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Thread: Update questions / ideas.

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    Default Update questions / ideas.

    Will there be security updates?
    Updates are important if theres a duplication bug, failure in account security or game breaking bugs.
    It's important to fix this, is it possible this might happen if they're found?

    Will there be bugfix updates?
    I understand nothing will be added, but is this also the case for bugfixes or the IOTM fix?
    Thanks for reading. I think this is relatively easy to implement and this will add many options to the game. Those fixes and events make the game feel less unsupported, while there's barely any maintenance required. This might also be a good promo/demo for the (Mobile/PC) game.
    IOTM Rotation
    Let IOTMs rotate. Select a random one every month (automatically). This will fix the IOTM December 2019 screen, which looks just terrible.
    Growtopia Gazette
    The Gazette tells that "Winterfest Ends!". Maybe there could be a mention that support for this version is dropped, possibly link them to the forum.
    Scheduled events.
    The items for events are already ingame, maybe this could used. You could possibly schedule updates to enter at times, this will happen every year at the same time and no new items
    Winterfest Calendar in Store
    The Winterfest Calendar is still purchasable in the Growtopia store, this should be removed.
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