Hello everyone. Since I’ve been getting back into GT, I’ve decided to re-nominate my world for WOTD. It’s called THECOLORSOFHELL and here’s the story:

A man wakes up one morning to find that everything is in a monochromatic scale. He decides to look around his seemingly deserted city on a quest to find help and color, so he could understand what was going on. Instead of help, he found a cave at the edge of town that was clearly not there before. He explores the cave and color is found. However, it wasn’t quite what he’d expected...

This world features a one of a kind transcribed intro of Metallica’s Unforgiven III, punch and zombie jammers, a unique story line, and a monochromatic background and parkour.

Feel free to critique everything from the world design to the story to the blocks I used. Any information is appreciated, whether it be good or bad.

Here’s a render:
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