I am looking for new members to my guild CZSK.

Here's basic info of the guild;
Name: CZSK
Level: 9 (we'll most likely hit level 10 before the Speedy Spliders though)
Mascot: Crystal Block

1. Deposit 30 World Locks (will refund once you hit needed min. points)
2. #18 on Speedy Splicers (yep, #18 is kinda low, but it should be easy for everyone, we'll hit max guild reward anyways) and 2x #20 on Block Bashers (takes 12 hours with Reliables), if you would like to join just for Splicing/Breaking, sure, but we might be full after the Speedy Splicers..Can't tell at this point
3. Would be good if you have Discord so I can communicate with you during Guild Events

If you would like to see how do we do in Guild Events, check Guild's Instagram - czskguild, there are posts with rankings of all guild events that we've done.

If you would like to join, message me on Discord (DaMMy#2915), in game (but I am usually afk..) or message on of the admins in CZSKGUILD, there are their heart monitors in left and right side of the world.

Have a good day,