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Thread: [Forum Contest] Easter Story Time

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    The Last Bunny

    As we all know, bunnies around the world are classified as "nearly threatened" already or its population is now decreasing. This is a story of a Sylvilagus or more commonly know as a "cottontail rabbit."

    Several years ago, forests all around the world were starting to slowly fade away due to deforestation. Humans were always responsible for the decreasing amount of trees from all different forests around the world. News of several forests from different countries burning started to blow up on social media. Despite of most people standing up, being the voice of these poor creatures losing homes, the government just never listens and ignores it.

    One day, rabbits started to fade away — all of them, all different kinds of species, one by one. There was one forest in USA that was protected by the government where the last group of rabbits live. However, it got burned down after someone suspicious went into the forest and burned the entire thing down. You wonder, did a rabbit survive? Yes. A rabbit did survive, but it was the last one left — a baby bunny. How did he survive? Let's get into it.

    A person named "Bob," is an animal hunter. He usually hunts down animals and eats them for survival. He doesn't care about animals dying nor it going extinct. He just wants to kill him. The next day, he knew about the forest, where the last batch of bunnies live. Because he was a determined animal hunter (killer rather), he quoted to himself: "I will soon burn down that forest and no single bunny will be found alive." That's how determined and cruel he is. Although he didn't burn the forest the next night, he already had a plan on how to take it down. He waited for months until the eyes of both the government and the masses are not on that forest anymore. The forest started to not get prioritized by the government nor looked up to by the society after months of it being protected. He took that opportunity and told himself: "The next night, the entire forest will be gone."

    "Mama, are you sure that we're safe here?," the baby bunny asked.

    "Yes, we'll be safe here. Whatever happens, we'll be always right by your side," the mother rabbit responded.

    "If something ever happens to our habitat, we'll always be together," the father rabbit responded.

    The next night, Bob went to the forest with lots of gas. He made sure that the guards were sleeping and that cameras will not catch him. He was able to sneak into the forest. He walked at the very middle of the forest and while he was walking, one of the sleeping bunnies (the baby bunny) was awakened and he saw a man which was Bob, walking along the pathway. He immediately waked up his mom and dad.

    "Mama, papa! There's a man!"

    Both of them looked outside.

    "They're just probably one of those people taking care of us," the father rabbit replied.

    "But I feel like they're going to do something with us!"

    "Everything's going to be alright, don't worry," the mother rabbit replied.

    They all went back to sleep. The baby bunny couldn't sleep, thinking that the suspicious man (Bob) that he saw will do something to their habitat and to them. One hour has already passed and everyone's deeply asleep. Bob finally reached the middle of the forest and started pouring gas all over the place. He made sure that no one saw him nor was looking at him.

    "This is the end for all rabbits."

    He lit it up, fire started to emerge. He ran as quickly as he could, that no one would see him. The fire started to spread, the forest was starting to burn. The baby bunny was able to sleep, however, he started to have bad dreams. He saw rabbits and bunnies everywhere, running in panic. The entire forest was burning, there was no rescue. He saw his mom and dad, they screamed "RUN! Protect yourself!" A burning tree collapsed and fell on them. As soon it fell on them, he woke up. As soon as he woke up, he smelled smoke. He looked outside and saw fire almost coming to them at all sides. He screamed "FIRE!," everyone was awakened by his scream. Mother rabbit and father rabbit looked out and saw the fire rapidly coming. Everyone immediately ran away in panic. The family tried to run away but they were all cornered. Bunnies were starting to die because of falling burning trees. Some were starting to die because of the smoke.

    "Look at me. Listen to us, you must escape now!," said the father bunny.

    "But how about you?," the baby bunny asked.

    "Don't worry about us, we'll be helping those who are need in help," the mother rabbit replied.


    The burning tree beside them started to crack. They looked at the tree. The mother rabbit and the father bunny already knew their fate. It's an unavoidable one.

    "We love you." Said the mother rabbit.

    "Please... mama, papa." The baby bunny replied in a sad tone.

    The burning tree beside them is about to fall.

    RUN! Protect yourself!

    The baby bunny ran as fast as he could while crying. The burning tree fell, he looked back, and saw his parents died right in front of his eyes. He screamed "MAMA! PAPA!," and cried. He ran as fast as he could while the forest was burning. He was able to escape after encountering lots and lots of obstacles.

    Years after the incident.. the culprit was finally arrested. The forest was untouched ever since the incident, almost no tree grew, but there was one tree that survived. That one tree was the only tree that had life in that forest after years. The baby bunny came back to check the forest, saw the tree and stayed there. He remembered his mom and dad that sacrificed themselves for him. He stayed there for the whole day, the next day, someone went to the forest and saw the bunny. They all thought that rabbits and bunnies are totally extinct, but then when they saw the bunny, their minds changed, hoping that there's still time to protect him. The person that went into the forest calmly approached the bunny and said, "I will take care of you."

    The picture doesn't show the past scenario, but it shows the future scenario. The beauty that has been destroyed by us humans. As long there's still wild life and beauty out there in the nature, it's never too late to protect it.

    .. and that's the story of The Last Bunny.

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    Red face The tale of the baby bunny!

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    Growing up as a kid, Egglah always wanted a baby bunny but never knew how to get one. One day, she was walking in the forest when riding bunny came up to her. He said that if she would give him seven different eggs, that he would make her a baby bunny so marvelous and cute that she will never be able to get over his beauty. Egglah became obsessed with egg hunting! She collected every single egg that she could find, but... She had a problem. She was missing a stripped egg. She looked everywhere for it, but could never find it. She decided to go to the bouncy bunny, maybe he can help her find it. The bouncy bunny agrees, but on one condition. She had to find the rope in his bouncy castle and escape it. No one has ever gotten out of there alive. She was so scared, but agreed to do it. She would do anything for her baby bunny. She took the rope and brought it back to the bouncy bunny and in exchange, he gave her the last egg that she needed in order to complete her collection, the stripped egg. She was so happy to have finally collected 7 different eggs. She can now get the baby bunny that she's been waiting a long time for! She brought the eggs to riding bunny. He was so surprised that she had found seven of them! He took the eggs and combined them.Out of these eggs hatched a bunny so beautiful that Egglah was stunned by his beauty. This is what she's been waiting her whole life for, and she finally got it

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    Hello everyone, I am ProdigyDawn here is a colorful story of friendship, adventure, and revenge; The Easter Wish

    Notes: The story would be confusing to read, so I divided it into parts (also you won't get lost while reading!). I personally thank those people who took effort reading the story. Have fun!

