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Thread: [MERGED] Items missing from inventories.

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    Default Send Ubisoft A Ticket / Email

    You're gonna have to get a hold of Ubisoft to sort out an issue such as your predicament. All the best to you bro. Gl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killercode50 View Post
    Ok guys so i emailed ubisoft few days ago about my lost item and they keep forcing me that i got hack, well my last visited world still the same and my world and other item still mine but ubisoft said that i got hacked and gave me 5000gems.
    Now look many player losing stuff to,same to my problem some of them lost gaia,growscan.

    Well i think this is from new backpack update sometimes when you click some button half of ur item will be gone,u need to relog on to get ur half item back but sometimes when u login to ur account few of ur item will be gone forever and i lost my 303wls for almost 1week.
    So i wish this bug will be solved
    Thanks you for ur time reading
    Did you upgrade your inventory to over 196?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrowPixel View Post
    Did you upgrade your inventory to over 196?
    Is that something problematic? I wonder..

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    You're not the only one, check my thread where I talk about that issue - http://
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    Quote Originally Posted by intrueform View Post
    So I was farming in my world with gaia and UT, I left the world to sell some small seed packs, when I came back those two blocks are missing, I wasn't scammed and I wasn't hacked. I know I wasn't hacked because I was online the whole time and the only one with acces to my world is myself. I've asked for help from growtopia support, my support ticket was answered but I was wondering if I could just answer to THAT email (not the support ticket one) or do I need to respond through the growtopia website? And also, has anyone experienced this?
    someone could've had access and did /unaccess
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