- Got suspended in Growtopia for no reasons.
- Made Ubisoft Account (the email is not linked with my account) so I could contact the Support about my suspension.
- Made 2 tickets about my suspension

- no response, really???
- indicated as "waiting" but no responses.

- Did a live chat to Ubi-Goose about my second ticket, he/she said it has response, but I couldn't see it, so he/she resend it to the "My Cases" page.
- The response says my email isn't linked to my account and no more response because "suspension is suspension, ignore if contact more" (not literally said to me but if you know what im saying hehe)

What? No more hope to know how I got suspended because I couldn't receive responses from them? What is going on?!

- Contacted once more to Growtopia Support.

- Ignores, status went from "New" to "Closed" after 2 days with no response.

Growtopia, please fix your Support. I just want to know how I got suspended and seriously? I know its "high volume contacts problem" something but others I knew got their response before me.

I want to know and also appeal my suspension because I don't know what happened.

Hey people, before replying this, don't say "just go contact to support bro, they will fix" THEY AREN'T RESPONDING TO ME BRUH! Hey developers or mods or administrators could I talk to you please? Just once more please?