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Thread: I got scammed,,

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    Arrow I got scammed,,

    I just got scammed angel wings by cfrq. He told me to put angel wings in donation box and id win 6 dls and people were telling me he was trusted and so I did and someone donated 4 bl and he said omg 4 bl and kicked me and pulled that guy. He won 6 dl while I got scammed. Im so stupid and that was all my wls. please ban the guy

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    It's unfortunate, but moderators cannot punish people just on the say-so from other players, since they have to see the action with their own eyes.

    Nevertheless, I'd recommend you to remove that nickname from the thread, since singling out is not allowed at Growtopia Forums.
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    This is a seriously ridiculous scam how could you fall for it?

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    the winner was either the owners friend or alt account.
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