    The Setting

    The Invitation

    The Revenger's Curse

    The Leaders' Fate

    The Easter Wish

    The Test

    What just happened?

    Name:  theeasterwish.png
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    The once four great leaders of Growtopia, looking at the bright North Star, wishing for freedom from the curse.
    GrowID: ProdigyDawn
    IG: @prodigydawn

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    Default Hi guys, here is my entry for the story contest called "BunnyFreak"

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    The month of march has passed, which means april has arrived, but most importantly it's almost Easter! For most, Easter is a time of spring filled joy spent with the family, but some spend it differently, way differently.

    The “Hoppies” are a group of people who basically worship bunnies, and are always too enthusiastic of Easter. There is a local lore that floats around our village, it’s called the “Creation of the Bunny Creatures.” I will tell you the story, but beware the person who created it was obviously crazy, you will see why, trust me.

    Years ago, there was a time I saw a bunny, and I knew my ever growing love for bunnies would keep on growing. That night I laid motionless deep in thought, of how beautiful the creature was. I eventually went to bed, dreaming about having a bunny of my own. As the morning passed, the need for a pet bunny grew expedentionally. I went to the local library, and checked out a book called “ The Mystic Easter Magic Guide.” I read the book thoroughly, and something caught my attention. A page called the “Bunny Transformation Spell.” It stated that “If the time was right on the day of Easter one might be able to transform anything into a bunny.” I screamed in excitement, and went to my house feeling extra excited.

    When I got to my house, I quickly prepared some items, due to the fact Easter was today. The items I prepared were my pet fish, a bouncy ball, a riding rocking horse and a baby doll.

    I read the page in the book once more, it said I had to chant these words in front of the things I want to transform “ Easter Magic Can Be Tragic.” I stood in front of the four items and let out a mighty chant “ EASTER MAGIC CAN BE TRAGIC.” At that moment a blinding light filled the entire room, which lasted a whole 15 seconds. When I looked I couldn't see the four items anywhere. I looked behind me, and in awe I realized the spell had worked. My fish turned into a totally legit bunny fish, the bouncy ball turned into a bouncy bunny, which couldn’t stop bouncing. The other two were also quite marvelous. The baby doll turned into the cutest little baby bunny and the riding rocking chair turned into a huge riding bunny.

    So now you know about the lore of our village, and the creation of the bunny creatures, hope you enjoyed it

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    Presenting a collaboration between sSpark and Lorddirt! Our origin story was inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland".

    In Easter Land:

    It was a lovely spring day, birds were chirping from their nests, and bunnies were prancing in the dewy flower grass. Baby Bunny, a quite small, brown-furred fellow was resting under a splendid willow tree. In the distance, an odd scene was unfolding. A large white bunny was speeding straight towards her! Sporting a magnificent coat of white fur, he yelled out “I’m late! I’m late!” bumping into her. Stunned, Baby Bunny watched this “Riding Bunny” frantically hop down into a dusty burrow.

    She approached the burrow and peered into it… what could be down there? Out of pure curiosity, she cautiously nudged her way into the opening. Not seeing a tiny pebble at her feet, Baby Bunny slipped, and went tumbling down, down, down for what seemed to be minutes. Screaming along the way, she caught glimpses of floating pastel antiques, easter relics, and what seemed to be a magic egg.

    Finally, the fall stopped as Baby Bunny found herself in a wide open circular room. Although dusty and covered in cobwebs, the dim room was surrounded by doors of all different shapes and sizes. Trying to escape, she tried yanking each door open, one by one.

    To her dismay, all were locked.

    Furiously huffing, Baby Bunny clenched her fists and turned her gaze to a peculiar wooden table in the center of the room. Laid on the table next to a dying candle, there was a miniscule marshmallow and a sign labeled “EAT ME.” Shrugging, she took a nibble of the sweet confection.

    All of a sudden, the room became smaller- or did she become bigger? Nevertheless, the room began to shudder, the once massive wooden walls cracking and falling to her feet. With a deafening rumble, the room had given away to a large forest. Sunlight shone from the sky, blinding Baby Bunny for a split second. Vision returning, she peered around. Large mushrooms, beaming with spectacular colors, and tall trees with flowering leaves stood around her. Quickly deciding to explore, she walked through the towering forest, breathing in misty air.

    After a short while, she arrived at a massive cliff wall. Gulping, she stared up at the rocky ledge, sediment slowly crumbling down. How high could it be? It seemed to touch the fluffy clouds in the sky... A soft voice giggled from behind Baby Bunny. Her eyes wandered to locate where the sound came from. Turning around, a stranger, fur matted with grime and rotten leaves stood staring at her. Introducing himself as Bouncy Bunny, he asks, “Who are you, and what brings you to the forest?”

    He offered his paw to her, and acknowledging him, she started to retell her wild story.

    Ending with a sigh, she asked him how she could scale the immense cliffside. With a grin on his face, Bouncy Bunny hopped over to a spotted mushroom and pulled out an object from behind it. Baby Bunny squinted, puzzled. “Here’s a balloon bunny! Take it!” Baby Bunny reached for the balloon’s string, and immediately started to float. With the velocity of a gust of wind, she flew up into the skies with incredible speed. Baby Bunny was too terrified to say anything. Her heart racing, she clutched the thin string, life on the line. Surely above the cliff by now, a calm breeze blew her down to what seemed to be a tranquil pond.

    A simple bridge, narrow and sturdy, came into view.

    Landing on her paws, Baby Bunny calmed down. She shook her head and took a quick breath. Out of the corner of her eye, a ripple in the water caught her attention.

    She hopped over to the edge of the bridge, and slowly peered below. Looking at her reflection, a jet of water appeared out of nowhere. Fur soaked, she exclaimed, “Who did that!” Finally squeezing the last bit of water out of her ears, a ragtag group of bunnies, and what seemed to be a fish were laughing at her. “I’m Flippers!” the fish said, “We’re having an easter egg hunt, ‘ya care to join?” Baby Bunny looked puzzled, “In the pond?” The fish, rolling his eyes, waved to the bunnies and they disappeared into the water.

