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Thread: Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (April - June 2020 Cycle)

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    Default THE PIÑATA

    I would like to nominate my video i made last year for VOTW
    The title is "THE PIÑATA" and it's about Cinco De Mayo's event
    So the story is a guy randomly found a pinata in a bush and he is very excited to bash the pinata!
    Thanks for watching and i hope you like it, have a nice day

    Growid : Vhors
    World : Vhors
    Youtube : Vhors
    Title of the video : THE PIÑATA
    Link to the video :
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    Default Scammer Aw man! Music video Parody (Growtopia)

    Hello, I made a drawing animation + music parody of DJ got us fallin in love by Usher (Growtopia music video parody)
    The video and lyrics is about an example of Scamming in Growtopia game
    When we got scammed once we get upset, but we must learn from our mistake and avoid of doing the same mistake
    And don't try to scam people because they will get upset too, because people work hard to get their dream items
    And the most important thing is we must not give up
    When life pulls you back, thats mean you are going to launch
    Thank you

    The applications i used on making this parody is
    1. Paint for the drawing
    2. Photoshop for editing
    3. Adobe Audition for recording and music composing
    4. Kinemaster (Mobile) for the animation
    5. Adobe Premiere Pro for combining and editing

    GrowID : Vhors
    World : Vhors
    Youtube : Vhors

    Link to the video :

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    Default Growtopia update (Beatbox Remix)

    Hope you guys enjoy!

    GrowID: Kennycools

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    Default Growtopia Inspirating Videos

    Hello Guys, i want to make sure you got an inspiration . so because of that i made this inspiration video. I will make this type of video an episode. For this episode , i make this one about " Dont Judge a Book By Its Cover " .
    make sure to check it guys. Its My First Attempt Nominating For VOTW. I Hope You Like It

    Grow ID : Saloa
    Video Title : Growtopia Inspiring Video Ep.1 : Don't Judge Book By Its Cover | Growtopia 2020
    Video URL Link :
    Best Regards, Saloa GT
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    Youtube Channel : Saloa GT
    Instagram : @SaloaGT

    RSP Shop : SALOAGT
    Level : 125
    Growtopia Content Creator on Youtube.

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    Lightbulb Growtopia Poem

    A Growtopian's Journey
    Growtopia Video Poem

    As soon as you first log into Growtopia, you have made your very first steps in a Growtopian's journey. Here is a video poem (inspired by the art of poetry and rhyming) about the life of a Growtopian as he discovers the wonders of this game. This poem is originally created and narrated by me.Hope you enjoy this video and have a great day

    GrowID: Tinytimii

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    IGN: TinyTimii
    Thx Beagle for making my Signature

    Check out one of my video below!

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    Default Cinco De Mayo song | Growtopia Music

    Hope You Like It!

    Growid: Instamath


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    Post GrowVid-19 Growtopia Song (Official Music Video)

    So there is a massive crisis happening in the world which gave me the inspiration to create a covid-19 song for people to stay safe and stay at home so we can defeat the virus🦠 once and for all.

    This is my first ever attempt Of making a VOTW and I hope to win the VOTW trophy 🏆
    Username : Nedits
    Video name : GrowVid-19

    Thank you Growtopia and all People reading this, and remember to stay at home 🏡
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    Post Don’t You Worry Growtopia Song (Official Music Video)

    I Chose To Make This Video Because There I Currently A Crisis Happening Around The World And The Main Message Of This Video Is For Everyone To Not Worry About Anything As Long As You Listen To What People Say And Stay Safe 😀

    This Is My First Attempt At Making A VOTW And I Hope I Win A VOTW Trophy 🏆

    Username: Medits
    Video Name: Don’t You Worry

    Thank You Growtopia And Don’t Forget To Stay Safe 😃

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    Hello guys.
    As you know, CINCO DE MAYO week is coming.
    That's why I created an animation video for this week.
    I hope you will like it.

    Grow ID: NotLupex


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    Default Growtopia Fanart - Cinco de Mayo

    Here my video for VOTW nomination
    Title : Growtopia Fanart - Cinco de Mayo
    Growid : HmasH
    Link :

    Enjoy hope y'all like it

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    Default Nominating VOTW!

    Hello I am here to Nominate my video into VOTW
    Grow ID : VinOscar
    link :

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    Default Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

    Growid: iCyHarRy



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