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Thread: [Feedback] Startopia 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeGamer View Post
    Secondly, the descended sector. At first I was pretty okay with the concept of having 2 different sectors depending on whether you manage to defeat Growlactus or not, but after thinking about it a little more it seemed more and more counterintuitive. One of the achievements (Descended Universe) requires you to land your starship on a descended planet 500 times, and that means you have to fail to defeat Growlactus 500 (that's right, FIVE HUNDRED) times. That's ridiculous! You are practically forcing us to fail 500 times just so that we can get an achievement, which if the speculations are correct lets us achieve the startopia title. I suggest allowing us to choose the sector that we want after defeating Growlactus instead of just sending us to the ascended sector. Of course, we would still be sent to the descended sector if we fail to defeat Growlactus.
    I wonder how many Growlactuses are in this universe

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    Default Startopia 2.0 Feedback!

    This update was out of this world! For me, what really drives me to do startopia instead of surgery is that it isn't about memorizing tools to use, but to take on adventures and explore distant planets, which you guys did a phenomenal job at in this update. When the first startopia update came out, I was kind of underwhelmed at the ending. Yes, I got a cool item from it, but all I got from the ship was a measly "ship retired" status and the inability to continue doing missions. When this update came out however, I was starstruck. YOU CAN LAND ON PLANETS NOW. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. When I showed my friends, they were really over the moon about it. We explored the world, jumped all around, and tried to get to the other end of the hypertech ship. When I went to my other starship world, I went to the moon and back when I saw that the ship was still functional, even after my defeat against growlactus. That was when I discovered that there were TWO TYPES OF PLANETS! Whoever added that was extremely clever, it gave me the option to truly customize my Home 2.0.

    Playing the new missions were a blast. When I thought the old missions couldn't be beat, these ones were even better. All these missions were unique, longer and more interesting. I got the opportunity to do things from baiting space creatures with star supplies, to preforming a gigablaster opera. My favourite one so far has to be the "Putting Down Roots" mission. Befriending aliens on a distant planet was pretty wholesome. The rewards for these missions were spectacular. There's a moon lamp that turns into cheese when lit, a tiny sputnik that is personalized with a "my" in front of the name, and a space opera mask, probably referencing that funny mission. I even see people start to use the rewards in their sets, the exo suit helmet seems to fit pretty well with the Legendbot-009.

    That final mission "A new home" was something else. It reminded me of that one mission with the bald guy, and was really well written. The space creature also has a name which is pretty neat. But those two paragraphs at the end of the mission... I won't spoil what it says, but that was masterfully written. It made all those diamond locks I spent upgrading my ship worth it. Whoever wrote that, props to you, that was wonderful. When I exited the ship, I can't possibly describe the feeling that I felt, but it felt great not being confined to such a small space. You not only made it like a new world blast, but you even managed to keep the ship there with a hole in the side.

    In the ascended and descended planets, you even had the time to make dirt and cave background that aren't just a recolour, and the dirt in the ascended planet even has random plants poking out from the sides. The backgrounds of the two planets were also well made. I especially like the ascended planet one that has plants which ressemble martian trees so I can decorate my world with them and still have them fit in. This brings me to my only demand from this update: I need the background of the ascended planet. Normally I would render a cleared world of it, but if I do that, there's a giant starship blocking the way. The background looks beautiful and would look even better as a desktop background. Other than that, I have no other things to say about this update, overall this update rocks and it greatly exceeded my expectations. Hopefully this quality gets carried over into other updates, I can't wait to see what's in store for the PvP card battle update.
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    I love the backgrounds and asthetics of the new worlds you can land on, however I wish that I could remove the starship after I have landed, as it is quite a pain for building around.

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    and obviously a moderator merges my thread with a megathread with almost 0 interaction whatsoever. maybe let us have our own threads and merge them after they're closed so that you can have a better understanding of what people feel about the feedback we have given?
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    First of all, great revamp for startopia as a whole, new sectors and rewards are decent, especially with the 2 weather backgrounds of ascended and descended planets.
    The only downside to this is probably the achievements. Land on ascended and descended planets 500 times EACH. I get that the rumoured "startopia title" does need some grinding, but I feel that this might have gone too far. Example: "Dr." Getting angel of mercy wings you're looking at an estimated worth of 30-40dls, plus another 3000 surgeries which is estimated another 40smth dls(?) Dr alone is abt 70-80ish DLs, given that surg tools are cheap. Landing 500 times on an ascended planet, blast alone costs 50-55dls. (10-11wls per blast) Imagine landing a total of 1000ships, 110dls on blasts alone, excluding tools and given the increased difficulty/skill fail rate. Something should be done about that, perhaps cutting it down to 200ships on each planet, providing a more managable grind for most of the community. Other than that I feel it's a very good update so far!

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    Growlactus no longer drop chaos vial infection, they are not obtainable. They could be bugged, please have a check.

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    Default Star captain title

    A star captain title would be awesome!
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    The Crystal Infused Sword is quite underwhelming, considering the huge amount of effort that needs to be done to get the sword. Also, shouldn't it be untradable?

    Also noticed a tiny mistake in the item's description, as currently it says:
    "A sword of true beauty and of true power! Each swing of it's blade is infused with the power of crystals forged eons ago by unknown hands!", whereas "it's blade" should be changed to "its blade".

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    Angry startopia update 2.0 feedback !!!

    1st i wanna say congratulation on the startopia 2.0 update, well its a bit late to say but still i wanna say it.

    ok so theres a several things to say for this feedback.

    1. to many skill failed - for me its fine so people still buying mk2 and mk3 hypertech not making spice to overpower (no fail = no fun and sleepy like the old startopia make me sleepy when grinding on nexus)

    2. many side mission - its also fine but the % of successfully finishing the side mission are to hard. its make me better finishing the real mission and ignoring side mission when its possible. coz i can failed 1-3times only for trying to finishing the side mission and i failed 0-1 for doing the real mission. (hope gt can change the success rate on side mission so people will think to do the side mission before doing the real mission coz they know its success)

    3. more miles - its doesn't metter

    4. Daily Challenge point - really gt ? its a joke doing HOG or Desolated and got 40 point , and landing the ship for 20 point with the skill failed and ton miles to reach it. PLEASE CHANGE IT, no need to get more point from growlactus but at least give a fair point on this.

    5. NO CAPT TITTLE - well its very disappointing theres no tittle after doing 500 HOG and 500 Desolated , i saw tk69 doing it and only get a stupid sword and its also tradeable.
    absolutely no one will doing it if they know thats the only reward. so i can say the startopia update 2.0 its a failed ! coz no one will doing it

    ok thats my feedback on startopia 2.0 cya



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