    Baby Bunny shrugged, then dived in.

    The bare pond transformed into a colorful egg hunt. Bubbles floated towards the surface, while a variety of easter eggs sat at rock bottom. Searching around, Baby Bunny found a plethora of intriguing objects. Among easter eggs, she found a pair of puffy-pink purple bunny ears. Jokingly, she decided to put them on the head of Flippers. Almost instantaneously, he perked up, eyes gleaming. Smiling, Baby Bunny swam off to find more eggs.

    The end of the hunt came quickly, with Baby Bunny collecting an astounding 36 eggs.

    As the rest of the bunnies celebrated on land, Baby Bunny approached Flippers, who was floating solemnly at the pond’s edge. “Hey! I’m just sitting here because… I can’t go on land,” Flippers tries to cheerfully explain, “But wait… I have bunny ears!” Reaching up to his head, Flippers gasped, “Wait… with these bunny ears, I can be a bunny! An actual, 'legit' bunny… fish?”

    To the dismay of Baby Bunny, Flippers then jumped up and ran onto land. He cleared his throat and announced, “I am going to leave the pond!” Confused heads turning, he continued, “I have discovered my true beckoning— to become a bunny! I thank you all, and shall see you next Easter!”

    And with that, he was off.

    Bouncing, or rather flopping away, the bunnies waved in salute to this crazy “totally-legit” bunnyfish. Baby Bunny waved an awkward goodbye to the others, continuing on her odd expedition.

    Wandering out of the forests, Baby Bunny looked up to see a Pastel Brick Palace. Surrounded by uniform gardens, and trimmed bushes, the palace reflected gradiance. In a central foyer between easter-egg hedges, she spotted three figures out and about. Sneaking behind a tall topiary, she watched as they decorated a batch of easter eggs, brittle paint brushes in hand. As the eggs were finished with a splattered dot of pink, a voice shouted from far away. “Those eggs are painted wrong! Come here!” The figures murmured and hesitantly walked towards Baby Bunny’s hiding place.

    Backing away to avoid being seen, she found herself face to face with a maroon-eyed guard. The guard, a Psychotic Bunny, grabbed her by the paw and snarled, “I’m taking you, and all of these disgraceful egg painters to the king himself.”

    The throne room of the “king” was mystifying. Pastel warriors holding spears, and portraits of an eerie, unbunny-like figure lined the room. A thick cloud of grey smoke carpeted the once colorful floor.

    “CUE THE FANFARE, BUNNY BARKO HAS ARRIVED!” a raspy voice announced from the corner. Stepping out of the shadows, a short, nightmare grey rabbit cackled. “I see you have tested my authority… I guess I have no choice but to… exile the lot of you?”

    Eradicating the fear in the room, a knocking came from the throne room’s intricate gate. “Sire, I have arrested three peculiar subjects,” said a helmeted guard, “a bunny who was late to our trial questioning his running speed—surely witchcraft, a crazy bunny who cannot pay for bouncing on and crushing our magic eggs, and an estranged fish who claims to be a bunny!"

    A muffled whimpering grew stronger as Bunny Barko paced across the room. Grinning, he croaked, “Well, well, what do we have here? Crazy bunny defects? Obviously, simple offenses like these suggest your immediate exile.”

    Disgruntled, Baby Bunny angrily spoke out, “These bunnies will not be exiled on my watch! Just because a patch of paint was spilled, just because they made little mistakes, gives you no reason to exile them!” Furious, Bunny Barko opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a shrill voice. “Yeah, I agree with her! Why should we be your soldiers? Why do we have to serve you and your dumb laws? All you do is ask for magic eggs and expensive smoke machines!” One by one, all of the soldiers nodded and looked at one another.

    “We will no longer serve the tyrannical rule of Bunny Barko!”

    Bunny Barko turned around, “You pathetic lagomorphs," howling with laughter, “taking away my throne? Let's see what happens now.” Like a villain, Barko then took a shiny jet engine, plated with silver, and disappeared into the dense smoke.

    Just then, the palace started to rumble. Portraits began to fall, their once vibrant paint oozing onto the pastel floor, which had begun to crack. The grey clouds thundered and poured rain, while booms and crashes erupted with furniture and statues falling to the ground.

    “We have to jump out!” The Bouncy Bunny exclaimed.
    “There’s a moat down here! We can swim!” The Bunnyfish shouted.
    “Let’s run now! 3, 2, 1!” The Riding Bunny urged.

    And they jumped.

    Opening her eyes, Baby Bunny found herself resting under an ordinary willow tree. Was it all… a mere fantasy?


    Baby Bunny’s Journal

    -You could say that the Bunnyfish achieves his dream of becoming a “real bunny”... perhaps you can get a totally-legit bunny ear from him(but who knows these days).
    -Riding Bunny is very successful, you can often see him running around worlds.
    -Bouncy Bunny spends his days jumping, and even letting others jump on him after he gets a certification to become a bouncy block!
    -Bunny Barko continues his maniacal ways, so if you see him, be prepared for a crime fight!

    Yours truly, Baby Bunny.

    Name:  easterlandforest.png
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    Above: World Scene - The Easter Forest

    IGN: Lorddirt

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    Name:  thewhiterabbit.png
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    I decided to create the history of the Bouncy Bunny as my second favorite anthropomorphized rabbit (My first is Bugs Bunny, I love him since my childhood, but he is gray): The White Rabbit from Lewis Carrol's Novel Alice's Adventure in Wonderland.
    But how did he left the wonderland and went to Growtopia? For that, he will explain with little a poem:

    I was late, always late
    For a very important date
    I used to work for the Queen of Hearts
    And luckily, i didn't had my head apart

    Now i have retired with peace in mind
    The Disney and Tim burton movies i leave behind
    But i should visit the Wonderland again
    To show it to all my new friends.

    I'm gonna spend my days with no pomp or Running
    Just helping Growtopia players to do their jumping
    Because where is nonsense is where i stay
    And there are so many worlds here where Craziness is the way.

    Yes, now he lives in Growtopia, after all "We're all Mad here", right?

