This guide may be usless.

What you'll need: linux with ubuntu installed

1. open up your Terminal Emulator and type in the command

sudo apt-get install WINE

It will then ask for you password (computer login). Then it may ask you to confirm install, just press Y and press enter.

2. After that, in the Terminal Emulator, type in the command

sudo apt-get install update

It will run a script to check all programs and make sure they are up to date, sometimes WINE doesn't grab all the new files. Then just reboot your machine and WINE should be good to go. Most of that won't be necessary unless for some reason WINE isn't in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Sometimes, WINE may be in the ubuntu software center, if it is, go there, and search: WINE, if it shows up, just click install and when it's done, reboot your machine!

Special thanks to MightyBOOSH for the help

Almost forgot, after you install growtopia, go to your downloads, right-click growtopia installer, and choose "run with WINE"