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    World name: DUCKHUNTERS
    Well, i'll be attempting to go for WOTD! ^_^

    This world is inspired by the 1984 shooting game called DUCK HUNT!

    Player 1 is offline, You as Player 2 "the ONE" must go and save the day! The game Duck hunt were infested with virus and bugss.
    You must hunt the 3 legendary ducks and find the items needed in order to save the game!

    This adventure packed world will get you craving for more nostalgia! It's quite easy to go through IF and only IF you're skilled enough!
    We trust you Player 2 ! go and save Duck Hunt!

    Breadeds (me) - Owner
    ChillswagGT - Admin : Helped me a lot in building the world
    ExoticToxin : He's an old friend who's really good at making story and adventure! Sadly he had to quit for personal reasons. He helped so much in building the story line and parkour

    World details:
    - World has Punch and Zombie Jammers
    - Background Weather
    - Firehouse (i wasnt able to put it in the picture)
    - Adventure pack based world

    Grab your Light gun shooters and fight with us!

    That's all, Hope you guys like it!
    Good Luck, Player 2!

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    Cool Good Luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by 30thgt View Post
    I love the concept of this and the pixel arts are super cute! Wishing you the best of luck
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    Don’t post it here. Post it on World Showcase & after that, it’s the top thread that says “Nominate your WOTD here”.
    Nice world and I wish you the best of luck.
    Meet me in the game!

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