    About the Adventure: I made the parkour with 4 parts. First part is "Down the Rabbit Hole", where the Doorknob says that you need to get the key over the Table. The Second part is "The pool of tears" with a water parkours that ends in the Caucus-Race beach. Third part is The Rose Garden, a parkour with the Queen of Hearts in there. Last part is the Cheshire Forest, where the March Hare and the Hatter are hanging out.
    The parkour is Medium to Hard, with some Challenging parts, every part is possible with no wings nor anything.
    It has Original Music: Oh Happy Day, builded inside Audio Racks with Spanish Guitar, Violin and Lyre (I'm really proud of doing that).
    Also has PZ Jammer, Firehouse and Ghost Charm.
    PS: The is some Pastel Bunny Block in that hole of Dirt are not appearring in the Render.

    PS2: English is not my main language, so, if there is any mistake in my poem, please, tell me so i can fix it in the World too. Thanks.
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    -JUMPLIST - A parkour list sorted by dificulty, with only cool adventures in it. Come Visit and Play.
    -RPGMUSIC - Game/medieval songs, just for fun and to bring the spirit of Adventure.
    -ANTIGRAVITY - I will finish Rebuild it, and then make it a Serie of Parkours. Already got the Names.
    -Building now: DEMONCLOWN - Probably next WOTD Try =D

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    Default The Fish Bunny

    World Name: TheFishBunny

    GrowID: Lolstyler

    Oh No! You lost your memories! Let me Help you Bunnyfish!

    The Story:

    There was a fish named Jacob. Jacob had not many Friends. His Family was poor. He was not Popular at school. He even got bullied in school. There was a gang of three.. The school was their kingdom. They all were rich. They always wore rich clothes and always had the newiest stuff. The Gang bullied Jacob because he had not the best clothes and the newiest stuff. At a normal day Jacob was swimming Home after he noticed something diffrent in the Water. He wanted to check but jacob was a little bit scared. He looked Closer and realized that it was a baby bunny. He fell in the Water and is Drowning now! Jacob looked around but didnt saw anybody. He swam to the baby bunny and tried to help him. After some Minutes of trying he made it! He managed it to push the Baby bunny out of the Water! The Parents of the Baby Bunny were alot of Thankful. The Parents gave Jacob a special Gift. Legit Bunny Ears. They were rare and they looked really cool. They had a special ability. If you wore them you could breathe out of the Water! You were able to left the Water without dying. Jacob took the Gift. It was a normal Day Jacob went to school but that day he wore his Legit Bunny Ears. After some minutes when he arrived School everyone stared at him. They liked Jacobs bunny ears. They also stopped bullying him. Nowadays he became an idol for other People. He also helps People who are in a difficult situation

    Name:  thefishbunny.png
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Size:  66.4 KB

    Thanks for Reading.

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    The Elemental Guardians

    The Growtopia universe is full of many different and unique worlds that either connects to one another or independently depending on how it was modified by a being called “Growtopians”. Brimmed with mysteries that can will change the entire flow of the universe that will either advance or cause major issues with it and known to have random occurrences. On the year 2013 of April, an unknown strong force energy was forming over the horizon that caught the attention of every single beings as it exponentially grew larger in mass. In a sudden, a warm bright light swiftly expanded from the energy core that blinded the entire living beings for a short time. As everyone have recovered their vision, a few minutes after the confusion of the occurrence, a sound was heard from every single worlds where every living beings inhabits a world. Upon the further inspections by the Growtopians, the first item they found in which they namely called “The Magic Egg” that resembles of an Easter egg with its intricate design, containing a magical essence inside the unique egg. As the eggs continually spawned, everyone began gathering and ****yzing it as one researcher sought the answer as to explain the reason behind its sudden existence that was quickly passed from one to another beings. As the time passes, they called it upon a thorough ****ysis: “The Easter Week” as a special event every year cycle as the event was explicitly captured with the same holiday of Easter to the human world where they commemorate the resurrection of Jesus.

    As the days have passed by in the Growtopia universe, they discovered a wide variety of the unique items that were collected and harvested during the week that brought joy and excitement to everyone as it introduced a colorful palettes of pastel colors, bunny-like costumes, consumables, and two strange new creatures that intrigued the vast majority. As the Growtopian experts began their thorough research, few of the researchers detected an immeasurable power that was formed after the explosion and have found that there were first two entities that ever existed to the Growtopia universe. First entity was discovered with a distinguishable reminiscence of a rabbit and was named “The Cuddly Bunny” with few recognizable characteristics of an affectionate and caring being that is able to cause a sudden burst of love and joy once touched. Second entity was discovered with the same reminiscence of the first discovered animal and was named “The Psychotic Bunny” with few recognizable characteristics of a harsh and cruel being that is able to cause a sudden attack of pure hate and anger that causes anyone to significantly raise stress abnormally that results death once touched. The two new animals are proven to be powerful and unique that were used for good and bad purposes as the two new first entities continually grew in population as the raising numbers of Growtopians crossbred the trees to create them rapidly.

    “Behind the unknown reality lies the true reason of the first two new powerful entities existence.” Carved to the stone in the middle of a meadow by one of the oldest member of the prophet without any name engraved. After the prophet disappeared without any trace, one being told everyone about the hidden and abandoned world where the story behind the Easter Week was kept hidden. A week has passed by after the event, a traveller stumbled upon a world — an abandoned cathedral where the rumors was told that kept the myth away from them. Once revealed, the expedition began to retrieve the book hidden inside the cathedral. After hours of searching, a member of the team discovered a hidden passage leading to an endless stretch of the cave systems. In the center, a shed of light looms a strange humanoid figure. Picking up the courage, a light was shed to its direction and revealed a pedestal with a dusty book displayed and was successfully retrieved to announce the team of the discovery. Shouted by one of the member that it is real, they all gathered in the center of the cathedral. As they carefully blew the dust particles away reveals an etch of a rabbit on the top with a collar attached to its neck; a chubby rabbit manipulating air; a young tiny bunny with a collar attached to its neck stepping on a floating rock; a large shark-like fish with a unique rabbit ear gliding in the water; and a tall and flexible rabbit cast a fiery kick to the direction. Once the latch was unlocked, a strong gust of wind blew through the windows causing the book itself to open its front cover and as the cover slowly to rise, a bright shed of light was released until the cover was fully opened that blinded the entire researchers. After they were blinded by the bright light from the book, they realized that the cathedral vanished from its existence and the book was closed as they were stunned by the sudden occurrence. Confused and clueless, they headed back to the facility to ****yze book without opening. As they arrived, another group of researchers took the book and were warned that the book may blind them once opened. Shocked, they listened and intently ****yzed the book from every angle yet nothing was found other than the etched characters on the front page. Once opening, there was no bright light and only revealing a blank ancient page. Confused, they moved to the next page and revealed a title for the book. “THE FOUR ELEMENTAL GUARDIANS” was written on the upper center of the book with a wet ink written on the bottom “2013.” One of the member touched the wet ink and left a stain on the top of its forefinger. Surprised, they proceeded to check the next page and yet again revealed an old and ancient writing that is written in an undecipherable language. As they kept flipping through pages, they found a blank page. One member said it could be a fly leaf but once the page was flipped, another empty page was revealed. Confused, they began flipping the pages rapidly and as it reaches to the end of the page, remained blank and bewildered by the contents. After a month of broadcasting to decipher the written text, the book was kept safe inside the protective glasses as a historical discovered retrieved after their failure of translating it.

