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Thread: Nominate TheHolyGorilla For WOTD

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    Default Nominate TheHolyGorilla For WOTD

    GrowID : KUC1NGZ
    World : TheHolyGorilla

    Story -

    You've Been Visiting The Gorilla Kingdom!Their Chief Known As The Holy Gorilla Seems To Be Hungry!He Need To Eat A Banana!But This Is Not A Normal Banana!However We Call It As The Holy Banana...Where Only Holy Gorilla Can Eat!
    It Seems They Cannot Find Any Of Them!Because Of The Evil Gorilla Raid Our Kingdom and Stole It!However The Rumors Says There is 1 Holy Banana Left In Their Kingdom!But It Has Many Dangerous Thing To Get It!
    It is Your Duty To Help Their Chief!
    Are You Ready For Some Challanges?

    World Include
    *Punch and Zombie Jammer
    *Pixel Art
    *Fun Story
    *Vip Room For Those Complete The Adventure!
    *A Song So People Won't Rage Quit
    Warning -

    This Parkour Is Hard!
    However Still Possible for those who dont have any mods
    Such as "Speedy,Double Jump,Slow Falling and etc"

    Do You Have What It Takes To Pass This Challange?
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    please use the following thread to nominate your world for WOTD, not start your own thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaguyaIsSick View Post
    please use the follow thread to nominate your world for WOTD, not start your own thread.
    I think its okay he just wanted to show hes creation/ as we know we also want feedbacks on our works since it gives us more motivation🥰😁

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    I don't think it's "okay" to post the exact same thing in 4 threads already (Yes, this is his 4th thread, you can see the other three on the next pages of the same sub-forum). There's a correct way of nominating just like what KaguyaisSick said.
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