This honestly sounded like a really good idea in my head, but I feel like there would be a lot of backlash now that I'm really typing it out, but whatever I'll just let it happen in my imagination..

Anyways, the title is self explanatory, basically I think since growtopia is already pretty fashion forward with all the character items and such, so why not add another feature where people can create custom clothing?

Some characteristics of this feature could include:
- Creation of custom hairstyles
- Creation of custom clothing pieces ( NO WINGS, NO HEADWEAR )
- Cost of designing 1 item is 100k gems ( prevent abuse and lag )
- pixel limit ( Provide a canvas of certain pixel amount )
- PEER Review, to prevent inappropriate designs, people of level 20 and above must peer review the piece before it can be finalized. At least a minimum of 3/5 people who fit the criteria must vote whether the piece is able to be passed ( this will be done by having a public board, such as leaderboards, showcase all the different designs and users who fit criteria can choose between yes and no to finalize the piece, they can be rewarded 5 gems for each time they vote to motivate them. Each piece can only be voted for 5 times and must receive 3 of 5 YES to pass. If the piece receives more No than yes then the design must be revised or can be resubmitted. If resubmitted and rejected more than 5 times then your canvas will be completely cleared and you need to design something else.
- TRADEABLE, you have a choice to price your item at whatever wls and who ever is willing to buy it can do so at agreed price.
- all items will include STUDIO CREATED in this name to prevent scam if someone replicates an already existing item. ( BUT TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK )
- cannot sell in vending machines
- all designs saved as a draft incase you trade a design away but want to recreate the same design.

So this is all the features I can really think of for this idea-
I'm am 100% sure this will never happen, but in all honestly I just wanted to share my opinion and see what you guys think, of course I'm open to questions and criticism on this idea. If you see issues with this please dont hesitate to say so, I honestly think theres probably a number of problems with this feature, but I just cant really point it out myself.

Thanks for reading all the way till the end! This was only an idea for fun~