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Thread: Problem With /top

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    Default Problem With /top

    Hi, I'm making this thread because of my frustration with the top-rated worlds, especially the ones under the 'parkour' subcategory. Every day, the list of the top-rated parkour is littered with scams worlds that are ranked super high (because they're rate farmed?) that manipulate beginner players who might not know better to buy things under the illusion that they might be awarded stuff- such as buying a lighter to "open" the combustible block and getting the things behind it.

    Many of these were addressed by killermanz64, in his post-

    Well, it's been about a year since that post was made, but I haven't seen many (if at all) ways to combat this issue. Is there any way this can be fixed?

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    I believe an addition to STOPDONTDROP was made about this scam, but yeah more emphasis on how to avoid the scam(if people somehow aren't informed about it) would be cooool...



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