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Thread: 60 day ban glitch

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    Default 60 day ban glitch

    I was playing a spleef game with my friends as usual, and in the middle there was the "up up, and away" block that gave you the balloon mod.

    So to prevent this, i wore a forged iron skin. i still got the effect, but i couldn't float. however, if u were to to hold the jump buttom, it would launch u in the air, and that's what caused the bug. how do i contact support?

    my ign is itzakami btw
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    Default Iron Skin + Balloon + Lava + Jump = Auto-ban

    I was in a 50wls spleef world when my friend itzakami randomly received an auto-ban. I do not know the reason on what caused his auto-ban, but I do know is that it had something to do with the design of the spleef world. First off, there was this Up Up and Away Block that caused players to fly. Above it were lava blocks so that it will damage the players who accidentally stepped on the Up Up and Away Block. However, my friend itzakami found a way to be immune from the spleef trap. This was through the item Forged Iron Skin. He did very well and was able to spleef normally without being flown away. After 30 seconds of clear dominance, a strange phenomenon happened. my friend, who was still playing, suddenly jumped too much while also having the effect of the Up Up and Away Block. While this is happening, the Iron Skin was trying to repel these negative effects, and in some way, the system detected as flying. As a result, he was instantly auto-banned. I hope Ubisoft will be able to fix this glitch. Otherwise, we won’t be able to enjoy the items we have if there would always be an unknown risk at hand.
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    Use the following link :
    You'll have to create a Ubisoft account in order to open a support case.
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    Hey, I'm Zyonic. So, recently, my friend Itzakami got auto-banned while playing Spleef in the world MIGSSGT. Now, I believe that this auto-ban was caused by a glitch and completely faultily. He did not deserve this ban whatsoever and here's why and HOW it happened.

    To give you a quick scenario of the scene, the Spleef in the world had a weird arena. There was lava on the top and on the bottom, and in the middle was a "Up, Up and Away Block" which gives you the "Floating!" mod (das balloon effect). But, he was wearing Forged Iron Skin, the shirt clothing. Forged Iron Skin reduces your knockback by 50% and completely nullifies the "Floating!" mod. It also shortens your jump. So, while he wore it and stood on top of the Up, Up and Away Block, nothing happened, but as he started to spam jump (and the jump was shorter than usual because of his fast hands and the iron-skin debuff), he started what appeared to be, flying, or floating. This was because on one hand, the server was trying to make him stable on the block, while he on the other hand kept jumping and floating. In the middle of this, he accidentally hit the lava on the top and IMMEDIATELY got auto-banned.

    After listening to this story, if you still think that he deserved the ban that he got, then, fine, I'll take it. And so will he. But I don't think that he deserves this, as this is surely a mistake. Please note that his account and this game means everything to him, and I don't know what he'd do if he didn't play GrowTopia. Please take immediate action on this. Thank you for reading.

    P.S, The auto-ban was of 60 days.

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    We'll investigate the issue, contact support if you've gotten banned because of this.

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