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Thread: Easter Week + Mentorship & Referral Update + Dev Diary!

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    Default Easter Week + Mentorship & Referral Update + Dev Diary!

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    Heya Growtopians,

    It's now Easter in Growtopia! In addition to the awesome new items and random events, millions of eggs have been hidden in various worlds for you to discover, so start hunting! Join the hunt and collect eggs in EGGRESCUE by consuming an Egg Rescue Ticket. Bring the Eggs to the Egg Baskets to win prizes!

    And for all the Mentors and Apprentices out there, as promised, we've upgraded the program in our new Mentorship & Referral Update! Starting today, "Recruits" have been added to the mentorship feature!

    You can now share game-generated links in your social media platforms and recruit your friends to play Growtopia! They will then be added as your Recruit once they finish the in-game tutorial and enter a new world. Plus, you and your new Recruit get 100 gems as a reward!

    Recruits can be promoted to Apprentices without the level 1-3 restriction! And you can now promote and have a total of 3 new apprentices daily (1 normal apprentice and 2 upgraded from recruits or 3 upgraded from recruits)! If that's not enough, we also added new exclusive milestones for the most dedicated mentors! And the most interesting one will be announced soon!

    Read more about this in our Mentorship Program FAQ.

    Please share your feedback and suggestions with us about "Easter Week" here and the "Mentorship & Referral Update" in this thread. We're looking forward to knowing your insights about 'em!

    Enjoy your recruiting and Easter egg hunting!

    ~ NekoRei

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    Default [Dev Diary] Easter Week, Mentorship & Referral Update

    Hello Growtopians!

    Spring is here and with it, Easter is finally upon us! We have a bouncy new update to the Easter event with a few changes this year.

    For Easter we have some have fun new changes. We have increased the maximum size of the Bunny Egg. It now goes up to 200% and anything over 100% has a chance to automatically burst, so you may need to try a few times to get the bigger rewards. Next, we have increased the prices and rewards from the Easter Pack. With this price increase, we now give more Magic Eggs or a second random Easter Egg. Lastly, we have reduced the number of tickets given for the Egg Rescue Ticket Pack. This is for two main reasons, you as players have requested more high value items from the Egg Rescue Rewards. When looking into this we found that the price of the ticket was devaluing the rewards. Second, our data shows that many players don’t use all the tickets they purchased so many tickets were going to waste.

    We also have a new social feature for adding mentors and referring your friends. With the current global situation it even more important to spend time with friend from a distance so why not do it in Growtopia. We have added a bunch of new rewards for inviting friends and teaching your friends how to play.

    How do you like the new systems? Do you have new suggestions? Let us know!




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