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Thread: "Fridge" Official Recruitment Thread

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    Post "Fridge" Official Recruitment Thread

    Are you looking for a guild that doesn't require you to spend? Or is about chatting and socializing?
    Join our guild now!

    - Must own ONE or MORE farms
    - Should be active atleast once a week
    - Should not join/take part in any illegal activities
    - Should be Friendly
    - Deposit is 5 WLs to avoid leeching
    - Minimum guild contri is PERSONAL RANK #10

    Fill out this form to join:
    GrowID :
    What I need to know about you :

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    Goals :

    Get a Magplant (0/1) [✘]
    Get my first Growie Award (0/1) [✘]

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    Oh, and BTW, nobody cares if you're rich here. The forums are about collaboration and discussion, if you want to flex go to SHOW or something.



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