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Thread: How to make the perfect instant noodle?

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    I take pride in my instant noodle-cooking skill, so here goes nothing...

    It all boils (ha!) down to one deciding question: is it dry or soup? Also there's the difference between cup and pack noodles but I'll assume this is using a pack of instant noodles, since cup is wayyyy worse and would not need a proper recipe to begin with. Or if you have cup noodles, just cook it using a stove please.

    First off, for ingredients depending on the mood I usually have one of these following toppings: Mozarella cheese (shredded), sliced cheese, eggs (An all-time favorite for obvious reasons), garlic paste, spring onions, fried onion. I might put more advanced toppings like vegetables but that would not be very instant.

    For soup noodles, I usually measure the water needed using a bowl -- It should be filled to the brim, since when the noodles are cooking like a good amount of them evaporate in the process. Boil that water, once boiling put all the noodles in. Stir occasionally, while adding the soup sachets into the pot. When the noodles are partially cooked, crack an egg in. Now there's multiple ways to cook these eggs but I like mine poached, if you don't like yours poached continue stirring after you crack the egg in. When the noodles look just about done, pour the mozarella cheese or place the sliced cheese nicely on top and wait until it partially melts. Once it melts, turn off the stove and garnish with fried onion or spring onions.

    Do the similar thing for dry noodles except you don't have to measure the amount of water needed. If you plan on adding cheese, after the eggs just wait until the noodles are done. Turn the stove off and strain the noodles. When dry, put the noodles back into the pot and on the stove again. With low heat, pour the sauces that come with the instant noodles in, and mix evenly. I feel like the key difference of a good instant noodle and a bad one is in the mixing -- if it's not even, it won't taste great. Pour or place the cheese in and wait for them to melt before serving. Oh, for dry noodles you could potentially fry your egg your way in another pan before placing it on top after the noodles are done, too -- really, what's fun about eating instant noodles is that you can do anything you want.

    I hope this helps, honestly anyone's welcomed to PM me to talk about instant noodles.

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    I honestly didn’t know there were so many instant noodle masterchef in this forum, i have been blessed
    tu me manques.
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    idk bro just read the instructions on the packaging
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    Heres my way of cooking food

    Bathtub filled it up with water
    Put some firewood or candles on the side
    Wait for the water to boil
    Throw in the spaghetti sticks
    Wait until those loosen up
    Throw in some freshly pluck tomatoes
    add splices

    Thats it, HowToBasic
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    you heat up some water and THROW da noodles in them.

    i forgot how to use seasoning

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    idk bro just read the instructions on the packaging
    I have no idea what I'm doing.

    hi do u like maths

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    Apparently, some of us Indonesians use MSG (Monosodium glutamate), or as we call it, Micin, and it makes things taste better.

    On a serious note, try adding some eggs, make sure they're not cooked, just keep it half cooked.
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