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Thread: Mass Produce

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurtlePirate View Post
    Thanks, but I've got 200 World Locks budget already, so any tips for that budget?
    Yes. do you wanna mass or make WLs? cause if its about they wls you can farm purple blocks buy 2k seeds (if you have the time to farm all lol) and you will get 300-500 seed profit every time you farm them and the grow time isnt long seeds are like 200/14++ and there is always buyers in buypurple. GOODLUCK!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boots of Hermes View Post
    At a 200-wl budget, it is recommended to mass-produce Display Blocks since the price is stable, at a price of 4 per wl. Go to the world MASS for recipes.
    Should I buy something with World Locks or that'd be better to farm everything from the scratch? Thank you in advance.



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