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Thread: [PRIZE 1 DL] Art Contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotSoOldJake View Post
    okay.... ngl...

    Quarantine really hits me hard...

    I was bored as hell and decided to make an art in ms paint.... yes you heard it right ms paint...
    i wasn't intentionally gonna draw your set... but along the way, I changed it...

    The googles looks weird in my drawing, even the rayman's hair. I messed up the country tweed shirt and the fishnet... I COMPLETELY CHANGED THE AIR ROBS... overall it looks weird... > W <

    Size : 900 by 900 px XD

    Attachment 238745
    and yes... cameleon with long tongue will eat you
    hope? you like it??
    I am disappointed. You have opposed the most magnificent piece of art out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phemus View Post
    Thanks for your beautiful submits, it's gonna be really hard to decide. Might reward a few artworks instead of one.

    Anyways, last 1 day!
    If tatertots does not win i will report you for scammer

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    Contest has ended, thanks for submitting your works they all are epic. Winners are announced at my instagram phemusgt.
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