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Thread: Going to make this post public to get more attention.

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    Default Ubisoft is terrible at fixing bugs and prioritizes adding useless items instead

    Original thread: (I have told ubisoft multiple times to fix it. It's been almost a year since I asked for the fix and nothing)

    Bruh just fix this already. How incompetent are you people? You prioritize adding features rather than fix bugs??? I have been asking you to fix this for almost a year???????? Same with others who are having related issues. People keep bumping threads over and over again, and no administrator replies. Show us you care. Be transparent. You also never respond to criticism.!/page2

    This person is unable to play Growtopia on another device. He keeps bumping the threads yet he gets barley any response from an administrator. He has been constantly bumping the thread to the point it’s almost reaching 4 PAGES, yet no update to the situation!

    Remember that auto ban carnival bug? Yeah I bet you do. I remember it got merged and then then the thread went silent. No response from anyone (administrators). Someone posted a link to an adult website and it stayed there for at least 2-3 days. The bug wasn’t fixed until a month or two later if I recall.

    I would also like to point out something with support (this is my view). Someone makes a thread about how they’re getting no response from support or they get some crappy copy-paste reply. When it gets out of hand and others start disliking support, an administrator replies saying “hey pm me your ticket ID.” They then get priority support over others. Same thing happened to Tery when his account got hijacked I believe. He got priority rather than others because he’s a youtuber who advertises the game. People disliked that as well if I recall.

    For the love of god please respond to me regarding what i said above. You can also PM me if you want. Don't lock this thread with a poor response.

    By the way, I have also messaged almost every staff member with my concerns I said above long ago, but none have gotten back to me

    I may as well post it here because NONE of you responded.

    I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but I sure as hell don't like it. My issue with you people is that you lack transparency. When someone comes forward with an issue or bug, you either give a half-assed response, barley reply to the thread, or don't reply to the thread at all, making people think you are ignoring the issue. I made several threads asking for the resolution issue for the iPad Pro 2018 model to be fixed. The first one I made back in June. JUNE. No moderator or administrator replied to the thread. I would also like to point out that You never respond to criticism. I have seen thread after thread, post after post, criticizing on what I said above about transparency and other things but you never respond? Why? Is it you are afraid of backlash? Just come forward with SOMETHING regarding the criticism. Something is better than nothing. An example is that god awful ad you put on youtube with the "noob : pro" format that you see on awful mobile ads, that promotes false advertisement. You never responded to that and jesus god that made me cringe.
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