    The first two Easter entities are named by their scientific name but no Growtopians ever discovered their specific names. The unspecified creator who created the first two guardians are obligated to maintain and nudge particular things during the event once a year as they were granted to be capable of absorbing the Easter essence to gain an ability to create a unique set of items. The Cuddly Bunny is a kindhearted and easygoing guardian who is responsible for creating positive and smooth light items such as the colorful Pastel Blocks and also responsible for nurturing the flow of the trees stability every time an egg was cast to a specific seed that causes to fuse with the power to form a new item. The Psychotic Bunny is a menacing and sinister guardian who is responsible for creating ominous items such as the Rabbit Costume with a curse of changing the behavior and look of any beings while worn and also responsible for the restricting the amount of power to be used during the week to preserve enough energy to return once again on another year. The two served as an equal balance of the Easter week as it maintains the good and evil under control to keep everything from going unstable.

    On the 2014 of April, before the Easter week. A strong aura of the Psychotic Bunny was slowly detected grew larger and larger that caught the attention of the Cuddly Bunny to further monitor the situation before a sudden catastrophic event could wipe off the vast majority of the Growtopians. As time passes by, the bunny noticed numerous amount of items that may cause the balance to be thrown off and cause an unstable energy that the bunny feared to see might happen to the universe itself. Carefully approaching the bunny and saw itself creating monstrous type of entities with malformed body structures and as it looked down to its face, showing an eerie and intimidating look as it immediately snaps to face on the direction of the bunny. The bunny started chuckling menacingly as the concerned bunny began talking about the bizarre behaviour of itself. While explaining, the bunny dismissively listened to its warnings as it was blinded with something that is consuming the bunny to be dangerously unstable. Later on, the bunny decided to leave for a while to carefully flesh out an idea to stop the unstable power growing to its guardian.

    As the time passed by, the Cuddly Bunny discretely implemented a new property to the magic egg and prepared the new items, hoping to stop its partner from causing havoc or disruption to the universe as the energy used to power the new property is greater that restricted itself from creating more event items. The Psychotic Bunny however, chuckled menacingly with its unrecognizable ideas that could possibly cause severe damage to the Growtopia universe as the power got unstable, the creation of the items doubled than the bunny can create. Few more seconds before the power of the Easter arrives to allow them from deploying their items, the Cuddly Bunny prepared all of the power it can absorb while the bunny looked calm and prepared as it absorbs a significant amount of power making the power of the Cuddly Bunny seem insignificant. Once the time have arrived, before the Psychotic Bunny could release its unrecognizable items, withing in a split second, it was stopped by the Cuddly Bunny using its every inch of its powers against it. As minute have passed by of struggling, the Psychotic Bunny slowly looked to its direction, a calm expression with flaming eyes lifted its left front paw and a bright red aura is visible to the naked eyes as it gains advantage with its sudden unfathomable power against it. The energy of the Cuddly Bunny is rapidly deteriorating to stop the Psychotic Bunny from releasing its items as it kept glancing to the Growtopians experimenting and hoping to discover its mechanic sooner. Until suddenly, one of the beings finally discovered the hidden plan by increasing the size of the magic egg and the bunny knew it will be its last hope to stop the evil bunny as its powers drain quicker. As the information continually spreads to the entire beings, a bright aura slowly grew to the Cuddly Bunny as its powers enhanced, it increasingly gain an ability to halt the Psychotic Bunny from casting its power from the constant usage of its new mechanics to the magic egg. As the battle against the two continued, one of the beings got the first maximum amount of eggs to increase the size of the magic egg and called it "The Largest Bunny Egg in the World!" As the curiosity grew to consume the Growtopian's will to attempt to hatch it, a great force of every punch started cracking the egg and piece by piece, another unfathomable power were both sensed by the bunnies and located from the largest egg. To the final blow, an omnipresent Pet Bunny was the first supreme being born to the Growtopia universe. As this power is interlinked with the Cuddly Bunny, an impenetrable beam from the sudden burst of its unstable power penetrated the Psychotic Bunny as it was swiftly launched to the brightest skies and in an instant, it obliterated into several bright chunks to all directions. Easter 2014 is the year to be reported of no evil Easter items introduced and less items were introduced as the Cuddly Bunny used most of its power to stop the evil bunny. The Pet Bunny is a gentle and understanding being that was created with an unstable amount of good powers from the Cuddly Bunny that promised to take full responsibility on managing the special week every year. Once the week ends, the Pet Bunny had to take things into its own matter to prepare a special year as the power of the Cuddly Bunny was fully absorbed. The bunny became into a regular entity in the universe while the disappearance of the Psychotic Bunny left evil particles that caused the regular copies of itself to be found in rare cases.

