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Thread: Some thoughts about growtopia console. Plz read dev's

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    Default Some thoughts about growtopia console. Plz read dev's

    What if only one of the console servers were shut down and the other console server will still be operating. Sure that will still suck but at least 1 server could still be played on.

    Since gt console servers are shutting down can gt console players at least get some type of compensation for spending so many hours on gt console? Maybe a special item on the main gt servers or something like that. Ik a lot of ppl on the Nintendo switch/xbox servers that spent 500 + hours on gt console and are devastated that its shutting down; so some special reward would be nice.

    Also a lot more people were getting on gt before you guys decided to close it down. Before it was announced that gt console was closing there were around 250 active players on gt switch/xbox. And the numbers were rising day by day. But since it was announced that gt console was sutting down around 100 people quit in a single day. Ik 250 active players isn't much but the numbers were rising and if this news was delayed, console servers might have gotten more popular

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    Thumbs up I agree.

    I agree with this, mainly because the fact that only one of them shut downs, the other servers can stay alive. Like say moderators only shut down PS4 servers. You could add Growtopia onto the PS5 servers if you'd like. Honestly, this is a thing you should do, its a great idea and please, listen to us!

    Please, also listen to this it was not made by me it was made by a fellow growtopian!
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