awaits for one in return. If some time passes without a player response then the system automatically closes the ticket since there's a whole queue of others waiting to be assisted.

    That said, I'm not here to put the blame on anyone. My priority is to see what happened so that we're able to fix it and more importantly get your order issue sorted out within a timely manner.

    Would you be able to send me your ticket number in a PM so that I'm able to look at it on my end and assist you with it?

    While I'm here, I want to encourage anyone else who is experiencing a purchase problem (or otherwise) to contact us at support.

    Mobile players can do that through the Settings by clicking on the "Support" button. PC players can submit the request right here.

    I would also like to remind everyone that while some issues are frustrating, we still have rules to follow on the forums. Please take the time to go through our Growtopian Code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clanky View Post
    We understand your frustration but perhaps you should have contacted them directly once more.
    I would message them, but I have waited for 2 months now, I shouldnt even have this problem, but i do. Ubisoft would rather release pointless updates than fix their buggy game.
    Another reason i dont try anymore is their trash robot auto text. I dont want to waste my time further with their support. this is the second time i have tried and failed, no point for a 3rd time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LosArbitos View Post
    I can not describe how speechless I am on this level of incompetence from growtopia and truely hope ubisoft goes bankrupt soon.
    Wait, so you gave them the money and you want the to go bankrupt? Well, because of people who spend money on this game like you, they unfortunately WON'T banktrupt.

    But I have to agree with you, almost every day there is some guy who gets scammed somehow and gets 0 help from Ubisoft because of their "automated" system and apparent careless behavior.
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