    A year has passed on the Spring of 2015. After the disaster from the previous event, the Pet Bunny already prepared its wide variety of new item ideas to spread in the Growtopia universe to compensate for the horrible week last year. Along with the newfangled mechanics with the magic eggs that allows them to obtain an item from 80–89 percent to drop a new equipment called “Egg Hunting Basket” which grants any being an ability to catch 6 Easter Eggs that comes in different rarity, color, and patterns. The eggs harvested by the them can only be used in any chemical combiners to form a new items. As they began experimenting with the eggs collected, they discovered the different variations of blocks and wallpapers, new accessories. A strange item was accidentally created with high presence of evil power similar to the power of the Psychotic Bunny with a name of “Cursed Jet Engine” that struck an airplane to crash. A curious being tampered the engine and in a flash, an ominous shadow starts to form as the blackness grew and blinded the Growtopian. As the being recovered its vision, a tall figure composed of a shadowy flesh begun causing disruption to the universe. The growing level of the evil power caught the attention of the Pet Bunny and as it saw the causes of the unidentified entity, it proceeded to use its boundless power to create the 4 elemental guardians to fight the evil power from spreading and causing mass disturbance and destruction to the universe.

    A chubby rabbit with an Air element was born and introduced in the universe by their creator and is given a sole purpose to moderate and nudge each types of foreground blocks and wallpapers. An aura of the bunny was bestowed upon and named as “Bouncy Bunny” to disguise itself as a regular trampoline type of block and each type of Easter blocks and wallpapers are created with the power of the season and handled by it once an evil essence was notably detected.

    A tiny bunny with an Earth element was born and introduced in the universe by their creator and is given a sole purpose to moderate and nudge each types any living entities that can be detected by its recognizable Easter power properties. An aura of the bunny was bestowed upon and named as “Baby Bunny” to disguise itself as an affectionate little pet and is the protector of every Easter entities by defending and providing power once an evil essence was notably detected by it.

    A big fish with a Water element was born and introduced in the universe by their creator and is given a sole purpose to moderate and nudge properties of the items with mechanics that is unique to the universe. An aura of the bunny was bestowed upon and named as “Totally Legit Bunnyfish” to disguise itself as a questionable entity to the sight and is the master of creating different items and finding new discoveries that is never expected by any beings. It serves an astonishing support to the balance of every Easter power as the main power was detected from its rabbit-like pink ears.

    A tall rabbit with a Fire element was born and introduced in the universe by their creator and is given a sole purpose to moderate and nudge any clothing that can be equipped. An aura of the bunny was bestowed upon and named as “Riding Bunny” to disguise itself as mount pet and is the protector of the clothing that prevents the evil power from possessing and causing the item to change in shape that results in the hazardous state.

    As the evil entities increasingly grew in numbers, the four was deployed as the Pet Bunny stated that its entire power is divided equally to each one of them and specifically said in order: the air will be responsible for fending off the evil spirits away from the blocks; the earth will be responsible for protecting every each and one of its kind to avoid possession; the water will be responsible for the entire flow of the week and supporting its kind; and the fire will be responsible for guarding the clothing of any kind to keep every being to posses any hazardous clothing styles. After the bunny said their positions and abilities, within a split few second, the bunny smiled upon them as bright light illuminated around its body and slowly disappeared once the bright light extended further beyond. Four white balls landed on each one of them as they felt the power grew from the bunny and as they closed their eyes, they slowly gained the ability they were told to have in order to protect the Easter week of the Growtopia universe. Once they gained their powers, the begun working together with full cooperation and effort to defeat the evil entities that are causing disruption and harm to everything. After a long battle against the evil entities, the powers that the four wasted are converted into a piece of clothing and rarely dropping the possessions of the entity and is given to any beings that guided them to fight them and is served as a reward to commemorate for their bravery and courage to aid and support the guardians. The week ended in a successful condition as no evil entities were detected and no evil or corrupted items were located and served a warning to never tamper with broken parts to prevent further damage. As the sun sets, they all gathered together and as the night falls, there were put into a sleep as to prevent any disturbance to the usage of their powers.

    Another year has passed by on the Spring of 2016, as the Easter week arrives, the four were awaken from their slumber to plan another surprise to show for everyone. The bunny fish had idea to use most of their powers to create new and unique items that they have never attempted and that is by unlocking more clothing and a special block with a new property. As the three agreed to its plan, the powers from the four were formed into a massive ball, the bunny fish used its ability to create the items which also introduced another entity which is the Riding Bumblebee that enables any being to jump without the use of wings. After their massive powers were used to create few items, they hoped their plan brought joy and excitement to Growtopians as they used the rest of their powers to fend off any evil entities forming to cause destruction or disturbance to the event. As the event ended, they were successful on keeping everything balanced and before the night falls, the bunny fish also introduced itself as a new catch to the fishing by using the rest of its power. Once the night fell, the tired guardians was slowly put into sleep to recover and return for their next event.

    A huge success on their duties from the previous year that exhausted them. on the Spring of 2017, as the Easter week arrives, a sudden attack of fatigue to the bunny fish causes it to lose its ability to use its powers to serve for the event. The guardians were worried and started prioritizing on the recovery of their member instead of the event to soon come and as they ****yzed for the reason of this, they discovered that using too much power will make the entity useless as it cannot do anything other than recover until next year. After a sudden realization of the four, they were not too cautious of the consequences to their actions and now facing the problem of managing the Easter week. The three was also tired and as the event started, they decided to come up with a plan by assigning the one to defend its fatigued guardian; one that will create blocks and wallpapers; and one that will fend off any evil entities. As the days passed, the three of them got increasingly tired until one day, to the last day of the event the three collapsed as the bunny fish witnessed the evil entities taking huge numbers of the Easter items stolen as the night slowly arrived and the last awake guardian slowly fell asleep.

