Yeah, im really pissed off right now. I cant log in to this game. It was okay like and hour ago. But now i cant even log in to. It mostly stuck at updating item data. I mean what's really updating ??. And when i finally log in to the game. Everything just froze then i got disconnected.

Dont blame my phone nor my internet connection. I've tried to test my internet with other things like playing P*BG or watching youtube at 1080p. Those runs smoothly. My PING is also stable at 20-25 ms.

And i've tried to restart my WIFI, because before it can be fixed when i restarted it. But now it just cant.

Im really pissed off because of this update. My scrool bar is super thicc on my laptop, so im forced to play GT on my phone. Which is annoyin because it is harder to break and build something.