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    Default Harvesting services

    Want to get more profits from harvesting trees? Too lazy to harvest trees? Is a noob and cannot afford a sorrow harvester? Well, you're in luck!

    I have harvesting deals below. Choose wisely because once you have chosen your package, it is non-refundable. I will provide fuel packs if you want me to harvest with fuel packs. (If you dont want to use fuel packs, you can have the option not to.)


    Question: Will my gems, blocks or seeds be taken?
    Answer: No it will not be taken purposely, I am sorry if i have taken gems or blocks. I cannot return the gems but i can return the seeds and blocks.

    Question: What is the minimum of trees I need for you to harvest?
    Answer: You will need a minimum of 1K trees.The price are:
    1K trees=2wls
    1.5K trees=4wls
    2K trees=6wls
    2.5K trees=8wls
    1 Full farm=9wls(fuel pack will be provided if you want)
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