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    Hey Growtopians!
    i would like to Nominate My video That tooks me 5month to do it and took my time on it to Achieve my goal and win Votw

    this story is about a wizard wants to help a man finding his soulmate

    this video is 4:35minutes, But it took me time to do it! over 5months only to Achieve my goal and win the votw !

    in this animation:
    i changed the pitch
    added cool songs
    took my time on it to win
    added effects
    Cool Transitions
    i edited it On Phone
    Cool Story
    Funny animation
    ITS 1080P
    and it would be cool to win !
    My Grow id Name is: PTANKS

    link to the vid :
    Thank you for WaTcHiNg ! <3

    Last edited by PtanksYt; 05-23-2020 at 04:11 PM. Reason: I would like to Make this Game more Famous By editing and uploading Videos,And it would be cool to achieve my goal and win !!

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    I loved the voice acting and the mouth movements!

    But sometimes it just feel awkward seeing none of the characters move their hands. I think you should move their hands more when they talk. For example, when the main character said that they love their eyes, you could move their hands make it touch his eyes.

    Also some of the settings in my opinion should be changes like at the very end, I think the main character should be in his room or at a romantic place and not at a blacksmith place.

    The only thing I disliked was that you expect yourself to win the VOTW. Like throughout the video I think you put way too much VOTW awards everywhere. I'm not trying to say your video doesn't deserve the VOTW, I'm saying that you shouldn't expect yourself you win right away, I think it should be a surprise. Many VOTW have great animation and storyline just like yours! However, they don't put VOTW at random places to show they will win the VOTW. When I was reading your thread, I even thought you won the VOTW! But What I'm saying is that I think you should be very proud of yourself even if you don't win the VOTW. Keep doing what you like.

    Overall I really enjoyed the video!
    IGN: SolLex



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