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Thread: Picking Up Items in Bulk

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    Default Picking Up Items in Bulk

    Okay, so this won't be a long explanation, but it would give you the idea I have in mind.

    There should be an item wherein if you have it in your backpack, it could carry multiple items, but only of the same kind. For example, you are trying to mass a specific item, then you have to buy 2k seeds of grass. Imagine spending 5 to 10 seconds, considering you have good internet (Entering Worlds...), just to drop that item and buy the same thing.

    Here are its limits and functionality:

    - It could only store the same of its kind. For example, I stored LGrid seeds, I won't be able to store Brick seeds, only LGrid.
    - It could store an amount of 3,000 seeds.
    - It's untradeable like the Zeus Bolt since having two of them in your inventory is OP.
    - Dropping from the thing would still be like the usual dropping (One by one).

    Why did I make it untradeable?

    Well, as I've said, it could be too OP if there's two or more in your backpack. It's like you're having a shopping cart, but only one item could be stored inside.

    "How would you obtain this item?"

    Through an event, like the Goblin suit on Winterfest, or Carnival.

    "Why so hard to obtain?"

    Making it easy to obtain would cause another Magplant-Rayman problem, and we all know that we don't want that.
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    That means to spend 15 backpack slots. Maybe if only 1000-2000 (5-10 slots) still make sense. But 3000 looks too OP
    (I guess it should be upgradeable with difficult quest to do, so it makes sense to store 3000 items with same kind)



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