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Thread: Tell me about the friends you met in Growtopia!

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    Default Tell me about the friends you met in Growtopia!

    Hey there! After playing Growtopia for over four years, I've met several people and some of these actually turned out to be some of the friends I still keep until today. I wanna hear about your friendship stories, share how you met, what you've done together, if you're still keeping in touch, or just anything about your friends! Attach an in-game group picture with them too if you have any
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    Met the bois from NOOBRIGADE since my friend hung out with them. Never thought I'd be good friends with them, since they were all pretty rich and had a good sense of what to invest. They were mostly Filipino though, so I enjoyed being with them (I didn't understand Tagalog before lol). It was fun times doing all sorts of stuff, like trying to finish one of the groups' pass door games, 5-man farming a farm with Clover mod, and helping make a large surgery guide world. Most of them aren't online anymore, but I know where to find them.

    Only screenshot I have right now with most of us was during Coldplay's farewell:
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    I'll try to look around for more screenshots though. I especially remember when we joined the raid at START during the first /beta, since Seth both set the world to public and spawned a bunch of fire/freeze wands in all the blocks of the world.
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    I like to visit random world and kinda meet people, but there’s 1 person that i attached to the most, she became my first ever friend in gt (except for my irl friend), we talked a lot and basically dreaming on becoming rich and achieved our goal, she introduce me to her douchey brother and yes, we didn’t get a long. I helped her, she helped me it was the best thing that has ever happen to me, but sadly she left without any warning, she just disappeared, i’ve achieved my goal but sadly she wasn’t there to see who i have become.

    Another one of my bros are ZYL, a good guy in general sadly after my break from the game, he ignored me and eventually removed me from his friend list, a few days ago i saw an SB saying “ZYL is a Massive Scammer”, it is devastating to see what he has become.

    The 3 last person on my gang is Austen, Gabe and Favyn, Austen is basically the innocent child type of person, she is childish and make a pretty good jokes i lost contact with her tho. Gabe is like the instructor like he’s the professional advertiser, i lost him he ignored me and removed me as a friend for no reason even though he is the one that stayed with me the longest. Favyn, this guy.. he is the best, one of my besties really supportive is good to hang out with, overall a nice guy, now well.. he ignored me everytime.

    That’s the end of my gang of misfits, some are gone, some has changed, now i well it is impossible to recreate the memory my gang has made and it is probably impossible to meet those kind of people.
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    someone please
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    no one hangs out with me in game and irl bro
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    Default o boi get ready

    ah yes, there is a very much ****ton of things i go on about here,,, so lets do it in semi-chronological order!
    note: some names here may be misspelled

    ???: Forgot his name, but I met him while I was still in START. He helped me get through the beginnings of Growtopia, and was also nice to have around. Though that quickly faded, as after I began to get more experienced, he pretty much fully ignored me, and... yeah.
    Dat0neHer0: What a coincidence. I first met him while he was about to lock a world, but I joined in the nick of time and locked it instead. He left, then I messaged him to come back and gave the world back to him. And from that we added each other, one thing lead to another, we built a farm world together, and stuff was nice. Aaaand then he went offline forever.
    TheEpicMr: Cool guy. Had a lot of coffee.
    SellAFK: Kind of just... existed. I remember being friends with him and not much more.
    MrUnicorno: Same as SellAFK. kind of miss her tbh
    (And now, for an overarching story, because the following people came around the same time and have interacted with!)
    Miq: Was pretty cool as well. Lived in Israel (I do too) so we had fun talking in hebrew but in English letters, and whatnot-
    Gadley: Ahhh yes. She was... we'll get into that in a minute.
    RichCustomer: You can tell by his name, he was rich. Israel boi too.
    Now, for the story!
    It all started... all started when I bought gems from the store, got a cosmic cape, and sold it for... 220wls? I think? Well, I was quite happy with my newfound wealth, and decided to go and buy Bubble Wings. Gadley asked me if she could try them on, and I said yes without a second thought. When she did get them though, she said something along the lines of "HAHAHAahaHHAHAHA GAME OVER HAHA" and left. Later on, she somehow convinced me she simply got hacked, and managed to pull this trick on me twice more with 2 Golden Razor Wings,,, yep. Finally, Miq had to knock some sense into me and told her to cut the ****, at which point she changed her name to ItzGadizz and unfriended me. Mhmm.

    around this time, also met Leaver: epic dude

    Now, how does RichCustomer tie into this?
    After these shenanigans happened, it was just me, Miq, SellAFK (not important to the story but whateverer) and RichCustomer.
    Miq started acting weird, supposedly him and RichCustomer starting to dislike each other, and eventually it led to an argument that made him unfriend us both.

    That was still late 2018/early 2019, around the time I kinda just gave up on GT. Only went online maybe once every month or few weeks, just to reminisce about those good ol' days...

    ...Until early april 2020, when for some reason I got motivated to come back. and now we're in the present


    edit, forgot to add this: richcustomer also got banned twice while this was happening and quit gt but i talk with him on discord occasionally
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liquify View Post
    no one hangs out with me in game and irl bro
    Man... Now i feel left out.

    Anyway, here's my cool people list:

    Have recently befriended Liquify and DynPlaysGT and they both seem cool too!

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    although growtopia does have quite a sizable toxic community, i’ve actually met a lot of cool people in the game, especially in the last two months of quarantine. my best friends as of now would likely be the people in a discord server with me, where we play games together in vc
    here’s some names since that appears to be the trend
    jasaan (who is a very salty boi in vc lol)
    artofme more like artofnoob hehe

    there’s more but i’m too lazy to write (or they don’t have a mic so irrelevant hehe)

    some other ppl who aren’t in discord i’m good friends with too
    some names
    chem (update: they in discord lol i’m just stupid)
    dracaris (this noob doesn’t have discord)
    some ppl who already quit

    and of course there’s more but at this point i’m too lazy to write more
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    i had this one friend

    then i didnt
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    i have
    gold digger friends
    helpful friends
    kind and nice friends
    funny friends
    humble friends
    greedy friends
    arrogant friends
    friendly friends
    toxic friends
    illegal friends (oops)
    can-u-access-me friends
    can-u-lend-me friends
    disrespectful friends
    mysterious friends
    unpredictable friends
    backstabber friends
    scammer friends

    no matter which friend you are, you are all still my friends xoxo
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    (even though i havent touched gt in about a month)

    pleb watch over that one farm I own pleb. :[

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    Well, I met my dear wonderful beloved amazing fantastic sweet lovely best ever perfect girlfriend here on the forums. ❤️❤️
    First fell in love with her incredible art, and not long after fell in love with her.
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