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Symbols in passwords make security whise for 99% of the population no difference at all. Much less growtopia.
It's 100% placebo.
People reusing old passwords will still continue to happen whether you add symbols, or not.
OldPa$$word is just as insecure as OldPassword.
When all you want is to make yourself more secure by adding a larger character pool to the passwords, then the full alphabet should be the obvious first choice (for gt).

People writing down their passwords because they can't remember them? Now THAT is a real security flaw. Grave enough that microsoft stopped forcing its employees to change passwords regularily!

By forcing upon users complicated passwords you're only motovating them to reuse them.
Because guess what? In place of one cryptic 20 chr text I'd use everywhere I could remember a unique alphanumerical password for every service I use.

"That's not up to Ubisoft."
You're making it sound like they have no influence at all in this matter. What a hoax!
Symbols in passwords can make somewhat of a difference. Most often passwords are brute-forced, whether it's "oldpassword" or "oldpa$$word", that's still 2 attempts - you can interchange o's to 0's, s's to 5's, L's to 7's, a's to 4's or @'s, etc. These still add some level of complexity to the password, making it not so straight forward to brute-force. As much as I agree with you that adding case-sensitive would be beneficial as it adds more to this complexity, symbols in passwords have been present since the game first launched. There is probably a reason for this, justifiable or not.

Adding symbols to passwords is not complicated whatsoever. It can become second-nature to lots to just incorporate them and can help them be more memorable since the human brain tends to remember things that are familiar but simultaneously unique - "I recall adding a 0 in there somewhere, so it must be '0ldpass' and not 'crunchynut'!". If I'm not mistaken, forcing upon complicated passwords may entice the reuse of old passwords, but it still adds some level of complexity to this password. Even adding random letters or symbols to the ends of passwords - as many do - helps increase its complexity, and is a common action for people when they are needed to change their password. Adding 2 to 3 characters per password update is still making it somewhat secure.

And if you can't remember your password, then that is on the player. I think to weigh the cost of not being able to remember it versus it being compromisable, the latter is worse. You can always change your password if needs be, especially since the Growtopian client auto-remembers your password, but you can't change being hacked. Also, writing it down is not too bad, because these hackers cannot physically read your notes or invade your house. Not ideal, but not a bad idea.

You got to remember most of these 'hackers' obtain passwords through phishing or affiliating your e-mail to breached websites. Knowing simple security measures like these in the first place will inherently increase your chances of safety.