    A mass loss of the items were detected from the previous year. On the Spring of 2018, as the four guardians have fully recovered from their rest, they immediately fleshed out a new plan to find the lost items. With the full effort and cooperation to prepare before the event will start, they created a map to track and locate the massive evil essence gathering in a spot and as the guardians have fully modified the map, they began their exploration to stop the evil entities that were not defeated on the previous year. As they got closer to the location, the four stood on a cliff with the seemingly endless stretch of the abyss and saw a fortress on an island hovering over the horizon, supported by the red aura from the evil entities. As the cool breeze passed, they used their power to form a magical solid cloud which served as a bridge that extended endlessly to reach the island and cast an eternal spell to seal the bridge with their power to prevent any evil being from destroying the path. The four guardians walked closer as it revealed a ginormous fortress sealed with the evil aura to block any attackers with a magical bunny-like lock on the center with a keyhole that caught their attention. They hid next the towering watchtowers to begin ****yzing the properties of the lock and as the four worked meticulously to understand, they created a key to disable the evil seal that prevents them from entering. As the three are preparing an attack, the bouncy bunny advised the three to stop from attacking and thought of an idea. The bunny told the bunny fish about its plan to process the idea and in a split second of saying, its eyes sparked with a burning passion as the bunny smiled in glee to its effort. The four guardians cast another eternal magic properties on a ticket called “Egg Rescue Ticket” by applying the essence of the key to disable the lock which allows any Growtopians to raid the fortress. As the event began, in an instant, with the four guardians observing the portal they created on their magic bridge, a sudden earthquake occurring to the island as thousands of the beings rushed to the gates of the fortress and the four guardians prepared their plans and attacks to retrieve their Easter items. After the countdown, thousands of players rushed inside the castle and began rescuing the items as the guardians fought the entities as the other beings supported to fight the entities. The battle against the evil entities was nowhere the end for them but as the week ends, while the four were battling the evil entities, to the last few seconds before the four guardians will be sent back to their place to rest, the riding bunny was ambushed and hundreds of evil entities outnumbered the three and in the last few millisecond the riding bunny attempted to reach the paw of one of the guardian and to the few millimeters away from grasping its paw, the three was suddenly sent back and the riding bunny was left behind. The three were shocked and filled with grief to lost one of the guardians. As the three crashed to the ground in agony, the night grew with the loud echo heard from the skies screaming “WE WILL RETURN FOR YOU!” as it reverberated to the sky.

    The three were completely devastated to their fellow member. On the Spring of 2019, they prepared and saved their whole magic power to only prioritizing on saving their captured guardian. With any hesitation, the three released thousands of Growtopians that were twice the number of the previous year at every direction to distract and pillage the items that were created by the four guardians and in an instant they began infiltrating the main castle to find their member. With the burning passion to save the riding bunny, the three suddenly got unstable causing their powers to multiply significantly that any entity got in their way was shredded into billion evil particles within a second. As the three arrived to the bottom part of the castle, they witnessed their fellow member chained in the center of the endless depth of the abyss as the white aura were flowing through the chains and leading to the facility above where they saw the creation of evil clothing as the missing presence of the protector of the clothing was held in captivity. In a sudden, the place grew darker as they are only able to see the light emitted from the white energy from the riding bunny and the three guardians. Hundred thousands of evil growls echoed endlessly to the abyss as an eerie face of the Psychotic Bunny began appearing and fading on every direction in the pitch black with a loud scratching on the metallic magic walls can be heard from every direction. The tree guardians were not intimidated to the horrid advancements of the evil entities as a bright beam with an unfathomable power from their bodies pierced everything around except their captured guardian that left a huge missing chunk of land beneath and when the tired riding bunny slowly fell into the abyss, the bouncy bunny used its air power to catch the fall and as the bunny fish carried the bunny, the baby bunny used its power to guide a path out of the castle. Everyone made it out as the castle was being raided by the beings and managed to hold off everything due to the huge spike of entity losses that made the four retreat and take a rest until the event ended.

    2020 of Spring, on the street of Suki, an old Growtopian is telling the story to its kind until the one and starts interrupting by asking questions rudely.

    “Hey old man! Cut off your BS story to the kids! That does not explain why the F the event items existed here.” said to the old being as it slowly walks closer. “Do you really think you know what kind of stupidity you are spreading to our fellow kind? You know well, huh? Then explain me what are they doing now on 2020.”

    The old being smiled and stood, pointed to a door leading to the museum. The one carelessly followed and began walking around the museum.

    “You have listened exceptionally far… yet you doubted.” the old being bresks the glass where the book with the five characters etched as the listener sighs “I am not going to pay for this.” as the old being stands in front and starts opening the book only for that being.

    The old being starts talking without seeing the pages of the story for 2020 while the listener is seeing nothing but blank. “The four guardians were united after a long battle against the evil entities. On the Spring of 2020, the four began preparing their next attempt to retrieve and save the Easter items with a carefully crafted plan, and one until…” as the listener saw the book itself printing letters, the old being closes the book and said while calmly looking to its eyes intently “Until one has sought the answer by reading this book…”

    The old being holds its hands and started smiling once again and starts saying “You cannot predict something that is happening right now… they are created by the Pet Bunny to ensure everything during the week will be smooth and flawless to our sight. So when you see any suspicious item like the cursed jet engine, please, dont make their job harder because they cannot remove it and we can only prevent it from getting out of hand.” as it slowly lets go and starts walking past the listener. A short pause and the listener realizes the reality wanted to ask a question but as it turns around, the old being was nowhere to be found on a long hallway of collections.

    The scene of the church where the researchers found the book of the four guardians and their creator.

    Name:  Screenshot (224).png
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    Quote Originally Posted by Located on the 3rd Section
    "In the center, a shed of light looms a strange humanoid figure. Picking up the courage, a light was shed to its direction and revealed a pedestal with a dusty book displayed and was successfully retrieved to announce the team of the discovery. Shouted by one of the member that it is real, they all gathered in the center of the cathedral."

    If you did not notice, the story is mainly based off the items from every Easter week from 2013 to 2020. I connected everything to make it seem like it was real, hehe!

    Good luck!
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    Easter has gone better throughout history, but for the Leporids (rabbits & hares) their experience is the worst. Every Easter, they lock their homes and protect each other from the "dangers". They really have little hope since emergency lines are closed and police are not available. This little hope are the students who are studying and had already graduated at the Hyarye Magic Academy and they were referred as the "Only Hope" because they possess magic that could wipe the "dangers" off.

    Chapter I: The Dangers' Identity

    Chapter II: 4,326th Mission

    Chapter III: The Revelation

    Chapter IV: Delighted Easter for All

    Thank you for reading my epic story. I hope you like it!


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    Default AForestCastle

    by D4DD

    Name: aforestcastle.png
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    Link Render:

    One Day life a King and his daughter who will be a queen in a future and the king wants someone to marry her and be a next king
    the rules are u must complete the parkour

    Are you can beat the parkour?
    Will you be next king? Find out now!

