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    Hello everyone, JamieKYT here!
    I have gone through a breakup recently and am feeling sad
    I decided to make music in GT to cheer myself up and spread joy to people through music during these tough times of covid19.
    I'm not very good at making music, so please do not get angry if you do not like it. I am just trying my best~
    I will accept 1 random request a week. (or more if I'm available!)
    1. Follow me on Instagram @shinytorchick (maybe like my recent post? <3)
    2. Remember to state your song request and your Instagram username on the forum here!
    3. Do not unfollow me because I did not accept your request. You will be rejected from future giveaways
    4. My music is exclusive and not for sale, you can only get them through posting a request here

    This week's highlight:
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