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Thread: Growtopia Music Composing Tutorial (for a non-musician to non-musicians)

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    Default Growtopia Music Composing Tutorial (for a non-musician to non-musicians)

    Well, I just got done writing a really long tutorial in response to a person that asked me over in the meet and greet, and I figured I'd post it here as well for anyone who's interested. This is everything I've taught myself as a non-musician, so if you have no experience with music at all, fear not! I have compiled an array of resources for you that I have gathered over my time composing in Growtopia

    I am by no means a musician, everything I know about music, I learned by making songs in growtopia.

    1. This online growtopia music simulator will be your best friend! You can mess around with a song in there to perfect it, I am never quite sure how much of a gap needs to be between notes, so the simulator helps me do trial and error.

    2. Find the song you want to transcribe on This is a great site because it lets you play the sheet music so you can hear how it sounds before you select it. I recommend filtering to only look for piano pieces and set number of instruments to 1.

    3. Transcribe the piece into the simulator, just find a cheat sheet to learn how to read sheet music. Only transcribe the top staff, the treble clef, not the bottom bass clef, you can only do one, and it probably should be the top. I've boxed it in green in the image below to show you.

    Name:  Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.13.10 PM.png
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    You're going to want to make sure you know what key signature the song is in. This is indicated by the number of sharp or flat notes next to the treble clef at the very beginning of the song. Here's an image to help you find it. Also, bonus tip, the BPM of the song is the number (85) in the image, so wrench your world lock and set it to whatever that value is!

    Name:  Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.15.39 PM.png
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    And here's a guide to help you identify what key signature it is. In the example above, it has four flat notes, so it is a Ab major scale.

    Name:  key-signatures-chart.png
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    Once you know what key signature the song is in find that page on this website This will give you a cheat sheet of what each note corresponds to in that key. For example, if it's d major go to Scroll down and you'll see this

    Name:  Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.55.36 PM.png
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    BOOM! Now you know when to use sharp or flat notes, trust me, you need this otherwise your song won't sound right, I learned the hard way.

    I've pretty much figured out that quarter notes should have a gap of three spaces between them, half notes should have 7 blank spaces between them, whole notes should have 15 spaces between them, but also remember the golden rule trial and error!

    4. Grow/trade for sheet music notes in growtopia, luckily they are all farmable so once you start a supply, you can keep it going. For what it's worth, it's not super hard to farm them from scratch, that's pretty much what I did a while ago, but also you can buy them in bulk pretty cheap.

    5. BUILDING TIME WOOHOO! You made, you labored for hours perfecting your song in the simulator, cutting parts of the song for space and testing gaps between notes, and now the moment has arrived to implement it! For those that don't know, you wrench yourself to see what note you are standing on. Once you place your first few notes, you shouldn't have to wrench as much because you can place notes in spatial relation to what's already there.

    • Don't choose songs that have too large a range, I've already struggled with this issue a bit, growtopia only has two octaves, so if you see sheet music with notes way above the staff and way below the staff and everything in between, growtopia just can't handle that kind of range.
    • The simulator is designed to represent the maximum size of song you can create in a growtopia world, don't go over the 16 page limit.
    • Keep in mind that the bottom row of a growtopia world (i.e. the last four pages in the simulator) will lack the bottom 2 notes, D and C, so try not to put low notes in that area. Alternatively, you can use an audio rack or audio machine to overcome this issue.
    • Look for sections of the song that repeat, and use repeat begin and end sheet music for these sections save space and resources in the world, this will help you transcribe longer songs.
    • I'm going to share a special trick I made up, and as far as I know, I haven't seen anyone else doing this. IF you really want to transcribe a longer song, take your use of repeat notes to the extreme. Put repeats in the gaps between notes, to create the needed pause without actually using a huge gap for it. This can get you an extra 10 pages or more in the growtopia simulator. Count the number of blank spaces between notes and subtract 2, thats the number of repeats you need. In the example below, there is a gap of 7 spaces, so I used 5 repeats.

    Before using repeats
    Name:  Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.41.06 PM.png
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    After adding in repeats, look at how much space you save!
    Name:  Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.46.16 PM.png
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    Whew, this turned into a way longer tutorial than I expected, I really hoped it helped, and I also hope you have fun doing this! As a non-musician, I really enjoy how simple growtopia's system is, it's easy to use, and sometimes you have to get clever to overcome it's limitations, and it's all about problem-solving . Not being musically trained has never hindered me from making songs I like in the game! Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Default Bumping up tutorial

    I'm just bumping this up, I have a feeling people may not have seen this due to approval issues (thanks for help kailyx!) Hope it can help.

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    This post is way underrated Thanks for the tips!!!

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    Nice tutorial. Makes me realise just how much I ignored my music class back in primary school.
    Growtopia is the Best Game Ever!!

    or at least it did way back 2015.

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    thanks a lot.
    I have no idea what I'm doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SparkedEye View Post
    Nice tutorial. Makes me realise just how much I ignored my music class back in primary school.
    Yeah, I always did terrible in music, I like the idea of being able to play an instrument, but I hated when things got really deep in music theory and history. Growtopia is fun because it is fairly easy to use!



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