    What's in the world?
    -About world board and Story board
    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -Fire House
    -Weather Machine- St.Paddy
    -Story about A Forest Castle
    -Cave Parkour
    -Main Area
    - VIP Area

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    Default The Lore of the Bunnyfish

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    5 years ago, a week before Easter, Growtopians have claimed sightings of unusual-looking fish swimming in the Growcific ocean. The intriguing news spread across town. According to their ancestors, the Bunnyfish only comes during Easter. And whosoever catches a perfect-size will receive the blessing of Plutus, the god of prosperity. And so the preparations began.

    The week Easter came, everyone had already stocked on fancy baits, professional fishing rods and fishing gear, while others prepared fish and chips to snack on during the activity. The townfolks were eager to get their hands on the well-anticipated Bunnyfish, hoping to keep one as their own pet.

    Barko was the first to reel his hook in the still waters, and everyone else followed. They patiently waited for a jackpot. A few minutes later, Kat felt the tug of a massive fish pulling on her hook. She felt anxious as she forcefully pulled back the rod, pulling it even harder as it went on for what felt like forever. To her success, she was surprised of what she caught. It wasn't a Bunnyfish. At least it didn't look like one.

    It was a yellow tropical fish, with shark-like scales on its back. It had no resemblance with a "bunny" fish, it just... looked like any regular fish. Kat was baffled and so was everyone else. She went back to fishing, hoping to catch something else. An hour has passed, and it was to everyone's disappointment that all they caught was the exact same type of fish. Everyone started wondering where the Bunnyfish are, to the point of questioning its existence.

    Tomorrow was the big day of Easter. All hopes and expectations were gone, until Terry suggested that they put on hand-made Bunny Ears on their fish and rip-off the real Bunnyfish. And so everyone nodded and agreed to do the same.

    Easter day came, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. The townfolks gathered up with their "bunny" fish to the event, now waiting for Plutus's arrival. Barko was setting up the dinner table when he noticed one of the fish didn't have bunny ears. He frantically asked every one he knows if they have an extra pair, and they all said no. He was in panic and didn't know what to do. They had no supplies left to craft another pair, but he did not want to throw it away - the nearest lake is minutes away from the venue, and Plutus is already on his way.

    Plutus suddenly walked in, grabbing everyone's attention. They all treated him with great respect and prepared everything to receive his blessing. He started walking around, giving his blessing person by person, while they have their bunnyfish in hand. This took a few minutes to finish with the hundreds of participants. After the ceremony, he then noticed. A fish exactly looking like the one everyone owned, except without bunny ears. He felt foolish, displeased by their lies. He turned his head to the crowd, no longer giving them a chance to explain, and cast them all out to sea, including the fishes, out of his sight for eternity.
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    Post The Reborn

    The year is 2043, it is time for a reborn….

    Due to the pandemic that hit our world hard during the 2020s, many things have not been the same.

    Everything normal is normal no more, everything new had to be considered the new normal.

    We do what we can to survive and we have to adapt to the change.

    During the attacked, the whole global were affected by the virus.

    The virus had than evolved to become more powerful and magnify faster, fatal to all creature.

    The effect of this is total chaos for several years.

    Many fights resulted in more loss and met with destruction.

    Everyone is dying and if something is not done, extinction is possible.

    What is left of the humanity had gathered together.

    Every leader had a major role to play to protect their people.

    All resources, power and knowledge were combined and found the best solution.

    To choose selected person and send them to the outer space, to find a new world, new start, new beginning.

    Not everyone gets the chance though, that includes RB and her family.

    That is not fair and everyone deserves a chance in living. Everyone.

    The scientist had a major breakthrough and the solution is Eggcubae.

    These eggcubae will work as an incubator and store all living creatures and will be set to open when the world is once again safe.

    After a thorough discussion and long hard arguments, they agreed that everyone will be stored individually to avoid defective and malfunction of the eggcubae.

    In mass producing it many shortages can be resulted coming out from it include hair loss, organ failure and memory loss.

    Fast forward to 2034

    RB wakes up, she hops and jumps out of the egg. She doesn’t know where she is, what is her name, what is going on. All she did was follow the floating hearts that she had seen since she opened her eyes.

    She had a bracelet tag in her hand. She stares at that bizarre words that she cannot understand.

    “ RB !!!.......” Someone screamed from behind…. When she turned to see what it was, a tiny ball of brown fluff attacked her, she was so surprised she had fell on her back with that tiny fluff ball.

    “RB ! Oh I am so glad you woke up!…….everything is amazing now…...Oh…… you don’t remember do you? Its me…. It’s Baeby!...... It’s ok RB, soon you will remember…. It took me a few days to gain my memory back… Come on, let’s go…. Let’s explore the world… It’s so beautiful, like before that virus came…… so many flowers and trees and river……

    It turned out that the scientist had left many guides in the world for the reborn…. A few selected people were selected to be waken up a few years earlier than the rest. They are responsible to recreate the world, to produce sustainable resources and to make the world a better place.

    Baeby helped RB remembers how to read. The tag in her hand wrote Riding Bunny. Baeby is short from Baby Bunny, and that they were both created by Hyuna with the formula of best companion. They all belong to Hyuna Hefna, the scientist who had the brilliant idea to create the eggcubaetor. Hyuna was so sad when not everyone can be saved, so the idea strucked her to make eggcubae and she name it after her bunnies.

    Once there were a time people thought Hyuna is crazy with her house of bunnies, of her trying to train her bunny to speak and her making synthetic bunny drones, but now…..Hyuna is loved by everyone, of her sacrifices, to stay back in the world to monitor the eggs.

    Hyuna is a great person, she loves all her bunnies. Some of the bunnies were done in lab, but some are from nature. Hyuna and her friends had helped rebuild the world. She even makes bouncing bunny fairies to help regeneration of the world.

    The virus was gone once it cannot find a host and over the year, evolution had happened. The sky is purple and red at night with the rainbow thunder or rainbows pops all over the place. There were even flying fishes and fishes that has bunny ears that is yet to be named, but legit it is cute.

    But for now, RB is happy wondering in this new magical world…… and learn about himself and become the person that he was born to be… a creature of love.

    This is a snippet of RB exploring the world;

    HTML Code:

    Name:  k6.png
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    Thank you Reier for building this wonderful world. Thank you chinguya

    World: Kafdannun
    Growid: Kafdannun

    Thank you all for reading.



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