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Thread: Is owning a bfg world good?

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    Default Is owning a bfg world good?

    I know this question might sound really stupid and people would probably say yes instantly to this question but there are some things about owning a bfg that aren’t good.

    I know most of the things about owning a bfg, both positive and negoitive, such as

    •it’s easy to profit from it, from a lgrid farm you can get around 150-220 seeds and around 18-20k gems
    •It’s very good if you are lazy, all you have to do is break and plant trees
    • it doesn’t cost much to make a new farm/world

    • one auto can get you banned and your world nuked and then you have lost your mags/Gaia’s/ut’s and your account.
    • 99.99% of the people are fine but someone people are abit annoying somethings with the constant “owner owner owner” and then they say something like “can I auto” even though there are like 100’s of signs saying “no auto”
    •when you ban someone who autos they start to message you saying that they didn’t auto and you are a “scammer” even though they clearly auto because they punch and place for awhile after you pull them or the mag is empty. And then for some reason they always say the same thing “I was watching tv” and it’s annoying because you try to ignore it but they keep sending messages

    I know for the negative things you can deal with them, like for annoying people you can just ignore them or ban them but for the one that all it takes is one auto that you can’t find because they hide and turn it off when you are near and then you get banned it’s abit intimidating, it makes it risky because all it takes is one mistake of not finding that one auto and then you get banned and you lose everything in the world that got nuked

    So.. is it good to own a bfg or is it to risky, I know profits are really good but when I think of getting banned because of one auto it’s seems less worth it and more like a gamble that you hope a mod doesn’t come into world and spot a auto that you didn’t find.

    Thanks for reading, if you know if it’s good/safe or bad/risky to make one please reply to the post.

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    I have had a BFG and I can say that it is worth to own it. Many famous and rich players are running FREE BFGS, which is more risky I think.

    You can also check this thread written by Moderators:

    Autofarming and BFG with Autofarmers Punishment Rules:
    I hope it was helpful enough😎

    If you need any information or want to ask me personally, send me a private message!

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    I'd recommend you to call your friends to check your free bfg worlds ( ofc the trusted one ). If a player does not answer your friends question, then pull him/her first before banning the player. It he still punches and tries to place a block for a few secs ( 3 secs would be recommended ) then ban him/her immediately. A "hi" would be enough to check if the player is auto or not. With this method, you can harvest and plant your trees quicker.



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